“I love this author’s sense of humor.” – “Dead Men Don’t Swing” (Laura & Gerry Mystery #4) by Karen Vaughan


Laura and Gerry have moved from Scarborough to North York. Death has followed them to the high rise they manage and Laura has to deal with a tenant with attitude as well as a dead one in the dumpster. Cookie the corpse magnet strikes again in this hilarious yet slightly bawdy mystery.

P.S. Winn

Love this author!

Readers are in for a fast paced, mystery thriller that is also fun. I love this author’s sense of humor. Gerry and Laura are back, this time they are managing an apartment complex. Things go wrong when they find a dead man in a dumpster with some strange wounds. Searching into the mystery, they are going to uncover some people in the building have some strange pastimes. That author has written several books with Gerry and Laura as the main characters and each one is a fun, suspense mystery that is hard to put down. Karen Vaughn has a great writing style that is like sitting down and talking with an old friend. This story, like the rest, are must have reads.

4 Karen dead men don't swing