Libby Bridgeman, s stringer for the Village Voice, balks when Max Howard, her editor, insists she interview Alicia Kane. Though, campus rebel, a rock superstar and an icon in the 1970s, Kane hasn’t been heard of in forty years. A Brooklyn court case involving a Black Lives Matter protest seems far more relevant. But you don’t say no to Max Howard.
While writing the article about the interview after meeting Kane, Libby receives a call from a detective—Alicia Kane is dead. Accident or suicide, the detective tells her, but Libby believes she was murdered. When Max insists that she drop the story she’s certain he knows more than he’ll tell her.
In Greenwich Village, Chicago, Niagara Falls, a Manhattan recording studio, Libby interviews people who’d known Kane. Like Max, each seems to hide something. A connection to her family? Then, one tumultuous night she learns Alicia Kane’s complete story, and this flips her world.



The Mercenary’s Union has a contract for Adar. Out among the frontier worlds he and his crew will turn a profit if they work it right.
On a world with a long winter a warrior woman is on the hunt for the person who destroyed her home and committed murder. Her Goddess expects something of her which Adar will be a party to if they both live. Yselda always heeds the Goddess.

 Great story!Reviewed in the United States on March 28, 2019Verified PurchaseThe author tells a good tale!this is a quick read and has an interesting plot line. I hope there is more to come from the author in telling the story of the mercenary and his crew!


Doctor Peter Branstead’s neurology department at St. Mark’s Hospital in New York’s picturesque Greenwich Village is flooded with a series of critically ill vagrants exhibiting identical symptoms. Confused and agitated upon admission, they rapidly progress into convulsions, cardiac arrest, and death. The deaths are too methodical to be a coincidence, but how—and why—are they being killed?

Peter’s investigation leads him into a dark underworld of international intrigue and into the center of a plot to destroy the president of the Ukraine, Anatoly Labrinska. Peter learns that his patients have been given a mysterious drug that is also being administered to President Labrinska. But tracking Peter’s every move is a savage Ukranian Mafia killer—an assassin so ruthless that the most vicious criminals on two continents live in fear of his wrath.

 UnputdownableReviewed in the United States on September 18, 2009

Verified Purchase

I read this book at the suggestion of my husband, and I was not disappointed. Mr. Snider’s characters are unforgettable, and his book is unputdownable. This book has everything… action, drama, thrills, and loads of suspense, and it’s filled with lots of little twists. I would recommend it to anyone who just loves a book that keeps you on the edge of your seat! Just be advised that once you get into this book, you will not be able to put it back down very easily! I passed up dinner and my favorite TV shows, and several hours of sleep to finish it, and I don’t regret a minute of it! My husband thought he would have to go and buy new socks if I didn’t stop reading Brain Warp, and do the laundry  heheheheh, it’s that good!

Murder Most Foul~~Faces Behind the Stones –FACES BEHIND THE STONES BK 1 FRAN LEWIS

5.0 out of 5 stars Faces Behind the StonesReviewed in the United States on June 2, 2012Verified PurchaseFaces Behind the Stones #1 is an eerie collection of tales told by the dead themselves. Each of the seven stories reveals what events brought them to their final resting place – an obscure, neglected corner of a graveyard.

Each character tells his or her own story. Often, the reader is left wondering–murder or suicide? All the people are forgotten, their graves ignored by the living, their graves overgrown. Why did these people have to die?

Sadly, none of the dead seemed to matter to the people they left behind. There is no one to grieve for them except a lone stranger who picks her way through the deserted cemetery.

Faces Behind the Stones is an incredible collection of stories, each more eerie and spine-tingling than the last. Fran Lewis’ style is chatty and easy to read. The reader feels drawn into the characters as if they really are the ones speaking.

I highly recommend this creepy compilation and look forward to the other books in the series.


A wonderful, inspired book! I read it twice, cover to cover. What Life is All About: Why God Allows Suffering

This book is about the breaking and restoration of a human spirit. It is based on the book of Job. It tells of satan taking over the life of a human being whose greatest desire was to serve Jesus.Like Job, satan desired to make her curse God and die spiritually. This is an exposé of satan’s tactics and how we can free and protect ourselves from the power of satan and sin.His objective was also to prevent the writing of this book. As you can see, he failed in this.Because Jesus is Lord.

 Such a helpful book!Reviewed in the United States on July 17, 2017A wonderful, inspired book! I read it twice, cover to cover. I also purchased several other copies to give as gifts. This book has something for every person in it. When I first started reading it, it opened my eyes to a totally different way to view others and to love others. It is one woman’s journey through trials to finding a relationship with Jesus. I definitely recommend it to women (and men) of all ages.





Katherine Chastain has been running from her past for ten very long years. She is a woman who has been hiding from the nightmare that stalks her. Desperate and sick of jumping at every shadow, she stumbles into the small town Police Department in yet another town where she lives – desperate for help. Desperate to know that she isn’t insane like everyone seems to believe.

She wasn’t prepared for the force of nature that answers her call.

Detective Cole McKenzie was the playboy of the precinct. With movie star good looks and a body just made for sin; he never had a cold bed – but when Katherine walks into his office in search of salvation, he is nearly knocked to his knees.

There is something about her that he just can’t shake. Her haunted emerald eyes burn him to his very soul, and he finds that he wants nothing more than to help her stop the nightmare that has become her life.

Can Cole protect her from someone who is like a phantom? Someone who has been stalking and terrorizing her for most of her life? Can he fight the desire that wells up inside him with just a simple look from this amazing woman? Or will she be his end?

Can these two fight the attraction that snaps and crackles around them as danger lurks in the shadows?

Take a breath and join this thrilling ride! Edge of your seat thrills!!!


Roxie’s Ferguson /Roxie’s Romance Reviews5.0 out of 5 stars“They got the wrong Stalker!”

June 16, 2015Format: Kindle EditionVerified PurchaseThe story line of this book is so compelling!. The characters are amazing!. You have a sweet young woman who has been in fear most of her life. When Katherine aka Katie was only sixteen she her life was turned up side down by a dangerous Stalker. The Stalker even killed her Mom. The cops found a young man at the scene of the crime and thought he was the one. Katherine tried to tell the cops they had the wrong guy but no one would listen. Now years later things are starting up again. Katie contacted the Detective who was on the case when her Mother was killed. He told her to contact Detective Cole McKenzie. When she goes to see Detective McKenzie she is sure he will think she is crazy. The first moment Cole sees Katie he is very attracted to her. At first he does think she is crazy till he starts checking into her case more fully and talks to her again. You will fall in love with Cole! lol. This book is so suspenseful it will have you jumping at any odd noises lol. The action and steamy romance is amazing!. I highly recommend this book!.

Pirates abducted her from her planet. The Mercenary Union ship which rescues her may be no better than the pirates. Captain Maden of the Long Sword refuses to take her home.A SNAKE BY THE TAIL A SUN UNIVERSE NOVEL–CHERIME MACFARLANE

Sci-fi fantasy romance.
Pirates abducted her from her planet. The Mercenary Union ship which rescues her may be no better than the pirates. Captain Maden of the Long Sword refuses to take her home.
The Messerian spy tells the captain he is not alone. There are others seeking to eliminate the pirates. He must keep the girl, Dahteste, close. She must not discover she is simply bait in the larger game they play. What gift does the girl have which makes her such a prize?
The predator his ancestors used to be claws it way to the surface around the girl. He wants things he shouldn’t. He craves Dahteste.

Book Lover 2225.0 out of 5 stars Oh, Wow!

Reviewed in the United States on July 5, 2021Verified PurchaseOh, wow! A Snake by the Tail by Cherime McFarlane is an action-adventure alien love story that is not to be missed. Great world-building, an out-of-this-world location, and strong, lovable characters that will stay with you long after you’ve finished reading this book make this a five-star highly recommended read.

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