Twisted Tales from the Desert – an anthology of short stories with twisted views and endings. MARI COLLIER

In this collection you will find humor, murder, a love story involving a ghost, an inhabited ghost town, a Fairy Godmother tale unlike anything you would expect, and more.
NOTE: Contains content considered unsuitable for readers 17 and under.
Bjonsmom4.0 out of 5 stars A Gentler TwistReviewed in the United States on April 21, 2021Verified PurchaseI’ve now read all three of Collier’s Twisted Tales, and found this one a gentler collection, perhaps a bit more traditional than the previous two. The scenarios are just as imaginative, but far less bizarre and creepy. The characters are more relatable, more like regular folk, who find themselves in extraordinary situations – but the twisty end is there: surprising, ironic, and oh, my!
Who among us hasn’t hoped to hit a big money payoff? Or felt the presence of a loved one who has passed on? Believe in ghosts? Maybe not, but how do you explain two “entities” in an eternal battle for male/female dominance shape shifting before your eyes? Conversations on either side of a radio “Portal” result in an identity switch. There are Bad Seeds, a battered wife fantasizing a way out and driven to the brink, a Fairy Godmother (be careful what you wish for). There’s a stunning reminder to always maintain “control” while driving; and watch out for that sculpture of a Desert Iguana.
I gave the book four stars because one of the stories is published in a previous collection, although it is an intriguing adventure. Pick up this final anthology and make your collection complete.

Follow Trina on the trail as she works the most important assignment of her life, saving the girl she loves. – Baked: A Mariner’s Bluff Mini-Mystery – Book 2 by Jade Lazlow

Defrocked New York Times journalist, Trina Sharp is forced to take a job at a small-town paper in the struggling tourist town of Mariner’s Bluff.
The tourist town plans its first-ever fishing tournament and the body of a murdered drug dealer turns up in the middle of downtown.

Trina’s nose for news is off and running as she investigates and finds her girl-crush at the center of the mystery. Follow Trina on the trail as she works the most important assignment of her life, saving the girl she loves.




Two years have passed since Annie closed the last page of her journal, The Caravan of Love. In The Caravan Revisited her journal continues. But what became of that family living on the edge of madness? Did they turn their back on The Emerald Isle and go back to Newcastle after all?

There’s only one way to find out. Put the kettle on, stoke the fire and take some time out to peep inside the pages of Annie’s Journal where you’ll find the answers to your questions. Wherever they did end up, be assured it’s a laugh-a-minute in Annie and Tom’s house. Not! There’s a brand new business venture on the horizon – followed closely by a worldwide recession, a multitude of mounting bills and debts, a few more nervous breakdowns, two Antarctic winters… and we mustn’t forget the terrorists! But don’t feel too downhearted. Annie doesn’t. She’s a fighter, a survivor with a dream of becoming a great writer one day! Will she ever save up enough change in that bottle to enrol on a writing course? There are some new additions to the family and loved ones aren’t the only people to come and stay. There are also some visitors from the other side!



So, you just weren’t ready to say goodbye to them after The Seasons of Our Love. Not to worry, because Danny and Rosie are back! There’s a new business venture and exciting plans for the future. But, there are some new kids on the block and some unhealthy competition for the Branded for Life Tattoo and Piercing Studio.

When an unwelcome face from the past turns up like a bad smell and offering an olive branch, Danny, Rosie and their friends must decide if they are able to forgive and forget. 

The little town of Shrove isn’t the same without Auntie Maggie. There’s something she forgot to do before she went away and she needs to get a message across from the other side.

There’s a buzz of excitement as the Branded for Life team prepare for the Annual Scarborough Tattoo Convention. A weekend bursting with laughter, drama and some sweet surprises awaits them!

But, once back home in Shrove, Danny unearths his missing phone which displays a multitude of missed calls from his solicitor. The couple receive some news which could change their lives forever.

Once again Danny and Rosie’s problems are spiralling out of control, along with Rosie’s comfort eating.

What will the future, if any, hold for them?



“Join these cats as they expound wisdom of how to keep their humans on the right path” – Keeping the Upper Paw (A Cat’s Guide to Training Your Human) by Marta Moran Bishop

Marta keeping the upper paw 7-2019.jpg

Line Blurb
Keeping The Upper Paw: A Cat’s Guide To Training Your Human, began with scraps of paper that were found lying around the house. It is a humorous look at life through the eyes of a cat.
All of the cats in this book were once a part of the family, cohabiting together in the household of, Ms. Moran and Ms. Bishop.
Morris, the elder cat, Beau, his second in command, Kitten a cat who liked to get physical, Poofie, a small gray boy, who dreamed of being an only cat, Champ, the shy one, Mikey the playful boy, Sheba, the only girl, and Little Bit, the baby all lived, played, and trained their humans.
Both Ms. Moran and Ms. Bishop, have described their part in this book as merely the typists.
Line review

the purrrrfect training manual

These felines have it going on. Join these cats as they expound wisdom of how to keep their humans on the right path. From cat boxes to playtime the house cats cover mostly everything, but I can see a sequel in the future with new tricks and tips to keep us, humans, in line. My cat JJ took note and will probably use some of these methods on her human dad and me. It was well written with a sense of humor and from the cat’s point of view. A recommended read for all cats and humans alike. I give it 5 paws for an entertaining read.
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“Mags and the AARP Gang is a story about a group of senior citizens who decide to rob a bank” – Mags and the AARP Gang by Nancy Lynn Jarvis

Nancy mags2

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Senior comedy is in the works because Mags and her friends, renegade octogenarians all, will do whatever it takes to save their homes. They’ll even rob Bayside Community Bank, the bank about to foreclose on the mobile home park where they live, so they can pay off their mortgage.

The senior gang has cased the joint, planned carefully, assembled their disguises, rehearsed their every move — so what could possibly go wrong? Plenty.

Some people think they can take advantage of the elderly. They haven’t met Mags and the AARP Gang or they’d know better. Sure, they’re older, but not too old for the adventure of a lifetime or to risk everything for the sake of friendship. Along the way, they have to become senior sleuths and pull off two complicated stings, but it’s all in day’s work in this feel-good senior comedy.

Line review

K. Hudecek

Entertaining and Fun

Mags and the AARP Gang is a story about a group of senior citizens who decide to rob a bank. Before you think these people are addled in the head or bored and just looking for something to do, it was due to desperation.

Mags and her friends live in a trailer court, which is about to be foreclosed on. They have no way of getting together $7,727 that each would have to come up with in order to save their homes. They can’t afford to move to a retirement community and are all self-sufficient and ambulatory enough to take care of themselves. They are not candidates for a nursing home. They have no other way to save their homes (and themselves) except to rob a bank.

We are introduced to the characters as the planning begins. Harvey, the ring-leader has everything planned out, including the getaway car that will be driven by Batty Betty, who has Alzheimer’s Disease and has problems remembering things. This heist was immaculately planned and would have gone off without a hitch, but, as things go, stuff happened.

Mags and Harvey are good friends, so, of course, she was his first choice as an accomplice. Jean is Mag’s best friend and is included. Then we have Larry in his mobility scooter, who is as colorful as a tie-dyed t-shirt. He made me laugh. Everybody did at some point in the story.

The book is a comedy, yet it has some serious undertones. People losing their homes is never a fun thing, but it just seems worse when it happens to the elderly, especially when they have no place else to go. This book addresses a serious issue with a comedic flare.

The story was a fast-mover and entertaining. The characters were well-developed, interesting, and easy to care about. They are smart, convincing, and shrewd. I had to hand it to them for their ingenuity, determination, and spunk. It was easy to be drawn into them and their lives.

The writing was great and the book was well-edited. These things, combined with the tight plot and the great characters, earn it an easy five-star rating.

Great book. I loved it!

*Reviewed for the Say What?? Book Club

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06095DD4-6D9F-4DE0-B4BF-2AACBEFFACE3.PNGLaugh out loud Romantic Comedy. Romance Finalist Author Academy Awards 2018

When confirmed bachelor Noah Meyers manages to dodge his meddling mother’s repeated attempts to fix him up decides to get a dog he has no idea that his adorable dog will be the one to help him find the right one with a little help from above. 
It’s Never Too Late For Love is a timeless and delightful love story filled with a lot of laughter and just a hint of magic.
If you like to laugh this book is for you. Enjoy!
NEVER2LATE4LUVBLURB (1).jpg51E2Wr6kuCL._SY346_
‘Love is a wonderful thing, and you never know when love can …
February 23, 2018 – Published on
Verified Purchase
‘Love is a wonderful thing, and you never know when love can happen, you just need to believe it will’
It’s very rare for me to find a book like this one and as you keep reading, there is a constant giggle that it just can’t stop. Stories like this are a reminder that no matter the age or the rough pass of time, love will still come to you, from one way or another, a mother, a relative or a close person to you will always care and get worried about you and as twisted as your life might be, there is a solution for that too.
I, honestly don’t have the words to express how much I love this book, especially because two months ago one of my beloved pet passed away and while reading this, I was remembering every moment of happiness I have with him, just because we have a language, can talk and complain it doesn’t mean dogs or animals in general don’t do that too, and considering the joy a pet brings to your life, it’s normal to suggest that this story happen to all of us in a daily basis.
No criticism, no suggestions, just buy and read this book, times are always difficult, no matter the perspective, but stories like this one can make everyone’s day a little bit better.




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