The bad boy of Bushmaster has found her.Rhythm and Blues (The MacGrough Clan Book 4)CHERIME MACFARLANE

But Cate is Hamish’s mutually adopted sister. Lurch has a problem.

Bushmaster’s rhythm guitarist Lurch Walker is ready to give it up for a woman. Long red hair, long legs, and green eyes have him tied in knots. Hamish’s babysitter has Lurch’s heart. A minor complication is Hamish looks on her as a little sister. Lurch thinks he can handle that.
Then his bad boy past rises to put an end to everything Lurch worked for. Worse yet people he loves are being threatened. But all he can seem to concentrate on is Cate. Lurch has the blues big time, now how to cure those blues, stay alive and keep Cate in his bed.

4.0 out of 5 stars Scottish bluesReviewed in the United States on October 30, 2015Verified PurchaseThe Scots are famous for their long-standing feuds so when I discovered such a feud in this one, I was nicely surprised that it didn’t involve any Scots at all but the American visitor, Lurch whose past he’d prefer to keep hidden. Really loved the Scottish dialect and in particular the initial fish out of water element when Lurch meets Hamish and Lori and of course the fiery Cate with whom he falls instantly in love with and (so romantic) refuses to leave Scotland without. Once they all come visit the states, the story changes quite dramatically as Lurch’s past catches up with him and it gets very scary for them all for quite an interlude. Would have loved to hear their music and if this is made into a movie, which it should, it would probably make a great soundtrack.

What will he do to keep his wife from being a suspect? Anything.Wired For Sound: The MacGrough Clan Book 2 CHERIME MACFARLANE

Wired For Sound: The MacGrough Clan Book 2by Cherime MacFarlane (Author)

Wired For Sound: The MacGrough Clan Book 2

It’s 1988 and Bushmaster is about to become history in the worst way possible when the front man is electrocuted during sound check. Someone had enough. All the band members had a motive.
MacGrough: I didnae ken what tha lament tried tae tell me. Vince is dead, and tha band’s done for. I understand more than tha polis, someone killed tha arse. But who and why now? If they look too close at Lori, I’m worried about what they may find. Someone burned my wife before we met. It’s all circumstantial, she lived in Brighton and Vince had a woman there. It couldn’t have been her. But, she’s never said, and I canae get that out of my head.

Lori: We must get back to Glasgow. If Hamish doesn’t get the album done in time, he will lose the backers. The cops have us trapped here. Hamish is acting strange. Yes, I understand it’s a murder investigation but we should stay out of it. This is Hamish’s family, when they find the killer, it will hurt him.

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5.0 out of 5 stars ExcellentReviewed in the United States on April 13, 2017Verified PurchaseAnother great novel by Cherime MacFarlane.

What I love about this author’s work is the feeling of being there. I feel as if the author has an intimate knowledge of her characters and the space they inhabit, and she has the proven to convey the reality of the scene, without the story flow being punctured by weighty descriptions. The space the characters inhabit and the nature of each character comes through in the dialogue.
The world of wired for sound in one of the behind the scenes of the music world. It is realistic. The suspense plot is gripping, page turning, the romance deeply satisfying. As always, Cherime conveys a love for country that I share, and that makes me a huge fan of this author’s work.


BARE WIRES is the prequel to WIRED FOR SOUND, a MacGrough Clan novel

She chose to live. He wants to be a star. What happens when they meet?

BARE WIRES is the prequel to WIRED FOR SOUND, a MacGrough Clan novel
Lori Ann Reasor is about to get her big break, a gallery owner in Brighton likes her work. To celebrate she treats herself to tea in a posh establishment. What she discovers there puts her off men. She will stick with painting.

Hamish is trying to hold Bushmaster together long enough to get them signed to a contract. With a prima donna and a junky in the band, it’s not easy. Bushmaster is on the verge of blowing sky high. The two young people are converging as their dreams play out. Can they both keep it together?

“Well-written with great character development. Highly Recommended.” HIGHLAND LIGHT BY CHERIME MACFARLANE

“This is a richly detailed historical romance. The life and times of the early fourteenth century Scottish Highlands along with religious persecution makes a stunning backdrop for this wonderful tale. Well-written with great character development. Highly Recommended.”
“The romance between the young teenagers is about a couple who are in the midst of their raging hormones and the devotion they feel to each other. Their love and the surrounding war provide enough romance and adventure to give the reader a nice mix of action and emotionally charged love scenes to please those looking for the best of both worlds.”
“Oh. My. Days…! I would like to call Highland Light a romance, but it is so much more than that. It is an epic story about innocent young love, set in the backdrop of war. MacFarlane did a staggering job of bringing 14th Century Scotland back to life, and her attention to detail must be commended.”

Ailene: I’m nae a beauty, nae all honey and cream. There is tha glen and as small as tha holding is a few offered for me. I must wed but there is yet a chance for me tae find a man who will appreciate my talents. Robert The Bruce has had a treasure drop in his lap. Knights Templar fleeing Philip of France asked for sanctuary here. They will be disbursed within his supporters by marrying women like me. I thought any of them might do until I caught sight of tha young one.
Gideon: I know nothing other than weapons and war. All who accompanied the Master of the Temple here must wed a clanswoman. I’ve no choice. ‘Tis all or none. I agreed and will marry the woman whoever she may be.


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Reviewed in the United States on December 12, 2018

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