Dive into the award-winning Dragon Dreamer series by @J.S. Burke! – #DRAGONS, #FANTASY, #SCIFI, #OCTOPUS, #YoungAdult

#IARTG THE DRAGON DREAMER by J.S. Burke, #YA #Sci #Fantasy
Line Blurb
A wounded dragon, an undersea misfit, and a dangerous dream.
Arak could quest for hours in trance, his mind far away. He was different, a worthless dreamer, and so he was tormented by other young dragons. Arak left the clan, flying far over the sea, and crashed in a fierce storm. Scree, a shape-shifter octopus, found and healed him. A great friendship begins . . .
Arak returns to the Winter Festival, where dragons carve glaciers with fire and toss lightning bolts in the clouds. But a terrible illness strikes the clan. When Zarina falls ill, he vows to save her. Then an undersea volcano erupts, which triggers a towering tsunami and a deadly chain of events. Can Arak use his unique gifts and a dangerous dream to save the dragons?
“The Dragon Dreamer”
is a stand-alone book I of the Dragon Dreamer series: Young Adult Science Fantasy. “The Dragon Dreamer” received IAN First Place for Best First Novel. It’s also an IAN Finalist for Best Science Fiction and for Best Fantasy Book. This series is written for ages 9 and older.
Line review
A wonderful fantasy wrapped in an exciting story!!

By Frst1free

I absolutely loved this book!! I won a copy of this book in a contest. As a dragon lover I had to read this book. But as I got started I knew this was a much bigger story than just about a dragon. Arak is a dragon with an usual gift who has been teased by bullies most of his life. He befriends Scree, a lovely octopus who also is a healer for her clan. The friendship these two develop is one we all dream of having. Added into the mix is Arak’s awakening when he realizes that he loves his lifelong friend Zarina. The author does an amazing job bringing the story to life so much that I can picture the beauty that surrounds them. I really would like to see this made into a movie. The life lessons taught in this book are ones that everyone should know and possibly get a refresher course for. I’m no stranger to snowflakes but the ones described in this book in vivid detail makes me want to catch one and examine it under a microscope just to witness the beauty. I can see where this book would appeal to school-age kids as I have my daughter now reading it; plus she is also reading it to the patients at a nursing home she volunteers at. They are loving it and always eager to know what is going to happen next!! Kudus to this author for building this magical world and reeling us all in for the ride of a lifetime!!Line video

1 JS the dragon dreamer

Science Fantasy Adventure with dragons &
undersea world.

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