Merysekhmet: A love story … with bite BY JO PILSWORTH

Ramses Tariq-Omari has walked the world of man for millennia, serving his Goddess, Sekhmet. A lion shifter, a healer and a soldier, he protects those who know nothing of the paranormal world, of the creatures that seek to harm them. A lonely existence indeed, but one he has never regretted having chosen. Elizabeth DeAnglo is the PA to the CEO of Gosselin Enterprises, who just happens to be the Alpha of the Hellfire Pack. Since the loss of her fiancé and child to a Wendigo attack, she has trained as a paranormal hunter, driven to hunt down the creature responsible. Only then is she certain that she will find peace. Despite living and working with the Hellfire Pack, despite having a family in her fellow paranormal hunters, she is alone, always on the periphery. When she attacked, again, by unknown Hellhounds, Elizabeth wonders why she is being targeted. She also wonders at the identity of the mystery archer who comes to her aid. A millennia-old paranormal warrior and a modern day paranormal hunter. Two sides in opposition, yet fighting the same enemy. The attack will change Elizabeth’s life and force her to face some harsh truths. Can she straddle the worlds of the paranormal and those who hunt them? What will happen if she is forced to choose? Can love overcome the deep-seated prejudice which Ramses will face from Elizabeth’s friends? Merysekhmet is the first novel written by Jo Pilsworth and Kaitlyn Bosch. Please note: this book is intended for a mature (18+) audience.


Josh Abbott knew nothing of the paranormal world. The stories told by his beloved great-grandfather were just that: stories. He wanted nothing more than to serve his country. Joining the US Marine Corps, qualifying and excelling as a Scout Sniper gave him an immense sense of pride. Then, whilst on a mission in the Middle East, he wakes to find himself in a place, where an unknown organization will teach him the true meaning of Hell.

Dylann Creed was a cougar-shifter, born of shifter parents. Blaming herself for her mother’s death when she was a child, she rebelled against her father’s need to keep her safe by fleeing the family home, and making her living as a model with the help of her high school friend and photographer, Eric. Until one day, she comes across a male cougar caught in a trap.

Josh and Dylann. Will Dylann be able to heal Josh of both the mental and physical scars inflicted by those wanting to force him to change to a creature he had not believed existed? In return, will Josh be able to help the apparently free-spirited Dylann understand the true meaning of freedom? Will Dylann be able to convince her Marine that he can embody the spirit of Toho, the Spirit of the Cougar? Will Josh help Dylann to understand what that spirit can mean to her?

Contents are suited for an 18+ readership. Contains violence, sex and strong language.

Cindy Davis

Reviewed in the United States on March 5, 2019

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Excellent transition between character ‘voices’. I could ‘feel’ each character, much of which was created by great introspection. I’m not usually a fan of shifter stories because they are so unnatural, but Toho made the shifter world real for me. The suspense created by his character was very well done. I loved the addition of the child Dylann because it removed the ‘need’ for a romance. Nice work. With another round of edits, this book could warrant 5*



Beta (Diaries of the Cwn Annwn Book 2) by [Pilsworth, Jo]Beta (Diaries of the Cwn Annwn Book 2) Kindle Edition

“I had failed my Alpha. I knew this, and mine was the penalty to pay, that I might never know the comfort of my Mate, of finding the other half of my soul. I might dream, of a beautiful white wolf, with eyes of green. I might dream that we ran together under the moonlight, but I would never know her. Or so I thought.”

“It was a letter that started it, from an old friend, a plea for help. A run in the Catskills. An encounter with a white wolf on Cwn Annwn territory. A cop. A Homicide Detective. Her family who saw her only as a marriage prize even in this modern age. But she was mine. Alix was mine. Woe betide any who thought to take her from me.”

Bran Cadwgan is one of two Betas of the Cwn Annwn. He believed he would never be granted a Mate by the Goddess as penance for past mistakes, but discovers that he was wrong. Will he succeed in proving to both her family and his Mate that he is worthy of her sharing his life?

Alix Gosselin is the only daughter of the Gosselin Alpha and his mate. She was the “Gosselin Princess” growing up in an abusive home, until she fled first to attend boarding school and then for a career in law enforcement. Her parents had proven that the myth of a mate who would love and treasure you above all else was just that, a myth. Then, she encountered a biker whilst investigating a series of female disappearances in a suspected sex-trafficking ring. Her life would never be the same again. Alix wants to believe the story she is told by her biker, but she knows her father will not let her ‘throw herself away’ on a ‘mere biker’.

Bran and Alix, both have preconceptions to overcome. Both of them will be faced with challenges. Will the growing bond between them be sufficient?

Based on the legend of the Welsh Cwn Annwn, and incorporating Jo’s love of myth and legend, Beta introduces a cast of Cwn Annwn, wolf shifter and human characters, weaving romance with the contemporary world. Dare you walk in our world?


Reviewed in the United States on January 2, 2019

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I’ve worked my way through this series totally out of order and this is my last part – until more are written (Soon I hope). Even though this takes place earlier in the storyline I was familiar with the charters and it felt like an old chat about history with friends. It is the story of Bran and Alix finding each other. With these unique shifters that is something really special and different to most other shifters who aren’t CWN. Many couples deal with parents but my goodness, Alix’s dad was awful! It was great to get to know Bran on a deeper level and the more I read Alix the more I loved them for each other. This is a wonderful series; it and all of the spin-offs add to rich world with a history and relationships that are much more complex and compelling than the average PNR. One really great thing is that you can read any of them in any order without ruining storyline. I highly recommend them all.


When the Alpha calls, will she answer that call? – His Prerogative by Barbi Barnard

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The Alpha of a wolf pack has a responsibility to keep his pack happy, healthy, and whole. His own happiness and desires are put on a back burner. But what if he is tired of being last? What if he is tired of seeing the one he wants to be mistreated? The Alpha has the right to take what he wants, she is what he wants. Wild Rose has only wanted to be loved and wanted. A home and maybe a family to care for. Being abused and neglected for so long takes its toll, it’s time for her to find her own happiness. When the Alpha calls, will she answer that call? Can she find happiness with the man that is more animal than human? What does he need from her? What can she do for him?

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Pam Foley

His prerogative
I loved this book!
Samual is the ultimate head of his pack! He performs his duty to the best of his ability, but something is missing…He is a part of, but separate from his people…

Calling on an ultimate right of his position, he calls for a mate!
There is an answer…a child is needed to carry on…to fulfill his life…He is loath to use his position this way, but he has felt her siren’s call…one that she didn’t know she had.

Rose…Married to one, answers the call…will she mate with the other? Time will tell…but, the pack needs healing…can she pull it off? Will he finally be included? And not just smell the food, and hear the laughter, but partake of both?

Will there be a happily ever after? Time will tell.
I can’t wait for the next book!

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