“Joel and Slade have suffered both physically and emotionally after their time in the army, and they are trying their best to cope.” – Standing on His Own (New Beginnings Book 2) by Trish Edmisten

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When his best friend decided to join the Army after high school graduation, there was no question Joel would join too. Best friends since kindergarten, the two of them did everything together, and this was no different. A routine mission changed their lives forever. Slade ended up paralyzed while Joel lost his leg. Joel never expected to live with one leg, but he wasn’t going to let it break him. Like he did with everything else, he adapted, and he accepted that he was never going to find love. Women might want to sleep with a war hero, but they sure as hell don’t want to live with and take care of one. That theory proves true until Courtney comes along. Beautiful, independent Courtney with her wicked sense of humor is the perfect woman for Joel. All he has to do is trust her enough to accept that he doesn’t have to stand on his own anymore.

Elizabeth Agiantritis

His perfect match

In this second book of the New Beginnings, all the characters from the first book are back, and we get to see more of Joel and his best friend, Slade. Both of them have suffered both physically and emotionally after their time in the army, and they are trying their best to cope. This story centers around Joel and the girl he meets, Courtney. Their first couple of encounters don’t go well, but still, there is something between them, and Joel is determined to pursue a relationship with Courtney. This book delves into PTSD (which both Joel and Slade suffer from) and the difficulties living with it.

Trish standing on his own

SANTA’S OFFERING THESE TWO BOOKS FOR 99C EACH – Captive (A New Life Book 1) and Christmas Candy (Sweet Christmas Series Book 1) by Best Selling Author Samantha Jacobey

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Captive (A New Life Book 1) 

by Award Winning Author

Samantha Jacobey

A New Life Series is an epic adventure. TORI FARRELL’s life IS one wild story… escaped from a biker gang and running from drug lords… used by the FBI and hoping to protect her present from her past… IT’S DARK – IT’S BRUTAL, and it’s WORTH EVERY MINUTE OF IT!! (Mature read, 18+ for graphic sexual content and violence, including rape)



I don’t know what bothers me more – the fact that this book (and part of the second one) kept me up until 4 a.m. or that I just discovered it was a 7 book series and I have to WAIT for the next four. Ugh. It is a testament to how amazing this story is that I am willing to wait and not just blow the author off and give up the series (like I have with other cliffhanging books).

This book. What can I say about it? It is not for the weak-hearted because some of the things that happen to the heroine are so awful because the author has written her innocence so perfectly. Because of that, when it is suddenly and completely ripped away from her you feel all her anguish at former “friends-mentors” turning into enemies. Everything that happens to her is horrid and if you have problems with sexual abuse, this book is not for you. It is graphic without being overly so (if that is possible) because the author stops before you begin to hyperventilate. It isn’t even the act itself that bothered me (much) so much as it is the heroine’s reaction in her innocence. She is a survivor but also a victim of manipulations just beyond the reader’s eyesight. You somehow know it’s there but you have no idea how it is going to play out.

The author has done an unbelievable job of keeping the heroine from becoming a “poor-pitiful-me-feel-sorry-for-me” character. She is unique and strong, yet still innocent in so many ways even though her life has been a nightmare. And even though she’s a young character, that never really crosses your mind (i.e., like some YA books do). This book describes how she arrived to the place where she is now free but you just know there is more – that’s how good the author is at keeping you on edge without telling you anything. You can hear the “da DUM” (Jaw’s music) because you know… “It’s coming” – the other shoe dropping. That’s what forces you on to the next book and then the third because you pray she finds peace but you know, you just know she’s not there yet (of course not, there are four more books).

I really didn’t think there were any books out there that could catch me off guard and surprise me. I’ve read so many and they are so cookie-cutter in type even if the plots differ. This one is so beautifully different and so well written. Someone reviewed and said the story is unrealistic. How does that person know? I’ve heard of and known of unbelievable things happening to people so yes, this plot could have happened. Even if it couldn’t, it is called fiction for a reason – just go with the flow because it is a wonderful (and horrible [for the h]) story.

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Christmas Candy (Sweet Christmas Series Book 1) by Samantha Jacobey

Life isn’t always sweet, even for girls called Candy.
Candice Parker’s life has never been easy. Plagued by losses and setbacks, each day is a struggle for the petite brunette and her young son. When fireman Gary enters her world, he is one mistake she refuses to make; but after tragedy strikes, she may not have a choice.
Gerald Ford has never been what anyone would call settled. Always keeping things simple, he lived a fast and furious lifestyle, with no intentions of slowing down. However, when he inherits his family’s ancestral mansion on his thirtieth birthday, he considers the possibility that it’s time for a change. Could this complicated young woman be his Christmas Candy?

Betty Welch for Fiction Vixen’s

A true christmas gift

Christmas Candy by Samantha Jacobey is a sweet story about second chances and starting over. And I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed this story. This story is about single mom Candice Parker who has a son Dakota ,who has special needs and she lives with her mother who helps her out but is also a financial burden for Candice. Their are really having a rough time making ends meet . Candice works at a gas station one day meets Gary Ford who happens to be a firefighter ,and he just happens to come in every day to the station. Gary has been begging Candice to give with a chance even if it just being friends first. But Candice doesn’t have time for relationships or anything . But things go from bad to worse for Candice and her family fast ,and he comes to her rescue you got it Gary does. Will Candice learn to trust and give him a chance ,and will she learn not to be so distrustful towards people . Samantha Jacobey has give us a story with many ups and downs along with the emotions that go with them .Candice’s life is who rough for someone her age ,and well I was reading this story I was wondering how much more this poor woman would be able to came. This story was well written and the story flowed quite well . I could tell you more about this story ,but that would spoil it for you. I highly recommend that you read this story you won’t be disappointed.

SPECIAL PRICE FOR Yours: Book II of the PlayNISE Series and Effection (PlayNISE Series) two of Ryanne Anthony’s books – 99c EACH!

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Yours: Book II of the PlayNISE Series

by Ryanne Anthony

She wasn’t looking for Mr. Right, but Embree Walters may have met the man that was meant for her… Embree was born into money. She is the daughter of a successful actor and an heiress mother. She needs nothing but her career, which she loves, though it upsets her parents to the point of never mentioning her name in public to protect her. At a party, thrown to entice her father to portray a part in a much-anticipated movie, she meets producer Matthias Royce; a man who knows what he wants and how to get it; and that is currently Embree. Embree and Matthias agree to a one-night stand. The morning after, Embree disappears and when Matthias runs into her weeks later, he makes it clear one night was not enough for him. Embree disagrees but a determined Matthias is willing to do whatever necessary to change her mind and make her say, YOURS.

Effection (PlayNISE Series)

by Ryanne Anthony

Despite the rough circumstances of her early childhood, Kaia Graham was determined to succeed.

Escaping her drug-addicted mother to the comfort of a better life with her paternal grandparents, Kaia worked her way through college and became a success before the age of thirty. Along the way, she fell for Bobby E., lead singer of the rock band, Stone End. Knowing he only saw her as a kid sister, she turned her energy toward achieving success.
Filled with tension and stress and needing to relinquish control, Kaia takes a vacation for a month and answers a job ad for an assistant to Martin, who she finds out is a Dominant, for a month. She never sees his face, and after a rough patch in the beginning, Kaia enjoys every moment she spends with Martin.
After being released as Martin’s submissive, Kaia discovers Bobby felt the same as she did but can love alone keep them together? Kaia wants Bobby but she needs what Dominant Martin gave her and soon wonders if her and Bobby were ever really meant to be, especially after tension and stress take her over, again.

Lady McReader


I loved everything about this one and I want more! There’s a huge surprise in here that I WON’T spoil but it shocked everything in me to read it. I had no clue this book was going there. Kaia and Martin and Bobby are the perfect triangle. That Martin needed. His ass whipped for his mess! Bobby was on my bad list for a minute but he pulled it in. The part where she confesses something to Bobby had me confused but soon I realized that she did do something horrible to him first. It took me a second because I can be thick at times but yeah, I saw her wrongdoings too. This is a great read and I really have no clue why Ryanne Anthony isn’t more famous. Can’t wait for her next book!!!!!!!!

“I am still loving this series. ” – Warriors of the Wilderness (The Wilderness Series, Book #4) by Pamela Ackerson

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Readers will find themselves gripping the pages of their books in anticipation of what comes next.In this timeless, richly embroidered journey, return to the extraordinary time and place in this vivid, powerful, historical battle that comes alive with heart-pounding accuracy in the Wilderness series, book 4, Warriors of the Wilderness.Sixteen years ago, Matthew Standing Deer’s father was killed in the Little Big Horn battle. He has returned to the past, to the Lakota, to visit with family and friends. All was going well until Matthew arrived at the reservation and all hell broke loose. Death and darkness surround him and the Lakota. Will Matthew survive the tragedy of Wounded Knee; only to watch the end of an era for the home of the braves?

Beverly Owens

Still holds my interest

I am still loving this series. The time in history that they cover has always been of interest to me. Good job Ms. Ackerson!

Pam 4 Warriors of the Wilderness

“It’s not fun to be teased because you are “less” than others, and it’s not fun to wait for things to get better, either.” – Rainbow’s Promise by Mary Clark Dalton

Being the last caterpillar in his class to receive his wings causes poor Rainbow’s classmates to tease him. He dreams of having beautiful colors and flying with his friends. But his mom tells him to be patient and look for things that only a caterpillar can do. Follow Rainbow along on this adventure in Rainbow’s Promise.

Margaret Welwood, Scissortown

A strategy for contentment and fulfillment

It’s not fun to be teased because you are “less” than others, and it’s not fun to wait for things to get better, either. But Rainbow doesn’t just wait; he learns. With courage, compassion and ingenuity, he reaches out to those whose predicaments are worse than his own. Then, with his eyes finally off himself, he discovers that the promise made to him has finally come true. What a lesson for children who are disappointed with their current situation, abilities, or achievements! Rainbow did what he could when he could, following his mom’s advice and using his time wisely until he “graduated.” Mary Dalton has presented a strategy for contentment and fulfillment for all of us.

SANTA’S SPECIAL – GET THIS BOOK FOR FREE – Dinky: The Nurse Mare’s Foal by Marta Moran Bishop

Winnie Award Winner at the Equus Film Festival. Best Equine Rescue book.
Dinky: The Nurse Mare’s Foal is the story of one little foals fight for survival after being taken from his mother within hours of his birth. Dinky, takes us on a poignant trip through the heart and mind of an animal, who was born for the sole purpose of producing milk in the mare. In the elite world of horses, Dinky was considered a by-product, a ‘junk foal.’Dinky’s story will resonate with animal lovers, as well as anyone who has adopted. Although a horse, his story has been called an adoption story. The reader can follow him through the heartbreak, cruelty, loneliness, and finally to happiness in his forever home. His story is based on true events. Each event from the moment the author met Dinky actually happened, though it is the author’s interpretation of what he might have been thinking and feeling during the occasions described in his story. His early life which is unknown has been fictionalized by the author and constructed through research and imagination.There are many wonderful animal rescue leagues, many are very empathic to these young animals, though some are not. Since Ms. Bishop has no knowledge of Dinky’s early days, she used the latter to enhance the strength of his story.It will break your heart, open your eyes, lift you up, and teach you much about horses. It is suitable for all ages.


Emotionally engaging….insightfully written – Exceptional!

Every so often, I come across a book that strongly pulls at me to read; Dinky was one of these. It is not an easy task for a writer to keep her reader’s interest when the story is written in the first person. Ms. Bishop’s script with Dinky as the narrator of his story is exceptional. I loved this story – it is educational, emotionally engaging, insightfully written and so very rich in detail.A real-life foal, the author brought Dinky vividly to life for me, from page one. Ms. Bishop’s interpretations of Dinky’s thoughts during the initial months of his life were so heart-wrenching to read yet, from the beginning, I found myself captivated by Dinky’s spirit. Despite the incessant cruelty done to Dinky by humans – he was always famished, underfed, ignored and frightened – there is resilience in his nature that commanded my respect.After reading the synopsis, I expected to be angry, to cry when Dinky, a `junk foal,’ told his story of being taken from his mother, a mare caught up in man’s cruel practice of breeding her only for milk to nourish a high-dollar mare’s foal. It was almost unbearable, reading of the cruelty done to Dinky during his first few months of life – the overwhelming fear for his fate: being sold to a meat market or to tanners, or being adopted. In the words of Dinky: “I wasn’t prepared to believe in the possibility of good things.”The story shifted, becoming delightful and enlivening when the author and her husband adopted Dinky from a fair. At that point, my tears came then from reading Dinky’s accounts of his life in fresh air, with ample food, water, and companionship. He tells us about learning to trust, to love and becoming part of a herd; and the silly ways in which he let the impishness in his spirit free.Since my read, I have wondered if Marta Moran Bishop is a `horse whisperer’; I do not know. However, I do believe that she is a woman who speaks horse. Dinky told me so.

SANTA’S SPECIAL PRICE- 99C – Loving Marie: A Fairfield Corners Prequel by L.A. Remenicky

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Falling in love with his partner’s little sister was never part of the plan.There was an order to James Marsden’s future: get a job as an Indianapolis cop, work his way up to detective, and then find a nice girl and start a family. He never planned on walking into a diner his first day as a rookie copy and for her to blow his entire timeline to smithereens.When Marie Griffen’s older brother Steve introduced her to his new trainee, she was instantly drawn to his shy demeanor and blushing face. Only, she couldn’t act on her feelings even if she wanted to. Steve wanted her to date someone with a normal job – that wasn’t his partner. Marie just wanted to live her own life without her older brother watching over her.Marie and James must decide if this off-limits romance is worth the risk or if the consequences are too much for either of them to bear.

Juliana Ignácio

Will they be able to overcome the misunderstandings and be happy together? Or are the consequences too much for …This is an extremely quick read.
James is a rookie cop working with Steve, Marie’s brother.

When they go to dinner where Marie works, James instantly becomes interested in her, but is warned by Steve to stay away from her.
Marie also feels an attraction for James, but after some misunderstandings, she thinks that the feeling is not reciprocal.
James starts to avoid her and his behavior sort of gets out of control to try to forget her.
Will they be able to overcome the misunderstandings and be happy together? Or are the consequences too much for them to bear?
This is a very interesting story, but the events are very fast. I think it could have been more explored.
I recommend the reading.

Loving Marie A Fairfield Corners Prequel

“The author has clearly taken a huge amount of time to bring the world of this book to life” – Blood Master (Book 1 of the G.O.D.S Series) by Kirsten Campbell

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The G.O.D. series must be read in order

It’s 2052 and Earth has lost two-thirds of its population to the Great War. Many more lives were lost to earthquakes, the Clover Virus, and the Death Plague. Years later, survivors were clumped into factions. Two of the factions, the Guild and the Brotherhood, have fought over medical supplies and food for years. The fight is coming to a head as manpower dwindles, and the struggle becomes one to gain numbers, even if said numbers are children…
Griffin Storm is hiding out in Underground Atlanta. He’s an albino man that can manipulate glass and crystal, and he uses his special abilities to raid warehouses and old buildings for food and supplies for the abandoned children that live underground. During a raid, he meets Tassta Vinetti, a resident of the Brotherhood fortress. He is taken to the fortress and chaos ensues as Tassta, her twin brother Penn, and her uncle, try to keep their new visitor and his untold powers a secret.
Griffin is the only survivor of the Guild’s deadly experiments, and they hunt for him because his survival will have dynamic consequences on the world. The Guild believes that Griffin will transform into a G.O.D., a genetically enhanced Omni-dimensional being with limitless abilities.
Will Griffin transform into a G.O.D.? Will he save the children of the Underground from their tragic life? Only time will tell…

Roz White

This is a book to take one’s time over

The author has clearly taken a huge amount of time to bring the world of this book to life: detail abounds, there is history, legend, and rumour all mixed in together in a way that seems very right for the sort of post-apocalyptic scenario her characters inhabit. Those characters themselves are carefully, lovingly drawn, with their own backgrounds, likes, dislikes and motivations – and as in our own mundane world, not all of these are immediately clear or obvious. The effect of all this, then, is something like a complex layer-cake of plots, purposes, and personalities, and the result is a truly rich and satisfying read. There is detail to savour, motives to wonder at, and mysteries to unravel. Nor is even this the end of the story: Blood Master is the first in a series, and so there is more to anticipate and look forward to.
The story begins slowly, but in itself, this is not a particularly bad thing. The time has been taken to set the scene, to establish some background, before the deeper themes of the story begin to make themselves evident. For all its fantastical elements and its dark, survivalist setting, this is a story about trust, in all its aspects, and about whether trust can survive the sorts of upheavals both presented and hinted at.
It is not a genre I would normally read, but I find that I am glad I did in this case. The book well rewards a bit of patience and careful reading in order to fully appreciate the depths of detail to which the author has gone, which only serve to enhance and enrich an already compelling story.

Kirsten Blood Master

“The Inspirational Visions Oracle Cards are a treasure chest of stories just waiting to be told.” – Inspirational Visions Oracle Cards Cards – by Judy Mastrangelo

Judy inspirational visions 2

Do you have hidden wishes and desires that have been elusive since your youth? Now there is an inspirational oracle that will take you on an exciting adventure of self-discovery and enlightenment! Explore your unique gifts through 50 stunning oracle cards and a quick-and-easy guidebook with whimsical messages that will help you enhance your life and express your deepest feelings. Create a “Mind Painting” of your ideal self—someone who you would like to become—and then ascend to unbelievable heights by developing your imagination. Talented people throughout the ages—great thinkers, authors, poets, painters, and composers—have shared wonderful creations with humankind, and you can too by developing the innate talents that slumber deep within your Soul. This is the place of wizards, magic, and fairies! Prepare to be inspired! Includes 50 art cards and a full-color guidebook.

Mary Nale Attune Magazine

The Inspirational Visions Oracle Cards are a treasure chest of stories just waiting to be told.

The Inspirational Visions Oracle is a deck of 50, detail rich, beautiful and colorful painted images. The cards are not numbered and there’s no need to use reversals in this deck. A whimsical wonderland of fairies, dragons, wizards and more are just waiting to help you be more creative by using the inspiring methods that Judy Mastrangelo outlines in this book and deck set. All of the cards are illustrated in full color in the guidebook and listed in alphabetical order. The guidebook is in full glossy color that walks us through the Mind Painting technique used by Judy Mastrangelo to create her enchanting art. I love that the deck comes in a keepsake type of box that is shaped like a book and has a magnetic close lid. On the card face there’s an illustration and a bit of advice below the title. The edges of the cards are done in blue foil and the card stock is sturdy. The card size is slightly larger than a standard tarot deck.
The Inspirational Visions Oracle Cards are not just an oracle deck, in fact this deck comes as a whole system to be used to access your creativity and to create art in your mind to later be realized in the medium in which you work. The guidance provided in the booklet, makes this a very unique and versatile deck of cards. I find the illustrations comforting and nostalgic, the colors and the style of each card are just the way I remember the illustrations of my childhood books. The pages of the guidebook describe ways to engage imagination and build confidence in the creation process of your art. All things in this deck and guidebook are geared towards the Mind Painting technique that is explained throughout. The Inspirational Visions Oracle Cards can help you to build your intuition and to access your imagination which can then be used to help us become the person we most want to be.
You may choose to use the cards as an actual oracle where you can get answers right from the front of the card or look for more information in the booklet. The guidebook discusses a method of asking your question and quieting your mind to receive your answers. Although the images are whimsical, you can get some great advice from the cards. For example: Alice and the White Rabbit has the message: “Follow adventure down the rabbit hole.” That could be a great answer to a question you have about something you’re thinking of doing or planning. Fairy Honeymoon says, “Life can be eternal bliss when you love and are loved.” The guidebook says: Every day can be a honeymoon, when you give love to your dear ones. To share your world with that special someone is one of the greatest gifts of joy you will ever receive. So open your heart to those you care about, and let them come inside your soul. This is a most priceless experience.
When elves and fairies marry,
They float on wings of love to live and eternal bliss.
In cloud castles, nestled amongst the moon and stars.

“Ms. Lazlow’s storytelling held my interest and made me love the heroes.” – Viral Dawn: (Viral Series Book 1) by Jade Lazlow

Jade dawn

What if your world changed in a split second, destroying everything you thought you knew and thrusting you into a world where your very survival depends on every move you make, every decision, and every step you take? Every. Move. Matters.
An explosion at the army depot unleashes a deadly cloud carrying a genetically engineered virus that turns people into flesh-eating zombies. High school senior, Casey Williams has taken refuge at the school with friends and others who managed to survive the blast and ensuing viral outbreak. They’re safe. For now. But supplies are running short, and tempers are running shorter as Casey realizes the time is coming they will need to get out. She is determined to lead her friends to safety only to discover that she’s led them into even greater danger. Determined to save her friends, she fights the living and the undead in her quest to survive.

kindle reviewer

Wow, just wow!!!!!

All I can say is wow! Nothing is so terrible that it can’t get worse! This is the theme that runs through Viral Dawn. Casey, a high school student gets a lesson in this idea when an explosion unleashes a deadly virus into the atmosphere. Her life is on immediate lockdown separated from her family and fighting off zombies!!!! Yes, I said zombies. It will take some serious teamwork from the people she is locked up with to ward off the zombie horde and get to safety. Get ready for action, adventure and get ready to cry a little when things get worse for the group. I really enjoyed this story even though I am not usually a fan of zombie stories. Ms. Lazlow’s storytelling held my interest and made me love the heroes.

Jade viral dawn