Two amazing books by L.A. Remenicky from the Fairfield Corners Series: For The Love of Bette (Fairfield Corners Book 4) and Violet Serenade (Fairfield Corners Book 5)

Rescued from an uncertain fate by a handsome doctor, Bette Watson found herself stranded in
Fairfield Corners. When she was able to return to her home in Denver a few days later she was disappointed the doctor hadn’t asked her to stay.

Dr. Mark Fairfield regretted letting Bette go back to Denver but he knew she deserved lasting happiness, not the short-term happiness that plagued the members of his family. Even thousands of miles apart he felt the pull between them. Allowing himself to dream, he called Bette and their relationship grew long distance with hours-long phone calls.

When her dream to own her own curio shop became a reality she decided to take a chance and follow her dream in the small Indiana town. But, even the sweetest dreams can turn dark. As her relationship with Mark grew, there was a voice in her head warning her away from him. As Mark and Bette delved into the past they discovered an unknown link between their families. A link that could cement their relationship or tear them apart forever.


Violet Miller has always known she was different. Her very first memories were full of swirling colors instead of music, and then of having to suppress that knowledge. Only her family could be trusted with her secret—until the day he arrived.

From the moment Dane McWilliams set eyes on Vi, he knew she was special. Scared, alone, and only seven years old, he lost himself in her deep blue eyes and finally knew safety. For eleven years she was his heart, his home, and on the day he left for basic training he started counting the days until
he could return to her.

And then his letters went unanswered.

It’s been seven years since Vi last set eyes on Dane. Seven years of avoidance and heartache. She’s no longer the girl he left behind—she’s all grown up and has returned to Fairfield Corners with a fiancé in tow. Resigned to a lackluster friendship, Dane’s hopes and dreams are shattered. But when an ancient evil returns to wreak havoc on their lives, the truth of Vi’s ability is revealed, and with it, the realization that her powers are not the only thing she’s kept hidden from Dane.

Pamela S. Schumacher


Love how the story is intertwined with love, suspense, and paranormal activity. The author, Lori Remenicky is an amazing writer. Couldn’t put it down; can’t believe it is the last book in the series. Congratulations on your completed series!




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5.0 out of 5 stars Thrilling adventure on the Amazon River

Reviewed in Canada on September 30, 2016

This book was one riveting Adventure. When France Hunter and her crew head down the Amazon River with a well-known Angler and a magazine Crew looking to do an interview with her is when the adventure really starts. Stranded in the jungle after their canoes float away and their emergency phone is destroyed the crew struggles to survive after an attack by wild animals. Every good story needs to crisis to keep up the momentum and this book does not disappoint! Ms. Drewa has hit a homerun in her first foray in fiction! I give this 5 stars for being the rousing romantic adventure it is.


Back for her college reunion, Deputy Marshal Marice Houston doesn’t expect to hook up with an old boyfriend. Nor does she expect to be a witness to a deadly assault, which was motivated by a decade old rape case. 

M. M. Bishop Award-winning author and poet
5.0 out of 5 stars WONDERFUL CHARACTERS AND PLOT IN THIS ROMANTIC SUSPENSE-FILLED BOOKReviewed in the United States on September 18, 2019Verified PurchaseRoom 103 is the first book in a beautiful new suspense-filled romance series by Dellani Oakes.
I love Ms. Oakes style of writing. She has such a flair for adding just the right amount of pulse throbbing romance into her suspense and murder filled tales.
In-Room 103, we meet Deputy Marshall Marice Houston, who has gone to her home town to have a fun and relaxing weekend at her College Reunion.
Little does she suspect that she will have to solve a murder, clear the name of a longtime suspect, and fall in love.
All of Ms. Oakes books are well written, wonderfully edited, and enticingly romantic and filled with suspense, even in those books that are not mysteries you will find enough romance and suspense to add to whatever the plot happens to be.
I loved Room 103 and fell in love with her new characters in this series. I can hardly wait to read Room 203.


Having just moved in with her fiance, Kris, Marice isn’t too happy to be given an out of town job. She has been sent to Daytona Beach, Florida. There’s been a huge sting operation, and the local FBI is under scrutiny. The Marshals have been called in to oversee prisoner transfers.
Things get sticky when Marice and her team are ordered to transport the ringleader, China Finetti, from Daytona Beach to a federal prison in Kansas City. Someone sets a car bomb, injuring Marice and Butch—and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Everything seems to point to China Finetti pulling the strings from prison—if so, how do they prove it?





Accused of a horrible multiple murder, Jason Banes admits to being a thief, but hotly denies he is a murderer. In order to bring the true killer to justice, the judge is willing to allow Jason to join with an FBI task force—to dangle as bait, of course. With Jason’s help, the team must find the elusive Orchid before she strikes again. This fast paced romantic suspense will keep your heart racing from start to finish.


“I highly recommend that you read this touching story you won’t be disappointed.” – Invisible by L.A. Remenicky

They found each other. Then the killer found them. Detective Jackson “Jax” McKenna walks into a psychologist’s office and finds that the doctor bears a striking resemblance to his first love, Lainie, who disappeared ten years ago after their disastrous first date ended in violence. Dr. Elizabeth Parker is really Elaine Wilson, Jax’s Lainie. She’s been in hiding since the night that changed both their lives. Jax discovers the truth when the killer lets Lainie know he’s found her. When Jax and Lainie go on the run to keep Lainie safe, old feelings resurface as the killer threatens their lives. Can Jax save Lainie and help her stay Invisible?

Betty Welch for Fiction Vixen’s

Can Jax save her

I’ve read a few books by L.A.Remenicky and I must say that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed them all. Ms. Remenicky has given us another great story that will suck you in and keep you there from start to finish and then leave you wanting more from this author. Ms.Remenicky has written characters that feel so real that as you read about them you start to feel their pain, and at the same time, you can feel the love that they have for each other. Invisible is Elaine and Jax’s touching story. They both know each other from high school, Elaine is asked to tutor Jax in Geometry, but when he asked her to go out she was so frilled about it. But then she comes home after the date an incident happened with her stepfather Keith, he started to lay into her and poor Elaine ends up being beaten with a baseball bat. And she ends up in the hospital, while Keith is arrested. But when she is released from the hospital she decides that she must disappear, so she changes her name and starts to hide away because she knows Keith will come after her. It’s been 10 years now and poor Elaine is still hiding away, and Jax has joined the police force now. But then one day he’s shot and ends up having to go to a therapist, and to his surprise, the therapist turns out to be Elaine. But soon Elaine finds out that Keith has been released from jail and in no time she knows she must move on. So she and Jax leave to hide out again. Will Keith fine her and Jax, and can Jax protect her from her stepfather for once and for all? This is a touching second chance romance, that has some suspense in the mix of it. I could tell you more about this touching story but that would spoil it for you. I highly recommend that you read this touching story you won’t be disappointed.


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“There is plenty of romantic interest, action, and intrigue to engage the reader and leave them wanting more. ” – Summers’ Deceit (Hunters Trilogy Book 1) by Sara J. Bernhardt

Jane Callahan is a reclusive, seventeen-year-old high school student dealing with the death of her beloved brother. Her home in Southern California with her mother is a constant reminder of her loss and pain. In hopes of escaping her past, she moves to North Bend Oregon to live with her father, where she meets a beautiful boy named Aidan Summers.

Jane is intrigued by his looks as well as his unusual ways of attempting to get her attention. After months of uncommon conversation and frustration, an uncertain romance brews between Jane and Aidan, but Aidan has a ghastly secret that could destroy everything.


High school romance with a side of horror/mystery!

I really enjoyed this book!

Jane is a socially anxious high schooler who moves to her father’s home in Oregon to get away from a tragic family event. In Oregon, she is reunited with some childhood friends and meets the mysterious and attractive Aiden whom she falls in an uncertain love with. There is plenty of romantic tension between them and it seems a couple other boys may be jealous, adding to the tension.

The writing style is fun and easy to read, letting the reader discover and unravel past and current events and get to know the motivations of the main characters. There is plenty of romantic interest, action, and intrigue to engage the reader and leave them wanting more. The book will appeal to anyone wanting to read young adult romance and action-horror/fantasy.

I look forward to the next book of the trilogy!


99c on Amazon – “This book was NOT what I was expecting…It was 1000x BETTER!!!!” – Teach Me To Prey by Samantha Jacobey

Rebecca Stewart had never let things get personal with her students; a mistake that could cost her far more than a broken heart.
Jason and his friends enjoyed tormenting teachers. When they set their sights on Miss Stewart, nothing would prevent them from bringing her down.
Avoiding Jason’s advances and navigating an epic clash of wills, the young woman felt relieved to see graduation day finally arrive. Little did she know, it wouldn’t end there. Pregnant and alone, she could only keep her secrets for so long.
After one of the boys is found murdered, the police haul her in, but she denies having done anything wrong. Can she convince them of the truth before all three of the young men fall victim to a killer, forcing her to raise her child alone?
Find out in the action-packed thriller…TEACH ME TO PREY.… (New Adult)

Ebony Arrington – McMillan


This book was NOT what I was expecting…It was 1000x BETTER!!!! Samantha Jacobey has written a dark read that will leave you guessing until the very last page!!! I LOVED this book and HIGHLY recommend it!!!

Becky is a teacher who has the wrong group of students in her classroom. The torment of this teacher gets progressively worse throughout the school year. That is until someone turns the table on these bad apples 😉

This book is filled with mystery, suspense, drama, and even a bit of a twisted love story. Such a great read!!!

Sam teach me to prey.jpg

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