A routine mission changed their lives forever. Slade ended up paralyzed while Joel lost his leg. – Standing on His Own (New Beginnings Book 2) by Trish Edmisten

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When his best friend decided to join the Army after high school graduation, there was no question Joel would join too. Best friends since kindergarten, the two of them did everything together, and this was no different. A routine mission changed their lives forever. Slade ended up paralyzed while Joel lost his leg. Joel never expected to live with one leg, but he wasn’t going to let it break him. Like he did with everything else, he adapted, and he accepted that he was never going to find love. Women might want to sleep with a war hero, but they sure as hell don’t want to live with and take care of one. That theory proves true until Courtney comes along. Beautiful, independent Courtney with her wicked sense of humor is the perfect woman for Joel. All he has to do is trust her enough to accept that he doesn’t have to stand on his own anymore.
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Elizabeth Agiantritis

His perfect match

In this second book of the New Beginnings, all the characters from the first book are back and we get to see more of Joel and his best friend Slade. Both of them have suffered both physically and emotionally after their time in the army and they are trying their best to cope. This story centers around Joel and the girl he meets, Courtney. Their first couple of encounters don’t go well, but still, there is something between them and Joel is determined to pursue a relationship with Courtney. This book delves into PTSD (which both Joel and Slade suffer from) and the difficulties living with it.

What if your world changed in a split second, destroying everything you thought you knew – Viral Dawn: (Viral Series Book 1) by Skyler Rankin

Skyler viral dawn

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What if your world changed in a split second, destroying everything you thought you knew and thrusting you into a world where your very survival depends on every move you make, every decision, and every step you take? Every. Move. Matters.
An explosion at the army depot unleashes a deadly cloud carrying a genetically engineered virus that turns people into flesh-eating zombies. High school senior, Casey Williams has taken refuge at the school with friends and others who managed to survive the blast and ensuing viral outbreak. They’re safe. For now. But supplies are running short, and tempers are running shorter as Casey realizes the time is coming they will need to get out. She is determined to lead her friends to safety only to discover that she’s led them into even greater danger. Determined to save her friends, she fights the living and the undead in her quest to survive.
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Amber Hall

Great start to the series.

This was a really fun and fast read. It kept me hooked and not wanting to stop until the end. It does start off slow but the authors building a lot of backstories which is really nice. A lot of reviews are saying its too short but that really isn’t the problem. Its the first book in the series and it’s over 200 pages. The problem is you get to the end of this one and you want book 2 so you can know what happens next.
The character building in this story is amazing. You really get to know Casey and feel for her. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who’s a fan of zombie novels. YA or not its a great story. I cant wait to see where the rest of the series goes.

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Tori hooks up with her hero – Entwined (A New Life Book 3) by Samantha Jacobey

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A New Life Series is an epic adventure. TORI FARRELL’s life IS one wild story… escaped from a biker gang and running from drug lords… used by the FBI and hoping to protect her present from her past… IT’S DARK – IT’S BRUTAL, and it’s WORTH EVERY MINUTE OF IT!! (Mature read, 18+ for graphic sexual content and violence, including rape)
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My Favorite, So Far

This is how good the author is – she got me to read all three books (thus far) in a day and a half because I ended up staying up late late late to get as far as I could. This third in the series is my favorite, so far. It was really good to relax a bit with the heroine as she continues to grow and learn how to function in a world she knew nothing about. She is wise in so many ways and still innocent in others as she goes about setting up her *normal* life…

She hooks up with the hero (in this book) and here is the author’s gifting – about halfway through, you begin to feel your heart start to pound a little faster in anticipation because you KNOW the other shoe is about to drop. Nothing tells you that as you live with the heroine’s day-to-day activities but the author has written in “looming doom” without you even realizing it. As you’re reading along, you are actually waiting… waiting… because it is coming. You know it. It “almost” ruins the story because you want to skip ahead and see what happens so you can calm down and enjoy the story – but you don’t. You force yourself to take it one page at a time.

Sure there is another stinking cliffhanger. And sure it makes you go “grrr” because you have invested so much time in this amazing story but if you are like me, you will tell yourself that you are willing to wait until JUNE for the 4th book. I don’t wanna wait but unfortunately, I HAVE TO KNOW what is going to happen. Maybe I will wait until the entire series is written because it IS hard to read one book every few months hoping nothing happens to stop the continuation of the story.

Yep, obviously the author hooked me, for sure.

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PREORDER NOW – 99c/99p – When the Bough Breaks by Ryanne Anthony

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Finding her niche in the beauty world was a long road for Quanda Jarvis, until a world-famous actress changed that course for the better.
Soon after, Quanda eloped with personal security guard John Hudson, but John showed his wife he was not the man he presented himself to be.
John and Quanda divorced, and to Quanda, attorney Daniel Warner was seen for more than his expert legal advice. He quickly shows her she was never in love until she opened up to him.
Daniel was a handsome, successful man of faith, who took a vow of celibacy in college. He promised God he wouldn’t make love with another woman until marriage and had kept that promise for seventeen years.
Temptation plagues Daniel and Quanda, and it becomes a daily fight not to cave to the attraction, while John Hudson waits in the distance, plotting to keep them apart, and not only in bed. John has a need with Quanda and is determined to make her fulfill it.
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Will Matthew survive the tragedy of Wounded Knee; only to watch the end of an era for the home of the braves? – Warriors of the Wilderness (The Wilderness Series, Book #4) by Pamela Ackerson

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Readers will find themselves gripping the pages of their books in anticipation of what comes next.

In this timeless, richly embroidered journey, return to the extraordinary time and place in this vivid, powerful, historical battle that comes alive with heart-pounding accuracy in the Wilderness series, book 4, Warriors of the Wilderness.
Sixteen years ago, Matthew Standing Deer’s father was killed in the Little Big Horn battle. He has returned to the past, to the Lakota, to visit with family and friends. All was going well until Matthew arrived at the reservation and all hell broke loose. Death and darkness surround him and the Lakota. Will Matthew survive the tragedy of Wounded Knee; only to watch the end of an era for the home of the braves?
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Beverly Owens

Still holds my interest

I am still loving this series. The time in history that they cover has always been of interest to me. Good job Ms. Ackerson!

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Ada fills Adams days with psychological torment and disappears for days at a time – Splinter by Michael Bussa

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Some family secrets should go to the grave. In the tiny town of Milnor, ND, Adam struggles to bring some measure of normalcy to his life, after a tragic event left him confined to a wheelchair, twenty-one years earlier. His sister, Ada, fills his days with psychological torment and disappears for days at a time. Is it sibling rivalry, or something more sinister? A psychiatrist, in his relentless search for the truth, gets caught up in the unexpected. Splinter will keep you guessing right to the end!
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For those who enjoy suspense and a good old-fashioned scary shiver down your …

By Baked Bean

For those who enjoy suspense and a good old-fashioned scary shiver down your spine, you’ve found your book.
Splinter takes you into the life of young Adam, who suffers from a psychotic trauma that no early age child should be
subjected to. But despite his struggles past and present, he shows remarkable resilience to overcome it all.
I’ve always considered short stories to be the most difficult to pull off from a readers point-of-view, due to the small window
of time to make the characters believable and a cohesive part of the story. Michael Bussa delivers this in a way that would
make Alfred Hitchcock pop a breast button. You will be drawn into Adam’s world, like it or not. I dare you to read this one
alone in the dark!
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The story of Dinky’s mother – The Nurse Mare’s Tale by Marta Moran Bishop


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The Nurse Mare’s Tale is in a way the prequel to Dinky:
The Nurse Mare’s Foal, as it tells the story of Dinky’s mother.
This lovely story is told from the viewpoint of two aging nurse
mares about to give birth, and the trials they go through. It tells
us of Sadie and her friend Nellie and is accompanied with
charming dialogue (both speaking and thinking). The plight of
these animals is described in empathetic detail.
After enduring years of breeding and loss, the older nurse mares
must face the auction with the promise of being slaughtered, as
they have become too old for breeding and thus unable to be
rented out as nurse mares to feed the foals of the high-dollar
Do they accept their fate, or will there be another ending for the
nurse mares that have given everything and received little in
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Sherrill S. Cannon

Nurse-Mares-Tale of Dinky’s Mom

This story about the past and present treatment of horses will appeal to all animal lovers and especially to horse aficionados. The tale is told from the point of view of an aging mare, whose main function appears to be breeding foals and then feeding them milk until they are big enough to take them away – or to use her milk to feed other, more marketable, foals. From the viewpoint of two horses, Sadie and her friend Nellie, with accompanying charming dialogue (both speaking and thinking), the plight of these animals is described in empathetic detail. This lovely story portrays two aging mares about to give birth, and the trials they go through to give birth and protect their newborn babies. The reader is drawn into the story, culminating in the wonderful escape coup the mares plan, and are able to carry out, to gain their freedom and find a new life.
The symbolism of the conclusion, where Sadie is renamed Angel and given responsibility for becoming a nurse mare for her new owner’s motherless foal, brings the circle around as the new owner proclaims, “We all need jobs. It makes us feel important.” (The story is also somewhat of a subtle allegory of today’s world, where many females are considered no more than breeders and have to live in a male-dominated world. Although in this world, at least the fillies are considered worthy, unfortunately mainly for their ability to provide milk to newborns. On the other hand, in this world of selective breeding, newborn colts are often considered “junk foals” and left to die. So the story also questions the reasoning behind why some horses are considered to be more valuable than others.)
Those of you who have previously read and enjoyed the author’s “Dinky, The Nurse Mare’s Foal”, will love and appreciate this prequel.
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