It’s All About Love is a sweet, heartwarming story about how love can happen when you least expect it.

Life is short, and it’s up to you to make it sweet.”

~ Sarah Louise DelanyIt’s All About Love is a sweet, heartwarming story about how love can happen when you least expect it.
After losing the love of his life, Leo Tucker never thought it would be possible to fall in love again. But then he met Gracie Maxwell and happiness seemed to be more than just a possibility—it became reality.Gracie Maxwell had been hurt so many times before her final conclusion: she was never going to let herself fall in love or even get close to it ever again. But then she met Leo.Leo was kind and considerate and Gracie thought he was pretty darned wonderful, so unlike anyone she had ever known. So there they were, falling in love with each other. Would they choose each other, or would they decide against the second chance they were both afraid of?The beauty of this love story will make you laugh, cry, and everything in between as you watch them decide their destiny. Will they find the right path to each other’s heart?

Lorenza Seldner3.0 out of 5 stars A very sweet love storyReviewed in the United States on April 23, 2021Verified PurchaseThe book follows love-chasers Leo and Gracie. Leo, a recent widower and highly superstitious, is adamant about pursuing love and a second chance in life. Gracie feels pressured by her father to join the family business; she’s been hurt in relationships in the past and decides she’s had enough of love for now. They both travel to Paris, and the romance begins.

It’s all about love, in a deeply romantic, almost silly way. Don’t expect complicated plots, twists, and mystery on this love affair. I thought the author was clever enough to present the characters clumsily, but aside from that, I would’ve liked a bit more action. I am not a fan of the “tell don’t show” approach, and I felt the author was leading me into what to think about the characters instead of letting us making an idea of our own. It’s a sweet story for all those hopeless romantics.


Planet Poultry tells the story of five friends who work together in a chicken processing factory in the North East of England. Each of them is struggling with their own personal dilemas but living in the hope that things can only get better. One day, something monumental happens that changes their lives forever… In this gritty story, we come face to face with real-life issues such as: domestic violence, addiction, depression and the heart-rending tick of the biological clock. Yet there is also an injection of humour and warmth which is certain to keep the reader enthralled and feeling great empathy for these realistic characters who could so easily be their very own neighbours or friends. Whilst reading Planet Poultry, we are taught some valuable lessons: the importance of good friends; to always have hope and never give up because we never know what lies round the corner; and, most importantly, that revenge is a dish best served cold!

Kindle Customer5.0 out of 5 stars COULDN’T PUT IT DOWNReviewed in the United States on May 26, 2018There is laughter and heart break in the lives of five friends. Norman, Joyce, Tina, Kerry and Colin. All 5 are facing some sort of turmoil but always have time to help each other. Life at Planet Poultry is never dull and the author has written a touching and inspiring story. Anything can happen when you have great mates and a winning lotto ticket wouldn’t hurt.

“This author has an incredible way with words that will totally wrap you up and make you feel deeply connected to every chapter of the book” – Second Chances (Warrington Legacy Book 2) by Marsha Casper Cook

Leo and Gracie are back again, but their hearts have been broken by previous relationships and that’s keeping them apart. Even though their podcast, “It’s All About Love,” is successful, they can’t seem to take their own advice while others around them find love and happiness.

Can they forget the past and let love take its course or will they never allow themselves to be happy again?
Is the timing right this time or will they miss the boat?

Chelsey McQuitty

Loved everything about it

I really loved the plot of this book. There is a lot going on and the author has written it in such a relatable way that is hard not to connect with the characters. I loved the fact that the lovebirds are podcast hosts as it adds so much to their love story and brings even more tension to their time apart. This author has an incredible way with words that will totally wrap you up and make you feel deeply connected to every chapter of the book. I’d highly recommend it.

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Imaginary Magic? White Magic? Black Magic? “Soup” is a magical book – recommended.

January 20, 2015Format: Kindle Edition

Serena and Ava have their own reasons for loving The Book Nook, the tiny workshop/café that provides a library in the form of a book exchange to customers, grateful for it in the small town a bus journey from Cork in Ireland. For Serena it’s her retreat from tragedy, the mysterious disappearance of the man whose child she miscarried and, one blustery autumn morning, a man she sees when she walks her dog on the beach, who apparently walks into the icy sea to his death. Her friend Ava visits often, escaping her city life with domineering husband, Richard, who insists on being the bread-winner and expects her to do nothing but wait on him, when her desire is to help those in need.

These two characters, and many others, are brilliantly drawn, and the story gripping, but there is much more to this book than appears at first. A girl whose father vanished from her life a year previously asks Serena to display a photograph of him. Serena does so, but tells Ava she will cast a spell to bring the girl luck with her quest. Is Serena really a white witch, or slightly insane with grief? If she does have magic powers, can she use them to find her own lost love? Can she help Ava to to find true happiness and if she does try, will it be as a normal friend or… read “Soup” and see, but do read it.


“A sweet and fast-moving short story that is sure to please.” – Sunday at 7 (Clere’s Restaurant Book 1) by Pamela Ackerson

Line Blurb

Jason Donovan has a secret. The Clere’s Restaurant’s drama has been unfolding in front of his eyes. If he can see it, so can the restaurant’s other guests. But there’s something the servers aren’t telling him, and he will get to the bottom of it. Kat couldn’t get out of the restaurant fast enough. Funny how things work out…she never thought she’d meet someone like Jason. Secrets, lies, affairs, and deceit are served with a smile at Clere’s Restaurant…


Excellent short story that entertains

A sweet and fast-moving short story that is sure to please. Highly recommend!

Sunday at 7 (Clere's Restaurant Book 1)

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It’s a mid-summer evening on the huge, modern Elmwood Estate. A new tenant loiters, unsure where, exactly she needs to go. A sensation of dread eventually guides her to The Willows, a tiny cul-de-sac of four properties tucked away at the farthest corner. The tension in the air feels like an electrical charge and Rebekah fears she might have bitten off more than she could chew when she agreed to act as helper to Julian, Guardian Angel of Hopless Cases. But what choice did she have? Due to her relentless wailing in the Abyss, every soul in the Kingdom of Heaven had been driven to the end of their tether. So Julian offers her a second chance. Her task is to help some mortals even more hopeless than herself and in the process try to win back the love and trust of Luke, the love of her life. If she fails, there’s only one place she’s going – downstairs! But laying her hands on her larger-than-life neighbours, in order to heal them is sometimes easier said than done, With Obnoxious Audrey’s emotional outbursts, Rebekah’s chances of healing her seem impossible. And pretty soldier-girl, Gillian is stuck to Luke like a bad smell that just can’t be eliminated. Rebekah’s allocated time on Earth is ticking away. With every passing day she becomes weaker and she is still nowhere near completing Angel Julian’s task. Her beautiful wings have long-since turned to dust. What will be her fate? Rebekah aka Ruby forms friendships like she’s never known before in this story of true love.

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Vision Quest5.0 out of 5 starsRomance, love, friendship and redemption.

December 14, 2014Format: Kindle EditionVerified PurchaseI am going to confess to loving “Angel” stories. Eons ago I use to watch all of Michael London’s ”
Highway to Heaven” series and I ended up with tears in my eyes at the end of nearly episode. LOL
While living, Rebekah was a drug addict who fell in love with Luke. Though Luke loved her, he walked away from her until she could clean up her act and become drug-free. She cleaned herself up and Luke ended up proposing to her. BUT one of Rebekah’s former drug buddies dumped a roofie into her drink. She ends up overdosing and dying in Luke’s arms. Luke was devastated and believed it was a relapse.

Feeling hurt and rejected and not wanting Luke to think that she was at fault, Rebekah made a huge fuss in heaven. Finally she was tasked with going back to earth to live amongst some mortals who desperately needed help and guidance. The deal was, IF she made a positive difference on earth, she would once again become mortal. If she didn’t, she would travel the downward road to hell.

What a great start to an angel story. The challenge for Rebekah is that the people she is sent to help out, are pretty hopeless. Will she be able to make a difference before her time runs out?

Author, Angela Gascoigne has done a FABULOUS job in creating a cast of characters with real problems, challenges and “devils.” I found myself turning pages faster and faster to find out what would happen. Will Rebekah redeem herself in the eyes of Luke? Will she get him back? Will she be able to stay on earth or will she be banished to Hell?

This is a great “feel good” story. Romance, love, friendship and redemption.

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Second chances are possible but only if the lies and compromises are gone.

Martin had lost his first wife and daughter in a horrible car accident and it took him years to fight the sadness he woke up with every day. When he met Elaine everything changed. He married her and their new life made Martin forget all the pain. Once again life was good.

After feeling such happiness the second time around Martin never expected tragedy to once again be knocking at his door, but it had. If Martin had known the truth about Elaine’s past he would have been able to help her but her fear of the truth became her reality and the fact that they loved each other didn’t seem to be enough. Elaine came up with a solution she thought would be for the best. Martin went along with her plan but it put him in a compromised position and very unhappy, but he loved his wife so much he agreed to live her lie.

The stakes were very high but Martin thought in time he could change her mind but as the years passed the only thing that changed was Elaine. She became withdrawn and uneasy and finally when things got out of hand and Martin couldn’t control anything that happened it was a downward spiral and everything they had worked to achieve began to crumble.

Could Martin save his wife from herself? Would Elaine let that happen?

For love, Martin would do anything and Elaine loved him for that, but would that be enough?

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Chelsey McQuittyVINE VOICE4.0 out of 5 starsAn enjoyable read!

July 9, 2017Format: Kindle EditionVerified PurchaseScreenplays happen to be one of my favorite things to read, so when I saw this book was based off one of the author’s screenplays I couldn’t wait to check it out. I can usually tell when a book is written this way because the dialogue and characters are so strong that you can actually picture the novel taking place in front of you. This is certainly a writing strength that this author possesses, which makes me excited for future work.
When it comes to the story, I really enjoyed the plot very much. I don’t want to divulge too many details, but you will certainly want to read this book all of the way through. Some of the characters are a bit difficult to figure out, but that makes the story a lot more interesting in my eyes. I think, it tackles some lessons in life that many face, but won’t cause you to spend a weekend crying over the ending if you plan on reading this in public.
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Two years have passed since Annie closed the last page of her journal, The Caravan of Love. In The Caravan Revisited her journal continues. But what became of that family living on the edge of madness? Did they turn their back on The Emerald Isle and go back to Newcastle after all?

There’s only one way to find out. Put the kettle on, stoke the fire and take some time out to peep inside the pages of Annie’s Journal where you’ll find the answers to your questions. Wherever they did end up, be assured it’s a laugh-a-minute in Annie and Tom’s house. Not! There’s a brand new business venture on the horizon – followed closely by a worldwide recession, a multitude of mounting bills and debts, a few more nervous breakdowns, two Antarctic winters… and we mustn’t forget the terrorists! But don’t feel too downhearted. Annie doesn’t. She’s a fighter, a survivor with a dream of becoming a great writer one day! Will she ever save up enough change in that bottle to enroll in a writing course? There are some new additions to the family and loved ones aren’t the only people to come and stay. There are also some visitors from the other side!



If you like sexy romantic suspense – this book is for you! Turn the passionate pages today! 

This is a short Novella about Lilly Peters who was a doctor by day and an escort by night. She was on her own at a very young age and had to put herself through Medical school, but when her grandmother took ill she needed money for her care. She had heard through the hospital Intern grapevine about being an escort for very rich influential men and jumped at the chance. What she didn’t know was how much she would enjoy having sex for money.

Everything was going at an easy pace when some of the other escorts were roughed up pretty bad and no one seemed to why. She needed to find the answer. As things got worse and one of her favorite lovers was murdered she had to make a choice. Was it all worth it or was she sorry she became an escort? Did she fall too fast for men she barely new? 

Pick up a copy and enjoy the ride.

but I love this portrayal of womenNovember 3, 2017 – Published on Amazon.comVerified PurchaseWell, the title is definitely something else, huh?
Alright, this is my opinion, but I love this portrayal of women, I want women to think, feel and act as Lily does, because there is nothing more attractive than a strong and confident woman who knows what she wants and how to get it.
There is something captivating in this story, the portrayal of all characters and the drastic changes from day to night make it for an awesome read, lessons are learnt in the hard way and in the end Lily would have to make a choice. Ultimately I think she chose right.
There is a lot going on in this book and still, everything flows nicely, I love how detailed it was at moments, and especially I love how we see everything from the point of view of Lily, her thoughts and actions were interesting, this is a nice read you shouldn’t miss.



“If you love true love…. with a few twists, find it here” – Where There’s Faith (Fairfield Corners Book 3) by L.A. Remenicky

A past she can’t remember. A love he can’t forget. After losing everything in an accident that he can only blame himself for, Robbie Newlin embraced sobriety and tried to live his life quietly alone at this family’s cottage on the lake. Grief being his only ally, Robbie was perfectly content with how he lived until Faith moved into the cottage next door. Now, Faith, had him questioning whether to keep grieving or to open his broken heart to let love in again. Faith McMillan had no memory of her life before that day three years ago. The physical scars had faded, but the emotional ones were still fresh and raw. Living rent-free seemed like a great way to finish her second book and give her the time to figure out her next move, but then she met the reclusive guy next door, and everything changed. To get past the broken parts, Robbie and Faith must figure out if they want to continue living their lives in solitude or take a chance on finding an ending together.

If you love true love…. with a few twists, find it here

By A Nicky Hjort

I loved this story. In fact, I read it in two sittings. Oh, how I hoped … for the main characters. If you said what one thing could have made it better? I would say….. more, please. Lol. Already ready for the next. So I guess I better go back and read the first few in the series. If you love true love… you’ll love this Novella and wish it was an even longer novel. Well done.

Where Theres Faith (Fairfield Corners Book 3).jpg

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