This is the eighth rhyming children’s book by award-winning author Sherrill S. Cannon, whose other bestselling books include Mice & Spiders & Webs…Oh My!, My Fingerpaint Masterpiece, Manner-Man, Gimme-Jimmy, The Magic Word, Peter and the Whimper-Whineys and Santa’s Birthday Gift.
About the Author:
Former teacher Sherrill S. Cannon has won thirty-six awards for her previous rhyming books and is also the author of seven published and internationally performed plays for elementary school children. She has been called “an absolute master of rhyming” by Mother Daughter Book Reviews and “a modern day Dr. Seuss” by GMTA Review. She lives in New Hope, Pennsylvania. Now retired, she travels the country with her husband in an RV, going from coast to coast to visit their children and grandchildren, and sharing her books along the way.

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 A teachable moment for sure!

June 12, 2016Format: Kindle EditionTHE GOLDEN RULE SHERRILL S. CANNON
The kids were looking for the Golden Ruler. They found something better THE GOLDEN RULE. In their own way they described a wonderful way to live and be happy.
Once again Ms. Cannon has struck Gold! It is a fantastic way to talk about something that we need to keep in mind every day from a children’s point of view. Told in the usual easy rhyming cadence, the book is a fast and easy read. I give THE GOLDEN RULE 5 golden rulers for great writing and an important message for every one… This is a great book for primary grades and provides a wonderful teaching moment for parents and teachers.




Planet Crisis: An Adar Genn – Cat and CoDee Story

Adar isn’t into babysitting. But the goddess says the odd couple have something he needs.

A planet in trouble needs all the help it can muster. The Mercenary Union and the Life Foundation from Stellar United Nations have mobilized every available hand and transport available. Both CoDee and Cat are to get a short training course. The union and the foundation need the couple too much to send them off for basic training.
Adar isn’t happy about babysitting CoDee. The boy knows next to nothing about working with a crew of tough men. But the boy and his cat are interesting. Then Adar finds he may need CoDee’s help on a little matter for a goddess.

Planet CrisisReviewed in the United Kingdom on August 9, 2020Verified PurchaseCherime MacFarlane is an excellent author. I’m familiar with her realistic romances, but in Planet Crisis she demonstrates that she is equally adept at co-writing excellent science fiction stories too.

From the atmospheric cover, to the engaging storyline to the well-crafted prose Planet Crisis is a quality read. At novella length, this is a story that can be enjoyed in one sitting, and therefore is ideal for when you have an hour to spare or are looking to offer your mind an enjoyable, diverting break.

Highly recommended. I also suggest you check out the author’s extensive back catalogue, especially if you have an interest in romance or Alaska.



Dr. Sebastian Masters has lost his job from Eastbridge hospital, due to insubordination. But now he has come across the perfect woman, Dawn Turlo, who would give him another opportunity – another job offer and his own building with staff. The only catch is marriage. But the problem lies deeper with Sebastian. He doesn’t know how to love someone, and turns to his long-time friend, Jaysen Stripe for help.
Meanwhile, Adam Ludsgarden, Sebastian’s nephew, has sunk deeper into depression due to the loss of his best friend Curtis Brown. Adam has secluded himself in his room and only comes out when necessary, and where Sebastian fails to try with him, Jaysen finds the proper words to sooth his pain.
But as Dawn starts to show her true colours and the way she feels, everything starts to spiral downward under the same roof. Can Sebastian hold everything together? Can he keep the peace? Can he keep his feelings in check after everything that had happened before with Jaysen? The suspicions grow intense, and finally Dawn Turlo is exposed to the truth. What Sebastian and Jaysen find out is astonishing.



February 15, 2017Format: Kindle EditionPaul has written a book that will keep you wondering whats gonna happen next. Sebastian and Dawn were meant to be, right? Read on!!!!





Laugh out loud Romantic Comedy. Romance Finalist Author Academy Awards 2018

When confirmed bachelor Noah Meyers manages to dodge his meddling mother’s repeated attempts to fix him up decides to get a dog he has no idea that his adorable dog will be the one to help him find the right one with a little help from above. 

It’s Never Too Late For Love is a timeless and delightful love story filled with a lot of laughter and just a hint of magic.

If you like to laugh this book is for you. Enjoy!


‘Love is a wonderful thing, and you never know when love can …February 23, 2018 – Published on Amazon.comVerified Purchase‘Love is a wonderful thing, and you never know when love can happen, you just need to believe it will’
It’s very rare for me to find a book like this one and as you keep reading, there is a constant giggle that it just can’t stop. Stories like this are a reminder that no matter the age or the rough pass of time, love will still come to you, from one way or another, a mother, a relative or a close person to you will always care and get worried about you and as twisted as your life might be, there is a solution for that too.
I, honestly don’t have the words to express how much I love this book, especially because two months ago one of my beloved pet passed away and while reading this, I was remembering every moment of happiness I have with him, just because we have a language, can talk and complain it doesn’t mean dogs or animals in general don’t do that too, and considering the joy a pet brings to your life, it’s normal to suggest that this story happen to all of us in a daily basis.
No criticism, no suggestions, just buy and read this book, times are always difficult, no matter the perspective, but stories like this one can make everyone’s day a little bit better.





Casimir Gosselin. If Fane was bad, Casimir was well beyond that. A psychopath and barely leashed by his sire, the Alpha of the Gosselin Pack. If there was one thing on which both the Cwn Annwn and the Anghelescu Hellhounds knew, it was that Casimir Gosselin was their enemy.

You have the picture? I was the personification of psychopathically evil. Strangely enough, the encouragement to write my side of the story has come from my sister, Alix Gosselin, now mated to Bran Cadwgan, Beta of the Cwn Annwn. Now, I could give you some clues. One thing is certain, I am not some sad, misunderstood being. I own what I have done and to whom I have done it. The question is whether you think that what lies in the shadows is justified.

A. J. Kohler4.0 out of 5 stars Casimir isn’t what he seems to beReviewed in the United States on May 27, 2020Verified PurchaseCasimir Gosselin is the middle bastard son of the alpha of the Gosselin pack. His older half-brother is being groomed to be the next pack alpha, assuming their father lets him live that long. Pierre Gosselin is quite a piece of work and not exactly an inspiring father figure. Casimir is in line to be the next beta – but survival is hard in the world of wolf shifters, and in this pack, even tomorrow is not guaranteed, no matter who you are.

Casimir creates the persona of the Psycho Gosselin, a psychopathic killer at Pierre’s orders. He is so convincing in the role that he utterly alienates Alix, his half-sister, to the point that she leaves the pack completely to live among humans.

Times change, and Pierre and Casimir’s older brother are brought to account. Casimir, now largely freed of the need to keep up the masquerade, can begin to bring his plans to fruition and see if he can mend fences with Alix.

There’s going to be a whopper of a story following this one, whether he succeeds or not.


Bertha and Tillie find fun in doing just about everything together. But, sometimes Bertha is overwhelmed by the pressures of school, getting only A’s and competing with her friends for their attention. When Bertha’s cousin Penelope Mia decides to target her and make her feel small in many ways Bertha rebels. In Bertha Fights Back, find out what happens when she joins a gang and gets involved with the wrong kids. Learn about her tolerance and understanding program. Then read what happens when she goes to Dancing School, takes Ice Skating Lessons and Tillie goes to modeling school. Bertha and Tillie – Sisters Forever is filled with stories based on real life events experienced by the author and her sister, Marcia Joyce.

charlene wexler
5.0 out of 5 stars Bertha and Tillie-Sisters Forever

Reviewed in the United States on August 8, 2016Verified Purchase

Fran Lewis writes about issues that face so many children across the country. The issue of bullying has become more of a problem now that the Internet is a factor. Bertha, a thirteen-year-old teenage girl living in the South Bronx is having trouble dealing with everyday issues that children face in school today especially someone who doesn’t fit the so called popular mold. Bertha tries to find what will work for her.
After being wrongfully accused of misdoings she makes some bad choices before she learns to stand up for herself. This is a book for all teens and for adults who have children or work with children. I highly recommend Bertha and Tillie sisters Forever.



Much to enjoy in this story

January 21, 2018

In Spanish Florida, Gabriella and Manuel have been enjoying happiness again since the troubles with the British and looking forward to celebrating Gabriella’s birthday, when once again there is the threat of war. A big party is planned and Manuel and Gabriella’s friend Sailfish of the River People is travelling back for it. On his way Sailfish unexpectedly meets a beautiful but annoying girl. Reluctant to leave Meli to face possible danger alone he decides to accompany her.

Sailfish has secretly been in love with Gabriella for some time and desperately tries to hide it. The last thing he would do would be to hurt his blood brother Manuel. Can Sailfish find his own happiness with Meli? Will the English attack the town and fort?

There is much to enjoy in this story. Although a follow on to Indian Summer this is good as a stand alone.
An excellent historical romance easily worth five stars

Coming soon to audio, narrated by Nina Price


A breath in the moonlight, a sonata on the wind. All you have to do is fall in love with this: Dark Song DARLENE KUNCYTES

Melody Graham was living a Charmed Life.
Or, at least, she thought she was.
She was finally living her dream: away from home, her days spent doing what fed her soul, playing her violin at the school she’d always wanted to attend…Julliard.
Everything she ever wanted, and she took it all for granted.
When an accident changes all she thought she knew, her world is shattered.
For the first time, Melody has to learn to stand on her own, though an unexpected inheritance just may be her salvation…Dominic Caldwell enjoys his solitude.
Alone in a world of his own making, he’s shocked to find someone invading his world.
Music breaks through the silence of his shadowed existence, drifting over the night air, drawing him towards a cottage left deserted, and the woman who has come to reclaim it.
It is all he can do not to kneel at her feet, the virtuoso’s haunting melody rocking him to his core. A core he cannot afford to be shaken or torn from his self-enforced exile.
No, there’s only one thing he can do: Force her to leave.
But her song steals the will from him, or is it that her music has the power to heal even the most tired of souls?

Crystal Miles Gauthier5.0 out of 5 stars Magnificent and In TuneReviewed in the United States on May 7, 2021Choosing this fove star was easy. Who can turn away a cover and title like that. Melody with her need for isolation yet yearning for something or someone she cant see. Dominic with his scowl and devilish looks really does have a heart. Loved how This book played out. I would have expected nothing less from Darlene Kuncytes.


A second chance Alaska romance.
Trudy worked full time and a major side hustle to get enough money for her own slice of the American dream, land. Not just a box she slapped money down on, but acreage. Only problem, it’s in interior Alaska, where the temperature can fall below minus 25. Her next-door neighbor doesn’t think this cheechako will make it without a man. Trudy has no choice, there is no backup plan.
Deak has problems of his own. His wife died in an accident and he can’t move forward. Still, something about his new neighbor is appealing. Maybe it’s the dark hair she can’t seem to keep tamed that has his fingers itching.

Lynn5.0 out of 5 stars Two souls unitedReviewed in the United States on May 10, 2021This the first time reading this author and I look forward to reading more books by her. The characters, Tru and Deak, are well developed and engaging. Tru has pulled up stakes in California and moved to Alaska to homestead in a small cabin needing loads of work before winter. Deak is suffering from the accidental death of his wife. Together they are better than apart. His knowledge of the region and the locals allows Tru to get the help she needs without becoming too dependent on Deak. This story was engaging and hard to put down.


Imaginary Magic? White Magic? Black Magic? “Soup” is a magical book – recommended.

January 20, 2015Format: Kindle Edition

Serena and Ava have their own reasons for loving The Book Nook, the tiny workshop/café that provides a library in the form of a book exchange to customers, grateful for it in the small town a bus journey from Cork in Ireland. For Serena it’s her retreat from tragedy, the mysterious disappearance of the man whose child she miscarried and, one blustery autumn morning, a man she sees when she walks her dog on the beach, who apparently walks into the icy sea to his death. Her friend Ava visits often, escaping her city life with domineering husband, Richard, who insists on being the bread-winner and expects her to do nothing but wait on him, when her desire is to help those in need.

These two characters, and many others, are brilliantly drawn, and the story gripping, but there is much more to this book than appears at first. A girl whose father vanished from her life a year previously asks Serena to display a photograph of him. Serena does so, but tells Ava she will cast a spell to bring the girl luck with her quest. Is Serena really a white witch, or slightly insane with grief? If she does have magic powers, can she use them to find her own lost love? Can she help Ava to to find true happiness and if she does try, will it be as a normal friend or… read “Soup” and see, but do read it.