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When widowed Nicole decided to step back into life in beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico with Richard, a young, handsome British actor who professed his undying love and devotion to her on a daily basis, she mistook his boundless enthusiasm for her as little more than youthful impetuousness. She had no idea where their relationship would take her physically or emotionally. She would find herself in many dazzling international locations, putting her own life on hold, simply to be with him. She had no concept how strong her commitment to him would grow and to what extent she would go to protect him and ensure his safety and well-being. And she certainly had no idea the depth of his devotion to her, an unlikely but undeniable love that would span continents and a decade of their lives, entwining them closer and closer, while his career, their families, and other relationships pulled them farther and farther apart. BLUE LAKE is a story of the power of love.
The series, TIME AFTER TIME, follows a pair of quintessential lovers, Richard and Nicole, through their lives together, in different places, in different times, with different names and faces and sometimes even on other planets. This follows the alternative theory that the relationships we forge in this lifetime, both the good and the bad, are continued into the future, and are rooted deeply in our past. Whatever we do, whoever we love, and the good and evil deeds we do today follow us into the future. Unsettled issues will present themselves again and again until they are ultimately resolved. Those people who have had a profound effect on us in this lifetime will find us again in the future. And although everything changes, love remains.
Books in the TIME AFTER TIME series are BLUE LAKE, BELTERRA,
The BASLICATO, BENTLEY SQUARE, WAITING FOR RICHARD, and LORD OF BLAKELEY. They do not need to be read in order.

Kata Mlek

A wonderful love story!

Love at first sight, the BIG and REAL one, happens occasionally but if it does, it’s spectacular. However, the relationship with the true soul mate or twin flame isn’t easy, requires sacrifices and sometimes even inflicts pain. On one hand, perfect couples deal with overwhelming joy, on the other hand with doubt, worry, remorse and fear. Carol and Richard, the main characters in Blue Lake, initially sharing a strong connection, have to face the hidden, dark side of love as well and fight together for their future.
Despite being a down-to-earth person I got carried along with this novel. I suppose it’s a matter of the cast, great and versatile setting and emotional charge. Even stone-cold readers like me would need some tissues to get through the Blue Lake and it’s absolutely fine–it feels good to realize there is love out there. And it conquers all.
If you like smart and witty romance with interesting characters and a superb plot, if you are not afraid to weep and cry, you should read Blue Lake.

“I SO enjoyed this book.” – Honey Babe by Ryanne Anthony

honey babe 4

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There had to be something Kendra Atkins was missing in life, and Charles Ford knew it was nothing but him. The only thing he had to do was convince her that he was all she would ever need and that he felt that way since the day the met ten years prior, hours before she became his first lover… when he was twenty-two.In his twenty-second year of life, Charles Ford was still a virgin. Like any other man, including his identical twin, he wanted sex, but he wanted his first time to mean something other than getting inside a woman’s body.By the time she was twenty, Kendra had sex with two men and not with outstanding results. It was just about experience; wanting to see what the deal was about. She could take it or leave it especially since the men she slept with only wanted what her body had to offer. Kendra has never been in a relationship, and after her disastrous sexual encounters, she decided never to exchange personal info with the next man, any man, she slept with.On a beach in Florida, Kendra and Charles meet, and Kendra takes Charles’ virginity, and all they know of one another is the nicknames they agreed to call one another: ‘Honey’ and ‘Babe.’ No other names, no numbers and no idea how to reach one another, just as Kendra wanted it. She wanted that as much as she would regret that decision later, specifically 10 years later when Kendra and Charles reconnect… and she has no idea who he is or what she was to him.

Kindle Customer

Book review for Honey Babe

I SO enjoyed this book. It made me laugh, cry and think. I LOVED the characters. They all enter acted to really well. The lead male character, Les, touched my heart. He finds he has a son and does what it takes to get to see his son.
I would have liked if the story was a little more spicier. I would like to see a sequel about Andy and his wife. Or maybe how the parents of Les and Andy met and fell in love again.
Keep on writing PLEASE!Your fan,DEBBIE D.

Ryanne Honey Babe

“This is a great second chance love story” – Ragan’s Song (Fairfield Corners Book 2) by L.A. Remenicky

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It only took one look into his eyes for her to know she was in trouble.Adam Bricklin has heard the melody in his head for years, the melody that told him if a decision was right or wrong. When he met Ragan Newlin, the song told him she was the one. He was devastated when circumstances tore them apart. It had taken three years for Adam to finally move past the heartbreak he suffered when Ragan left town in the middle of the night. No note, no email, no text. She was just gone. Now he has a new girlfriend, a new album in the works, and his daughter is doing well in school. Until the day Ragan returned to Fairfield Corners.Ragan came home to celebrate her parents’ anniversary, hoping they would forgive her for not telling them about her marriage or her son. When she discovered that Adam was still living in Fairfield Corners she hoped her secrets were safe; secrets that drove her away three years ago, secrets that could change their lives forever.

This is a great second chance love story

By Ebbie Moresco

Ragan’s Song is the second book in the Fairfield Corners Series, but it can be read as a standalone. This is a great second chance love story. And the leading man is a musician. Those two facts had me itching to get my hands on this story.Ragan left town without any explanation three years ago and completely devastated Adam in the process. When she returns home, she is trying to avoid him and the past. He’s moved on, has a new girlfriend, and all is going well in his life. What will happen when he finds out she’s in town? Can she keep all of her secrets and the reason she left from him?This is a great story that had me on the edge of my seat waiting to see how it would end. I love Ms. Remenicky’s writing style and her ability to pull me into her world of Fairfield. I cannot wait to read the next book in this series of standalones.

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“If you love Science Fiction, Romance, Adventure and a cliff hanger out of nowhere, then this book is for you. ” – The Captain and the Ambassador by Carol Ann Kauffman

Carol the captain and the ambasador 6-11-18.jpg

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Ambassador Tull Redmond is looking for a quick ride home back to Earth after ending her twenty-year mission as a peace negotiator. All she wants is peace, quiet, and to be left alone. She boards the Earth Starship Giuseppe Verdi with its questionable leader, Captain Ben Jacobs anyway. It’s the fastest way home. Her quarters has a full bath, a space view window, and a large, real bed! How bad could this rule-breaking, authority-defying Captain Casanova be? High Council hates him, true, but his crew loves him. Surely, she’s too old and tired to be drawn into this bad boy of the quadrant’s personal circus.
Will Ambassador Redmond get the quiet, uneventful ride home she craves?

Valerie Roberson

Space Romance with a out of this world cliff hanger!

If you love Science Fiction, Romance, Adventure and a cliff hanger out of nowhere, then this book is for you. Carol Ann Kauffman writes clean romance and with her details and your own mind, you don’t need hot and sexy, it’s already there. I love that about her romance novels. She allows me to enjoy the true meaning of the story and lets my imagination do the rest.
This is about two people heading home to Earth. Neither expected love to come into play and neither expected huge trouble from an ex. But when you are told on ship that your spouse has passed away, well that gives you permission to move on, even if it is with the Captain of a spaceship.
Well there is a huge change of events with one going to jail, one being shot out of the garage shoot and one who just wants to be happy with a new life on earth. There is love making in front of a huge window looking out at the vast space and stars. There is vengeance and madness and down right evil. But there is a mystery mixed throughout it all and so many surprises along the way, especially the end.
I love Carol Ann Kauffman’s work and highly recommend her books to everyone!

Carol The Captain and the Ambassador

GET THIS BOOK FOR 99C UNTIL NOV. 5TH! – Beyond Duty (Love on the Double Book 2) Kindle Edition by L.A. Remenicky

Beyond Duty Teaser 2

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After serving in the Marine Corps, Jessie Monroe has finally found a life beyond war. He’s focused on being an EMT and helping his best friend rescue dogs until he happens upon a curvy blonde stranded with a flat tire and no jack. On the run from her past, Dori Graham is slow to trust any man, and she tries to ignore the spark of interest she feels for her handsome savior, but a friendship grows between them. When Dori’s past invades her new life, Jessie vows to rescue her. Saving her will take him beyond duty and into his own personal hell. Calling upon his training as a Marine and the depth of his feelings for Dori, Jessie will need the mental strength to battle to save her and, ultimately, save himself.

Sherry Moran

Loved it!

Excellent Easy to read story about recovering from traumatic experiences. Dori and Jessie each had tragic pasts that held them back from having loving relationships. Dori fled a physically abusive relationship and Jessie was trying to recover from PTSD. Both felt the other one could help them heal. With time and the help of the family, they were able to make it through. Hope to read more about both couples!

Lori 2 beyond duty.jpg

“Enjoy an action-packed and romantic story!” – Bear’s Shadow (Vendetta Series Book 2) by Desiree L. Scott

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Nikki Calhoun is on the run, fueled by the terror of the shadowy world she had married into. Desperate to survive and nowhere to hide, Nikki turns to the wolf shifter pack of her childhood, but it’s hard for her to trust anyone, even the people closest to her.Enforcer and bear-shifter Bret Axel receives a call from his cousin who manages his Portland nightclub about suspicious activity. After obtaining the approval of his Alpha, he travels to Portland. Two nights later, screams of a woman shatter the silence of the dock, and with the help of his cousin, they save her from being killed.A twisted tale of hunter and prey, two worlds collide as Bret falls for the human and then struggles to convince her that they are meant to be together. It’s up to him and the Crescent Ice Pack to get to the bottom of the brutal acts of one man. Will Nikki survive the wrath of her estranged husband or will the murky world of Edward Calhoun destroy her and any who try to help?

Romance junkie

Abuse, Trafficking, and Alpha Shifters

A dead body hitting the floor and Nikki hiding under covers…Abused by her mob husband for 10 years she is beaten down..but she knows her time is up..he killed his first wife and she has a premonition she will be killed soon.
She sneaks away drugging him, alls a friend(who is a shifter and who was a close friend 10 yrs prior), but is saved by Brett and Zak, members of her friends pack..Brett a bear as an enforcer in a pack of wolves.
This is the second book in the series with the alpha and his mate the focus of the first book. They can be read separately, but enjoy the first as well.
The writing draws you into the horror of Nikki’s husband and the tenderness and protectiveness of the pack and Brett who soon recognizes Nikki as his mate.
The narrator did a fantastic job with the voice…Nikki’s soft and injured voice and the power in the males..evil for her husband.
Enjoy an action-packed and romantic story!
I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

Desiree Bear's Shadow Vendetta Series Book 2

“Fast-paced suspense romance!” – Loving Jessie’s Girl (Love on the Double Book 1) by L.A. Remenicky

Lori loving jessies girl 8-20-18.jpg

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Until AJ Monroe left Indiana after college, he had always lived in his identical twin brother’s shadow. He had made a life for himself in Denver, Colorado, away from Jessie, away from Indiana. But when AJ feared for his brother’s safety, he left everything behind to step back into the shadow he thought he had outgrown. Finding his brother was AJ’s only concern…until he met Jessie’s girl.Fiercely independent, Rina Abbot hid her true situation from everyone, including her best friend, Jessie. Out of money and unable to care for her rescue dogs she had no choice but to accept the help of the handsome stranger with a familiar face. Afraid to trust him, she tried to ignore the feelings he stirred within her as they searched for his missing brother.
But secrets never stay secrets for long.Finally, open about their feelings for each other, Rina’s secrets began to wreak havoc on their lives. Would Rina’s secrets force AJ to give up his dream of loving Jessie’s girl?

Fast-paced suspense romance!

By Peggy Lanford

Identical twins, Jessie and AJ, have always been night and day. Females used one to get to the other. Finding new loves mean dealing with past events. A fast-paced moving story with suspense, drama, and love. Leaving you waiting on the next book to find out what happens to Dori. An honest review of an eBook ARC.

Loving Jessies Girl (Love on the Double Book 1).jpg

“I highly recommend that you read this touching story you won’t be disappointed.” – Invisible by L.A. Remenicky

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They found each other. Then the killer found them. Detective Jackson “Jax” McKenna walks into a psychologist’s office and finds that the doctor bears a striking resemblance to his first love, Lainie, who disappeared ten years ago after their disastrous first date ended in violence. Dr. Elizabeth Parker is really Elaine Wilson, Jax’s Lainie. She’s been in hiding since the night that changed both their lives. Jax discovers the truth when the killer lets Lainie know he’s found her. When Jax and Lainie go on the run to keep Lainie safe, old feelings resurface as the killer threatens their lives. Can Jax save Lainie and help her stay Invisible?

Betty Welch for Fiction Vixen’s

Can Jax save her

I’ve read a few books by L.A.Remenicky and I must say that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed them all. Ms. Remenicky has given us another great story that will suck you in and keep you there from start to finish and then leave you wanting more from this author. Ms.Remenicky has written characters that feel so real that as you read about them you start to feel their pain, and at the same time, you can feel the love that they have for each other. Invisible is Elaine and Jax’s touching story. They both know each other from high school, Elaine is asked to tutor Jax in Geometry, but when he asked her to go out she was so frilled about it. But then she comes home after the date an incident happened with her stepfather Keith, he started to lay into her and poor Elaine ends up being beaten with a baseball bat. And she ends up in the hospital, while Keith is arrested. But when she is released from the hospital she decides that she must disappear, so she changes her name and starts to hide away because she knows Keith will come after her. It’s been 10years now and poor Elaine is still hiding away, and Jax has joined the police force now. But then one day he’s shot and ends up having to go to a therapist, and to his surprise, the therapist turns out to be Elaine. But soon Elaine finds out that Keith has been released from jail and in no time she knows she must move on. So she and Jax leave to hideout again. Will Keith fine her and Jax, and can Jax protect her from her stepfather for once and for all. This is a touching second chance romance, that has some suspense in the mix of it. I could tell you more about this touching story but that would spoil it for you. I highly recommend that you read this touching story you won’t be disappointed.


Get Where There’s Faith (Fairfield Corners Book 3) by L.A. Remenicky for $.99 from October 11- October 15!

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A past she can’t remember. A love he can’t forget. After losing everything in an accident that he can only blame himself for, Robbie Newlin embraced sobriety and tried to live his life quietly alone at this family’s cottage on the lake. Grief being his only ally, Robbie was perfectly content with how he lived until Faith moved into the cottage next door. Now, Faith, had him questioning whether to keep grieving or to open his broken heart to let love in again. Faith McMillan had no memory of her life before that day three years ago. The physical scars had faded, but the emotional ones were still fresh and raw. Living rent-free seemed like a great way to finish her second book and give her the time to figure out her next move, but then she met the reclusive guy next door and everything changed. To get past the broken parts, Robbie and Faith must figure out if they want to continue living their lives in solitude or take a chance on finding an ending together.

Hold On To Your Hearts

By Kathy Rouchelle

Quite an amazing story filled with love, heartbreak, mystery, suspense and did I mention love. This book is very well written and just the way I like them, not that much filler but just enough descriptions to give you what you need at the moment. (I really dislike a bunch of descriptions). The storyline is wonderful and quite sad at the beginning, with some really touching moments in-between. I loved the premise of this story and was not surprised at the outcome but loved it just the same and was extremely happy with it. The characters are so very well developed and a bit complex given their past, but I loved them so very much. His heartbreak, her amnesia! They are wonderful, the supporting characters are just as wonderful. I just finished reading this book this morning and it the feelings are still with me. I loved this book so much that I may just read it again very soon.

Where Theres Faith (Fairfield Corners Book 3).jpg

“A great series with good storylines and beautiful romance with great endings!” – Drawn to Vail Mountain (Vail Mountain Trilogy Book 3) by Desiree L. Scott

DTVM Teaser 4

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Her dreams shattered, Connie Meyer just wants to be left alone to live her life in peace. She finds that difficult to do when her estranged husband’s mother insists she returns to her son and a marriage she no longer wants—a marriage that does more harm than good.Desperate to escape, Connie returns to Vail Mountain, the one place she had truly felt alive. However, her troubles soon follow her, and she gets more than she bargained for as she fights not only her past but the intense feelings that one newly elected sheriff arouses in her.Jacob Tanner is wary of the city life and the never-ending stream of criminals that plague New York City. He resigns from the police force after a drug bust goes wrong, landing himself in the hospital to face his mortality alone. Uncertain about the direction of his life, he learns of the new sheriff position on Vail Mountain and takes a gigantic leap of faith—faith that he isn’t making a big mistake. Armed with nothing but a few possessions, Jacob relocates, only to find himself falling hard for a woman whose blue eyes speak of pain and loneliness.As he battles his worst nightmare, can Jacob show her there is more to life than what they have been dealt and convince her that with him, nothing is impossible?


Loved this story!

I really enjoyed this story, and thank you to the author for not having them jump straight into bed in this one! A great series with good storylines and beautiful romance with great endings!

3 Drawn to Vail Mountain

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