“I SO enjoyed this book.” – Honey Babe by Ryanne Anthony

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There had to be something Kendra Atkins was missing in life, and Charles Ford knew it was nothing but him. The only thing he had to do was convince her that he was all she would ever need and that he felt that way since the day the met ten years prior, hours before she became his first lover… when he was twenty-two.In his twenty-second year of life, Charles Ford was still a virgin. Like any other man, including his identical twin, he wanted sex, but he wanted his first time to mean something other than getting inside a woman’s body.By the time she was twenty, Kendra had sex with two men and not with outstanding results. It was just about experience; wanting to see what the deal was about. She could take it or leave it especially since the men she slept with only wanted what her body had to offer. Kendra has never been in a relationship, and after her disastrous sexual encounters, she decided never to exchange personal info with the next man, any man, she slept with.On a beach in Florida, Kendra and Charles meet, and Kendra takes Charles’ virginity, and all they know of one another is the nicknames they agreed to call one another: ‘Honey’ and ‘Babe.’ No other names, no numbers and no idea how to reach one another, just as Kendra wanted it. She wanted that as much as she would regret that decision later, specifically 10 years later when Kendra and Charles reconnect… and she has no idea who he is or what she was to him.

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Book review for Honey Babe

I SO enjoyed this book. It made me laugh, cry and think. I LOVED the characters. They all enter acted to really well. The lead male character, Les, touched my heart. He finds he has a son and does what it takes to get to see his son.
I would have liked if the story was a little more spicier. I would like to see a sequel about Andy and his wife. Or maybe how the parents of Les and Andy met and fell in love again.
Keep on writing PLEASE!Your fan,DEBBIE D.

Ryanne Honey Babe


“I’ve really enjoyed this series of books.” – Drawn (The Vail Mountain Trilogy Book 3) by Desiree L. Scott

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Her dreams shattered, Connie Meyer just wants to be left alone to live her life in peace. She finds that difficult to do when her estranged husband’s mother insists she returns to her son and a marriage she no longer wants—a marriage that does more harm than good.Desperate to escape, Connie returns to Vail Mountain, the one place she had truly felt alive. However, her troubles soon follow her, and she gets more than she bargained for as she fights not only her past but the intense feelings that one newly elected sheriff arouses in her.Jacob Tanner is wary of the city life and the never-ending stream of criminals that plague New York City. He resigns from the police force after a drug bust goes wrong, landing himself in the hospital to face his mortality alone. Uncertain about the direction of his life, he learns of the new sheriff position on Vail Mountain and takes a gigantic leap of faith—faith that he isn’t making a big mistake. Armed with nothing but a few possessions, Jacob relocates, only to find himself falling hard for a woman whose blue eyes speak of pain and loneliness.As he battles his worst nightmare, can Jacob show her there is more to life than what they have been dealt and convince her that with him, nothing is impossible?


A Good Story

Desiree Scott is a talented author. This is the third Vail Mountain book. Jacob and Connie were attracted to each other and although they both had jobs away from the mountain they came back. Connie is dealing with her almost ex and his mother and Jacob come back to be the new sheriff. When things start to happen to Connie, Jacob is investigating. Read all three books, they are a wonderful series.

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Much to enjoy in this story

January 21, 2018

In Spanish Florida, Gabriella and Manuel have been enjoying happiness again since the troubles with the British and looking forward to celebrating Gabriella’s birthday, when once again there is the threat of war. A big party is planned and Manuel and Gabriella’s friend Sailfish of the River People is travelling back for it. On his way Sailfish unexpectedly meets a beautiful but annoying girl. Reluctant to leave Meli to face possible danger alone he decides to accompany her.

Sailfish has secretly been in love with Gabriella for some time and desperately tries to hide it. The last thing he would do would be to hurt his blood brother Manuel. Can Sailfish find his own happiness with Meli? Will the English attack the town and fort?

There is much to enjoy in this story. Although a follow on to Indian Summer this is good as a stand alone.
An excellent historical romance easily worth five stars

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A second chance Alaska romance.
Trudy worked full time and a major side hustle to get enough money for her own slice of the American dream, land. Not just a box she slapped money down on, but acreage. Only problem, it’s in interior Alaska, where the temperature can fall below minus 25. Her next-door neighbor doesn’t think this cheechako will make it without a man. Trudy has no choice, there is no backup plan.
Deak has problems of his own. His wife died in an accident and he can’t move forward. Still, something about his new neighbor is appealing. Maybe it’s the dark hair she can’t seem to keep tamed that has his fingers itching.

Lynn5.0 out of 5 stars Two souls unitedReviewed in the United States on May 10, 2021This the first time reading this author and I look forward to reading more books by her. The characters, Tru and Deak, are well developed and engaging. Tru has pulled up stakes in California and moved to Alaska to homestead in a small cabin needing loads of work before winter. Deak is suffering from the accidental death of his wife. Together they are better than apart. His knowledge of the region and the locals allows Tru to get the help she needs without becoming too dependent on Deak. This story was engaging and hard to put down.


Imaginary Magic? White Magic? Black Magic? “Soup” is a magical book – recommended.

January 20, 2015Format: Kindle Edition

Serena and Ava have their own reasons for loving The Book Nook, the tiny workshop/café that provides a library in the form of a book exchange to customers, grateful for it in the small town a bus journey from Cork in Ireland. For Serena it’s her retreat from tragedy, the mysterious disappearance of the man whose child she miscarried and, one blustery autumn morning, a man she sees when she walks her dog on the beach, who apparently walks into the icy sea to his death. Her friend Ava visits often, escaping her city life with domineering husband, Richard, who insists on being the bread-winner and expects her to do nothing but wait on him, when her desire is to help those in need.

These two characters, and many others, are brilliantly drawn, and the story gripping, but there is much more to this book than appears at first. A girl whose father vanished from her life a year previously asks Serena to display a photograph of him. Serena does so, but tells Ava she will cast a spell to bring the girl luck with her quest. Is Serena really a white witch, or slightly insane with grief? If she does have magic powers, can she use them to find her own lost love? Can she help Ava to to find true happiness and if she does try, will it be as a normal friend or… read “Soup” and see, but do read it.


BE SURE TO READ THIS KINDLE VELLA – Trailer Trash: Redneck Life Meets Mafia Mayhem in Pine Creek by Samantha Jacobey

Welcome to Pine Creek, an adventure in Redneck Land, where a woman runs the mob and the brothel, and a group of men open a strip club where the ladies are entertained. Running for her life, Lilly Loveless lands there, and can’t believe what she discovers…

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The stop sign in her hand said it all; stop thinking about her and forget her name. TRAFFIC CONTROL LIFE & LOVE IN ALASKA BOOK 6 CHERIME MACFARLANE!

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Life and Love in Alaska, Volume 6. Please note each story of this series is a short story.
Contemporary second chance romance, Ace knew it was her at first glance. Dressed in jeans and a neon yellow safety vest, the woman holding the traffic control sign was the grown-up version of the girl who ran out on him years ago. The stop sign in her hand said it all; stop thinking about her and forget her name.
Adele wanted another chance with the man. Would he even listen to her? Every time he sat in the line of cars she held in place waiting to use the one lane, she wanted to walk up to his truck. But how could she? Adele ran out on him.

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Book lover5.0 out of 5 stars Enjoyable reading experience

Reviewed in the United States on July 31, 2016Format: Kindle EditionVerified PurchaseI don’t have a lot of free time, so I love short stories. I also have little patience for purple prose and cannot read some romance author’s works, but I love Cherime MacFarlane’s short romance stories. The last one I read revolved around a white kitten, this one is about a second chance at love. Both were charming, feel good, and easy to read stories.

What made both of these short works of fiction, by this author, totally memorable for me, is that each helped me to discover more about the state, Alaska.

Traffic Control (Life and Love in Alaska Book 6) was an entirely enjoyable reading experience that I highly recommend to short story lovers. It satisfied all my reading requirements, my thirst to learn new things, a feel good ending, an easy read.


Just when I thought this series couldn’t get much hotter, BAM!!!!***

Just when I thought this series couldn’t get much hotter, BAM!!!!***
Hard-headed and fiercely independent- Katrina Winslow is definitely not used to being told what to do. 
Yet – just when she thinks that her life might be heading in the right direction for the very first time – she’s hit with a bomb-shell; and her past pops up to haunt her. 
Suddenly, she is sent down a path that she has no desire what so ever to take; and is told to leave behind the one man that she could possibly care for – or he’ll be killed. And that makes for one ticked off Witch! 

Now, it’s Lucas Blackwater’s turn to show Kat that he is a force to be reckoned with. He is the Alpha male of his pack – sarcastic, overbearing and drop-dead gorgeous…and definitely not happy with being told no. 
When Kat tells him that she’s leaving – he doesn’t take the news well and forces her to take him with her. Whether she likes it or not.

Together they begin a journey that will change their world in more ways than they could ever have imagined. And, as Kat tries to push Luke away; for what she believes is his own safety – Luke has other idea’s. And the sparks fly! 
Can Luke convince her that what they have between them is real – or will the dangers that threaten everything they are destroy them? And, everyone that they love – including Abby and Desmond. 

A fun, sultry, touching romance with passion and heart! It will grab you and hold on – from start to finish! Join the next journey in the Supernatural Desire Series.


A Wolf’s Savage Embrace (Book 2): The Supernatural Desire Series Kindle Edition




December 8, 2016Format: Kindle Edition

I do enjoy this author’s work, although I prefer her fantasy, this is a charming short story, perfect for the Christmas season…and great to get a feel for that unique place, Alaska.

I actually found this story elsewhere, but as a reviewer as well as an author, I wanted to spread these observations wherever I could.

Good writing comes in all packages, and even though romances are not really my thing, this tale sets the magical scene and we are captured.


What will be her fate? Rebekah aka Ruby forms friendships like she’s never known before in this story of true love.


 It’s a mid-summer evening on the huge, modern Elmwood Estate. A new tenant loiters, unsure where, exactly she needs to go. A sensation of dread eventually guides her to The Willows, a tiny cul-de-sac of four properties tucked away at the farthest corner. The tension in the air feels like an electrical charge and Rebekah fears she might have bitten off more than she could chew when she agreed to act as helper to Julian, Guardian Angel of Hopless Cases. But what choice did she have? Due to her relentless wailing in the Abyss, every soul in the Kingdom of Heaven had been driven to the end of their tether. So Julian offers her a second chance. Her task is to help some mortals even more hopeless than herself and in the process try to win back the love and trust of Luke, the love of her life. If she fails, there’s only one place she’s going – downstairs! But laying her hands on her larger-than-life neighbours, in order to heal them is sometimes easier said than done, With Obnoxious Audrey’s emotional outbursts, Rebekah’s chances of healing her seem impossible. And pretty soldier-girl, Gillian is stuck to Luke like a bad smell that just can’t be eliminated. Rebekah’s allocated time on Earth is ticking away. With every passing day she becomes weaker and she is still nowhere near completing Angel Julian’s task. Her beautiful wings have long-since turned to dust. What will be her fate? Rebekah aka Ruby forms friendships like she’s never known before in this story of true love.


Romance, love, friendship and redemption.

December 14, 2014Format: Kindle Edition|Verified PurchaseI am going to confess to loving “Angel” stories. Eons ago I use to watch all of Michael London’s “
Highway to Heaven” series and I ended up with tears in my eyes at the end of nearly episode. LOLWhile living, Rebekah was a drug addict who fell in love with Luke. Though Luke loved her, he walked away from her until she could clean up her act and become drug-free. She cleaned herself up and Luke ended up proposing to her. BUT one of Rebekah’s former drug buddies dumped a roofie into her drink. She ends up overdosing and dying in Luke’s arms. Luke was devastated and believed it was a relapse.

Feeling hurt and rejected and not wanting Luke to think that she was at fault, Rebekah made a huge fuss in heaven. Finally she was tasked with going back to earth to live amongst some mortals who desperately needed help and guidance. The deal was, IF she made a positive difference on earth, she would once again become mortal. If she didn’t, she would travel the downward road to hell.

What a great start to an angel story. The challenge for Rebekah is that the people she is sent to help out, are pretty hopeless. Will she be able to make a difference before her time runs out?

Author, Angela Gascoigne has done a FABULOUS job in creating a cast of characters with real problems, challenges and “devils.” I found myself turning pages faster and faster to find out what would happen. Will Rebekah redeem herself in the eyes of Luke? Will she get him back? Will she be able to stay on earth or will she be banished to Hell?

This is a great “feel good” story. Romance, love, friendship and redemption.