“I loved this story!” – Evangeline: A Christmas Romance by Angela Gray

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Ten long years since she arrived in New York from Canada. Ten years since she ran away from what she thought would be her future. Forced to go home to escape a nasty situation, Evangeline comes face to face with her past and the one person that she never wanted to see. Shane is there, and it seems he isn’t ready to back down this time. Things are getting hot in chilly Canada.

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Viv Drewa

I loved this story!

This was an amazing story full of romance and a chance encounter.
Evangeline hasn’t seen her family for Christmas for 10 years and because of problems in her New York office decides to go home to Canada. On the way, a snowstorm hits and she stays at a hotel until the storm is over.
One reason she didn’t want to go home and she was afraid she would run into her ex-boyfriend.
She runs into much more.
I highly recommend this book!

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Family secrets, lies and subterfuge are about to find Hamish and Lori.Family Knots (The MacGrough Clan Book 5)

He shouldn’t leave her now, but there’s no one else

Living on his family’s ancestral lands has opened the door to an increase of paranormal incidents. It shocks Hamish MacGrough when his oldest son, Birk, and his adopted sister’s child show an increased aptitude for the supernatural. His own brushes with the ‘sight’ are developing.
Other things are changing for the MacGroughs. After the birth of their third child, Lori suffers from a mild case of postpartum depression. His longtime business partner and mentor, Warren, plans on retiring.
Hamish must decide who will manage the Los Angeles end of the business. To make matters worse, his father’s family who he hoped to stay hidden from have finally found him. Hamish’s cousin Catherine has an ulterior motive for seeking him out. As he suspects she wants something from him. The something she wants him to undertake will take him to a place he detests. The uncle he’s never met has gone missing in the Klondike gold fields during the 100 year anniversary of the actual discovery of gold. Catherine is begging Hamish to find her father. She traps Hamish in the center of a tangled family knot.

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5.0 out of 5 stars GROUNDBREAKINGReviewed in the United States on November 25, 2014Verified PurchaseHamish MacGrough is your average loving, kind and caring husband and father who life decides to put through several challenges. These things in his path test his strength of character. Paranormal activities mount around his home and the younger kids seem somewhat unperturbed by this and in fact seem more receptive towards it in my opinion. The family he has tried his best to stay hidden from has contacted him. As he suspects, there is something they want from him. His dearest wife is suffering from a dark case of depression after giving birth. How Hamish handled his outer circumstances and rose from them will have you cheering. This is a groundbreaking family drama that hits home. Cherime MacFarlane has penned a book worthy of praise!



Victoria Remington is one of the best supernatural hunters that an elite team of special forces has. But, there seems to be a slight problem. She now has a price on her head. And, it just so happens to be a price offered by the very Demon who killed her parents so many years ago. 

Determined to protect her at all cost, her superior forces her to take a leave of absence and just lay low for a little while…which makes for a very ticked off hunter. 
Part Were and part Fey, this beautiful force of nature is deadly on a good day. Imagine what she’s like when she’s angry! 

Camden Stark retired from the same team that Victoria now works for when he was nearly killed by the same Demon who now wants Victoria dead. Having a favor called in on him, Camden is asked to keep an eye on the stunning hybrid to make sure that she’s kept safe. But the question of the day is… is he? 

From the moment that these two lay eyes on each other it’s like the 4th of July and the sparks fly. Two strong fighters thrown together on a tropical island for an entire month. Sound like paradise? Not even close. 

Join this pair as they spar and argue and maybe…just maybe, find that sometimes what you’ve been looking for your entire life can be right next door…and you didn’t even know it. 

From romance author Darlene Kuncytes comes book 2 in The Anthology Novella Series! Summer Sin! 
A complete short story of Paranormal Romance!
Lose yourself and fall completely, totally in love! Romance, heat…laugh out loud fun! 
**These are short paranormal romances intended for mature readers. Enjoy! **



“This story was wonderfully written and touched on a subject that is not talked about very often.” – The Truth Inside (New Beginnings Book 1) By Trish Edmisten

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For as long as he can remember, Nate’s dreamed of being an MMA fighter. Nothing is going to stand in his way, and no one is going to distract him. Everything is going according to plan when Natalie comes along. Even though he wasn’t looking for love, Nate can’t help falling fast and hard. Smart, sweet and supportive, she seems too good to be true, but it’s actually the other way around. Nate isn’t good enough for her, and he’s keeping a secret that will change everything between them. One day, she’ll see the truth inside of him. Until then, Nate’s determined to keep Natalie in his life for as long as he can.This book is an 86K word novel with no cliffhanger and a guaranteed HEA. Although it’s the first in a series, each book can be read as a stand-alone.

Samantha Blundell

Loved this story!

Going into this story after reading the blurb I went into the story expecting one thing, but what I got was completely different! This story was wonderfully written and touched on a subject that is not talked about very often. It was like a breath of fresh air, and I absolutely loved it! There was a twist I just didn’t see coming! The characters within the story were all great. I loved how they were not perfect, And that they all seemed to have a little secret, I really want to find out what each of their secrets are! Nate and Natalie were a great couple. I really liked how Natalie was so supportive of Nate. The book had many laugh out loud moments for me which was great! I love a book that can make me laugh. It was also quite emotional, made me tear up a couple of times. I could feel Nate’s anxiety through the book, I just wanted to reach inside and tell him that everything was going to be ok!
The book had a very in-depth look into the MMA world. I could see that the author really researched this subject, I may have learned a thing or two myself about the industry. I also really loved that the cover model has a story of his own to tell! I really loved that he is on the cover of this fantastic book.You shouldn’t feel a need to hide who you are, and this story gives hope to others who may find themselves in similar situations. This is a beautiful story of finding your way and finding that person who will be with you through thick and thin, they are always by your side and loving you unconditionally. I can’t wait to read the stories that will come next in this series.

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NOW LIVE – Stranded on Vail Mountain and Trapped on Vail Mountain by Desiree Scott

 “Cozy Romance On The Mountains” – Stranded on Vail Mountain (Vail Mountain Trilogy Book 1) by Desiree L. Scott

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It was supposed to be a vacation, a time to save her marriage, but what Joan Clayton hadn’t counted on was Murphy’s Law of Vail Mountain and the secrets that had damaged her marriage beyond repair. It was over. Depressed and angry, she decided to venture directly into an oncoming snowstorm, one that would be known as the blizzard of the century.

Stephen Brockheart received the call concerning a missing tourist after working 26 hours straight. A park ranger for the mountain resort, he set out on the routine mission, knowing he was running out of time as the blizzard hit with visibility zero. What he hadn’t counted on was saving a beautiful woman and falling for her, a city girl who knew nothing about the dangers of the mountain. He had been there before and vowed never to return.

As Mother Nature raged, Joan was soon overcome by the feelings a complete stranger evoked in her, causing her to reevaluate her own life. Through the blizzard and stranded at the resort, death was imminent for any who would try to leave.

Despite loss and secrets, can two people find love and happiness again? Can they be given a second chance to make it real and lasting, or will that chance die with them?

Cozy Romance On The Mountains

By Kris

This is my 1st time reading anything by Desiree L. Scott and I have to say for novella this for sure made a great impression. This is a very cute cozy romance of the mountains, and I just love the cover. This book truly does pull a lot of emotions all in a short amount of time. It has it all from love to betrayal.We have Joan and Michael who are making a last-ditch attempt to save their marriage so to speak and let’s just say that doesn’t go as planned at all. Of course, there are two other vital characters in this novella, but since it’s so short you can give it a read yourself ; ) Lots of twists and turns in this cozy romance based in the mountains and LOTS of snow!Would highly recommend for those wanting a cozy feel-good quick read romance that is pretty clean in itself and loves snow or at least reading about it LOL.Bonus points for using my favorite word “Indeed” in it!

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“Before he died he told her to take Emily and run.” – Trapped on Vail Mountain (Vail Mountain Trilogy Book 2) by Desiree L. Scott

#romance #comtemporary #thrillers #paranormal #alpha #romanticsuspense

Nina Williams’ world shattered in an instant when she and her daughter witnessed her father’s brutal murder. Everything in her life became trivial save one – protecting her only child.

With the help of a friend, Nina leaves the city in a cloud of terror and heads for Vail Mountain and the safety she prays she will find.

Rob Garland has seen his share of the treacherous conditions on the mountains. But even spring floods, summer fires, and hikers lost in winter storms have not prepared him to face the fear in Nina’s eyes.

There is no beating the odds on this one. The men who are after them won’t give up. It’s only a matter of time before the truth is revealed and the stakes turn deadly.

Can Nina and Rob hold it together when nature and man turn against them?

Robin Thistlewood

Awesome short story

This book was awesome for a quick read. Nina and her daughter Emily watched as her dad and Emily’s grandpa gets shot to death. Before he died he told her to take Emily and run.

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Two years have passed since Annie closed the last page of her journal, The Caravan of Love. In The Caravan Revisited her journal continues. But what became of that family living on the edge of madness? Did they turn their back on The Emerald Isle and go back to Newcastle after all?

There’s only one way to find out. Put the kettle on, stoke the fire and take some time out to peep inside the pages of Annie’s Journal where you’ll find the answers to your questions. Wherever they did end up, be assured it’s a laugh-a-minute in Annie and Tom’s house. Not! There’s a brand new business venture on the horizon – followed closely by a worldwide recession, a multitude of mounting bills and debts, a few more nervous breakdowns, two Antarctic winters… and we mustn’t forget the terrorists! But don’t feel too downhearted. Annie doesn’t. She’s a fighter, a survivor with a dream of becoming a great writer one day! Will she ever save up enough change in that bottle to enrol on a writing course? There are some new additions to the family and loved ones aren’t the only people to come and stay. There are also some visitors from the other side!


“Life is short, and it’s up to you to make it sweet.” IT’S ALL ABOUT LOVE WARRINGTON LEGACY BK 1 MARSHA CASPER COOK

It’s All About Love is a sweet, heartwarming story about how love can happen when you least expect it.

After losing the love of his life, Leo Tucker never thought it would be possible to fall in love again. But then he met Gracie Maxwell and happiness seemed to be more than just a possibility—it became reality.

Gracie Maxwell had been hurt so many times before her final conclusion: she was never going to let herself fall in love or even get close to it ever again. But then she met Leo.

Leo was kind and considerate and Gracie thought he was pretty darned wonderful, so unlike anyone she had ever known. So there they were, falling in love with each other. Would they choose each other, or would they decide against the second chance they were both afraid of?

The beauty of this love story will make you laugh, cry, and everything in between as you watch them decide their destiny. Will they find the right path to each other’s heart?

 Great beginning!Reviewed in the United States on April 8, 2021

Leo is the man all men, and I suspect women can admire. He proves old fashioned virtues have a place in modern society and it can’t help make you feel good.


So, you just weren’t ready to say goodbye to them after The Seasons of Our Love. Not to worry, because Danny and Rosie are back! There’s a new business venture and exciting plans for the future. But, there are some new kids on the block and some unhealthy competition for the Branded for Life Tattoo and Piercing Studio.

When an unwelcome face from the past turns up like a bad smell and offering an olive branch, Danny, Rosie and their friends must decide if they are able to forgive and forget. 

The little town of Shrove isn’t the same without Auntie Maggie. There’s something she forgot to do before she went away and she needs to get a message across from the other side.

There’s a buzz of excitement as the Branded for Life team prepare for the Annual Scarborough Tattoo Convention. A weekend bursting with laughter, drama and some sweet surprises awaits them!

But, once back home in Shrove, Danny unearths his missing phone which displays a multitude of missed calls from his solicitor. The couple receive some news which could change their lives forever.

Once again Danny and Rosie’s problems are spiralling out of control, along with Rosie’s comfort eating.

What will the future, if any, hold for them?



“This is a delightful story about friendship and lessons learned while growing up.” – Winds from the Past (Clere’s Restaurant Book 3) by Pamela Ackerson

Pam winds from the past

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Larriane arrived in Florida with hope, a new job, and a new identity.A hurricane came barreling towards her sanctuary. Alone in the world, she’d been taken in by the Clere’s Restaurant clan and felt welcome.What was she thinking? She should’ve known that you can’t run away from your past.

Kathy Ellingson

 It is beautifully illustrated as well

This is a delightful story about friendship and lessons learned while growing up. It is beautifully illustrated as well! Inspirational for aspiring young writers and artists. Highly recommended for all ages!

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