“These cards are full of kind and loving energy.” – Inspirational Wisdom from Angels & Fairies Hardcover by Frances Munro, Judy Mastrangelo (Illustrator)

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Cheerful angels and fairies deliver wisdom, healing energy, and loving guidance to help you rediscover passion and joy in your life. You will find inspiration in the dreamy artwork with empowering exercises, prayers, and affirmations. The illustrated booklet provides deeper insights for restoring mind/body/spirit balance. Includes 44 cards and a 56-page illustrated booklet.

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Uplifting Cards

These cards are full of kind and loving energy. Every time I shuffle them and pick a card it is a message that inspires me and helps me feel better about what is going on in my life. They are very uplifting. The artwork is sweet and the card stock is good. The information in the little booklet that comes with the cards is easy to understand and there isn’t too much or too little written about each card. I like these cards very much.

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