Casimir Gosselin. If Fane was bad, Casimir was well beyond that. A psychopath and barely leashed by his sire, the Alpha of the Gosselin Pack. If there was one thing on which both the Cwn Annwn and the Anghelescu Hellhounds knew, it was that Casimir Gosselin was their enemy.

You have the picture? I was the personification of psychopathically evil. Strangely enough, the encouragement to write my side of the story has come from my sister, Alix Gosselin, now mated to Bran Cadwgan, Beta of the Cwn Annwn. Now, I could give you some clues. One thing is certain, I am not some sad, misunderstood being. I own what I have done and to whom I have done it. The question is whether you think that what lies in the shadows is justified.

A. J. Kohler4.0 out of 5 stars Casimir isn’t what he seems to beReviewed in the United States on May 27, 2020Verified PurchaseCasimir Gosselin is the middle bastard son of the alpha of the Gosselin pack. His older half-brother is being groomed to be the next pack alpha, assuming their father lets him live that long. Pierre Gosselin is quite a piece of work and not exactly an inspiring father figure. Casimir is in line to be the next beta – but survival is hard in the world of wolf shifters, and in this pack, even tomorrow is not guaranteed, no matter who you are.

Casimir creates the persona of the Psycho Gosselin, a psychopathic killer at Pierre’s orders. He is so convincing in the role that he utterly alienates Alix, his half-sister, to the point that she leaves the pack completely to live among humans.

Times change, and Pierre and Casimir’s older brother are brought to account. Casimir, now largely freed of the need to keep up the masquerade, can begin to bring his plans to fruition and see if he can mend fences with Alix.

There’s going to be a whopper of a story following this one, whether he succeeds or not.