“In saving Cassie I was hooked from page one.” – Saving Cassie (Fairfield Corners Book 1) by L.A. Remenicky

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Some secrets are too dangerous to keep.
After ten years in the big city, Cassie Holt is back in Fairfield Corners. She may look like the same girl who left home a decade before but she’s hiding a dark truth from everyone. When her life is threatened by the demons of her past, her best friend—who happens to be the local sheriff—offers his help.
Deputy Logan Miller has been burned by love. He’s not looking to get involved but duty calls when the sheriff tasks him with Cassie’s protection. Thrown into close quarters with the gorgeous bookseller, sparks fly. Logan is drawn to Cassie, but it’s hard to get close to someone who keeps themselves guarded all the time. To keep Cassie safe, Logan must open his heart but that’s something he swore he’d never do.
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Saving Cassie–A Very Good Read****

First time reading a paranormal novel. Did not realize it when I purchased it. Was surprised that it held my attention throughout the book. In the past when I saw a paranormal book I bypassed it without even reading the introduction. In saving Cassie I was hooked from page one. I really loved the brother and sister relationship between Cassie and James. I felt their loving relationship added a lot to the story. I enjoyed Cassie’s feisty attitude the first time she met Logan when he stopped her for speeding. There were a lot of situations that Ms. Remenicky added to her story that made the book enjoyable for me. For instance, the way that Cassie’s grandmother could communicate with her and help keep her safe from the demon showed how much she loved her granddaughter. I enjoyed reading how Cassie and Logan’s love for each other developed over the weeks. I want to thank Ms. Remenicky for being able to read a book without any foul language included in the story. I also liked that Cassie was able to get pregnant and had a baby girl at the end—that was a nice surprise. I also enjoyed the book because the love scenes were tastefully done. For anyone who likes to read books without vulgar language and explicit sex scenes gives this book a try. It even makes you laugh at times. I would read another of L.A. Remenicky’s books again.

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