Chippy isn’t happy with who he is and wants to be a brownie. With help from his teacher, Mrs. Chipster, he realizes he can be happy with who he is, if he believes in himself. Children will not only relate to what has happened to Chippy they will be pleased as they see sad Chippy become happy being himself. This is a heartwarming storybook for early readers, reading aloud at home, and as a bedtime story. Self Esteem is very important no matter what age.Kids will be learning without feeling this is a message.

This is a great book for grandparents to have on their bookshelf so they can spend time reading together.

If you also get the audio book children will love hearing the words as they read.

Werecat 25.0 out of 5 stars Look To The Inside To See Who You AreReviewed in the United States on October 16, 2019Verified Purchase

Cliffy Chippy lives in Chippyville with his Mom and Dad and three brothers and three sisters. They were all chocolate chip cookies. He also lived with his regular dog Rockwell. He had a secret that made him very sad. He didn’t play with the kids at school he waited and played at home with Rockwell. One day his teacher asked him to read a page during class. He couldn’t do it. His classmates giggled at that. His teacher sent the children outside so she could talk with Cliffy who was crying. He told her his secret. “I wish I was a Brownie.”. Did she laugh at him? Did she tell him stop, that was wrong? You get to listen/ read and find out her answer she gave Cliffy with a smile.
This is a cute book about fitting in. Even though you might look like a group of people you might not feel like you belong. This book gives a rather simple and truthful explanation to this problem. This book is also a wonderful conversation starter.

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