“This author always delivers!” – Holmes Sweet Home: A Sherlock/Holmes Mystery (Sherlock/Holmes Mysteries Book 2) by Karen Vaughan

Nigel Holmes’ cousin Denise has been abducted back in Manchester UK> Nigel Rushes to the rescue with the help of Kristen Holmes and her partner Craig Eversley. Will Nigels’ quick thinking save the day? More comedic adventures abound in this second Sherlock/Holmes offering.

P.S Winn

This author always delivers!

When Denise is kidnapped, Nigel Holmes, her cousin heads to the rescue. Kristen Holmes and her partner Craig Eversley are along to help. U am a fan of Karen Vaughan and her books that are written with a touch of humor and always a lot of great mystery. Readers should check out all the great reads by an author I find unique and tantalizing.


NEW FROM CAROL ANN KAUFFMAN – September Solitude: A Cat Collier Mystery

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The Cat Collier mystery short story series is described as a cross between Nancy Drew and Mike Hammer. Follow Mary Catherine (Cat) Collier on her journey from small-town obituary writer for the local newspaper to big New York City detective in this series, starting with January Black Ice.

In her latest adventure September Solitude, Cat Collier, now married with two children, questions what she wants to do with the rest of her life, and where she wants to live.
Tracking down a baby girl given up for adoption over twenty years ago meets with disastrous results.
A midmorning bank heist in a nearby city implicates Nola in an armed robbery.
Old cases collide with new ones in the middle of the lobby of the Palazzo Castellano.
A murder. A runaway. Another secret society. Cat joins force with a band of Asian women to lure a killer.
Personal relationships are tested to the limits.
The Skampotti Family shows Cat what ‘All for Family’ truly means.
Cat feels all alone.


“LEFT FOR DEAD is a fast moving mystery thriller full of action, well-developed characters, a witty protagonist, and surprises.” – Left for Dead” (Laura & Gerry Mystery #6) by Karen Vaughan


Things are really starting to heat up in the Fitz family. Gerry’s cousin and best buddy is left for dead after a beating. When the thugs responsible find out he didn’t die, the game is on to keep Pete safe until he has to testify. After finding a body on a mountain trail in cottage country, Laura helps a local police officer solve the crime while waiting for the birth of her first baby.

John Kurtze

Murder Magnet With Mystery and Intrigue and A Sense of Humor

LEFT FOR DEAD is a fast moving mystery thriller full of action, well-developed characters, a witty protagonist, and surprises. Karen Vaughan introduces her main protagonist Laura Fitz providing readers her history, including details of Laura’s nose for investigating crimes as a CSI and her reputation for attracting dead bodies. Vaughan continues to share details of her other protagonist giving readers details of Laura’s husband, Gerry. The author updates her readers giving them what has transpired series to date including details of Laura and Gerry expecting their first child in two months. Due to her pregnancy, she is only working in the CSI lab and not visiting any crime scenes. The pace of the storyline picks up momentum when Gerry finds his cousin badly beaten and near death.Vaughan introduces support characters who add twists and turns to the main plot, and she creates subplots that add direction changes to her mystery. The author provides readers with details of each character’s actions and the roles they play as they enter the storyline. Readers are wondering what will happen next as they follow Laura as if they are sitting on her shoulder. LEFT FOR DEAD’s plot continues to provide lots of action on every page. The author describes unfolding events such as a dead body on a trail, a murder of an ex-husband, connections to the mob, a kidnapping, strained family relationships, and an overprotective husband. Each of these events keeps Vaughan’s readers on the edge of their seats as the LEFT FOR DEAD’s storyline builds towards an unpredictable outcome.

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Nothing gets past a descendant of Sarah Goode!!BySandra Vattimoon September 9, 2017Format: Kindle Edition

This is the second book in the Emlyn Goode Mystery series. It can be read as a stand-alone, but why miss out on the excitement of the first book?I love Emyln’s thought process. Her imagination tends to run away from her at the drop of a hat. Unfortunately, she tends to meander down dark roads into the terrifying abyss. She’s lucky to have her friend Rebecca and her unusual feline, Elvira, to help bring her back to reality.

In this story, fates are tempted and the past has returned to haunt the residents of The Falls. More murders. Are these cases tied to an unsolved murder from 42 years ago? How can Emlyn figure out what happened before she was even born?

I love the excitement and adventure found in this series. I enjoy following along as Emlyn pieces together clues to solve the mysteries. They are well-written clean reads. I look forward to the next case Emlyn comes across.


“Ackerson’s book will keep you on the edge of your seat!” – Living the Wright Life by Pamela Ackerson

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The search for treasure and hidden family secrets is one way to stoke the flames of passion. Jamie Parker thrives on solving puzzles, finding treasures, and searching for hidden secrets. When Cameron Wright asks her to translate ancestral documents, she has no idea the Wright’s had a trunk full of devastating and personal haunts from the past. Joining forces, the two ignite a hunger for treasure and find it’s not the gold in their pockets that matter, but the gold in their hearts.

Viv Drewa

Suspense and puzzles make this a fantastic book

Ackerson’s book will keep you on the edge of your seat! It has murder, suspense, and puzzles. Oh, and romance!
I look forward to many more books from this amazing author.
I highly recommend this book!

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Xkoqueen4.0 out of 5 starsChillingly Good!

July 25, 2018

Format: Kindle EditionWriting is Murder by Susan Lynn Solomon is a standalone cozy mystery in the author’s Emlyn Goode Mystery series. In addition to being a cozy mystery, there is a paranormal aspect to the story as Emlyn Goode is a descendent of a purported witch.

I loved the rich details Ms. Solomon included in her descriptions of the area. The author vividly describes an area of New York with which she is clearly familiar. Her descriptions of haunted locations are bone chilling!

Emlyn Goode is a writer who happens to be dating the local law enforcement. She can’t help but become involved in solving some local crimes since her witchy senses frequently lead her to trouble. I loved the historical fiction aspects in Writing is Murder as well as the inclusion of Emlyn’s writing group.

The characters are all likable, and their banter is fun. Their relationships definitely gave a homey, small town feel to the setting. The plot has a few intertwined threads that are all pulled together by the end of the story. Ms. Solomon has delivered a smart, engaging cozy mystery with plenty of clues and red herrings to keep her readers guessing until the end.