It’s 3032 and mankind has conquered the stars. Strange creatures walk among us, but we are the aliens now, finding homes among the various races of other worlds.

Marc Slatterly and Matilda DuLac are members of the Galactic Mining Guild and they encounter a problem with a product in deep space. After contacting their command, they are told to expect someone to pick up the troublesome Trimagnite ore from them – a Gypsy, of sorts…

Enter the Lone Wolf – Wil VanLipsig has lived a long, and not so happy life. Genetically altered by the Galactic Marines decades ago, he looks 25, when he’s really far older. It’s obvious after this first encounter, he and Marc have a history.



A Beautiful, Dark Fairy Tale

February 28, 2018Format: Kindle EditionA. Nicky Hjort has added to the beautiful, real-life fairytale world that she first presented in “Where Tyndra Turns to Ardnyt”. In this Norn Novella, we are given a glimpse into the true tale of Snow White, much deeper and darker than the Disney movie has presented. I love the colorful imagery and depth of each character, somehow familiar and entirely new. I can’t wait for the next installment!




A new force has awakened in the galaxy. THALIA AND EARTH BY MARY COLLIER

Thalia has defeated the Justines, the Krepyons, and the Sisterhood. After claiming his Earth son Lorenz, the Maca of Don returns to Earth for a family reunion.

But the planet has changed: it’s the 1970’s, and one of their family members is trying to dismantle their business. Another has killed four men, and the doctors are beginning to suspect that there’s something strange about the MacDonald family.

Meanwhile, the newer members of the MacDonald and Rolfe clans are unaware of their alien heritage and abilities, and General MacDonald is carrying a heavy secret of other alien beings.

Soon after their arrival, The Maca of Don and Lorenz learn that there is a new presence in the galaxy… one bent on conquest and destruction.

5.0 out of 5 stars Hard to Put Down!Reviewed in the United States on August 27, 2018

Verified PurchaseI liked the overall book very much. I’ve already read the first and third books in the series ….. this is the fifth. I knew many of the characters from the other two books, but there were so MANY different characters in this book that I did have trouble remembering how they were related to each other. Several times I had to go back to refresh my memory. Of course, my memory isn’t as good as it was when I was young! I love the main families that these books are about, and look forward to reading more. When I have to force myself to put a book down to go do something else, I consider it a good book! Mari Collier does a bang-up job.


Battle for Thalia is imminent.

The exiled Maca of Don is returning to his homeworld to destroy the Justine and Krepyon conquerors, and break the rule of the House of Sisters.

Things spiral out of control as the Sisterhood attempts to destroy all male Macas, and isolate the House of Don. With escalating conflicts, the Maca and his friends enter a battle to find a new life and free their people from the invaders.

After the battle for Thalia is over, the galaxy will never be the same again.

Praise from readers:

★★★★★ – “Not one who regularly picks up science fiction, I found Collier’s book to be engaging from the very beginning. There is so much room for supposition regarding possible future stories. Well done.”

★★★★★ – “An unusual book with interesting characters and plot. The author’s vast imagination has created an incredible world, but shows that no matter where or in what time we live we all have the same emotions and desires. I recommend Return of the Maca to anyone who enjoys a great story.”

“This is a great book with a great storyline. ” – Bentley Square (Time After Time) by Carol Ann Kauffman

Carol bentley square 8-13-18.jpg

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Strangers meet on the train. She, a beautiful, wealthy businesswoman. He, a down on his luck office manager. They have nothing in common. And yet, they are drawn to each other with an undeniable hypnotic magnetism. This is the story of Rebecca Robbins, daughter of one of the wealthiest men in the country and Mark Ramsay, a man shrouded in dark mystery and hiding in the shadows from death squads amid international intrigue.

Robin Driscoll

What a fantastic story!

This is a great book with a great storyline. It was very interesting “hearing” each characters thoughts when they saw someone and how they interact with each other. It was amazing when they actually did meet and talk to each other. I really enjoyed the suspense, and once I got into the story, I couldn’t stop reading. There was a lot of detail to each of the scenes so you could almost picture yourself there.

Carol BENTLEY SQUARE   Time After Time).jpg

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SPECIAL CHRITMAS PRICE 99C! – Blue Lake (Time After Time) by Carol Ann Kauffman

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When widowed Nicole decided to step back into life in beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico with Richard, a young, handsome British actor who professed his undying love and devotion to her on a daily basis, she mistook his boundless enthusiasm for her as little more than youthful impetuousness. She had no idea where their relationship would take her physically or emotionally. She would find herself in many dazzling international locations, putting her own life on hold, simply to be with him. She had no concept how strong her commitment to him would grow and to what extent she would go to protect him and ensure his safety and well-being. And she certainly had no idea the depth of his devotion to her, an unlikely but undeniable love that would span continents and a decade of their lives, entwining them closer and closer, while his career, their families, and other relationships pulled them farther and farther apart. BLUE LAKE is a story of the power of love.
The series, TIME AFTER TIME, follows a pair of quintessential lovers, Richard and Nicole, through their lives together, in different places, in different times, with different names and faces and sometimes even on other planets. This follows the alternative theory that the relationships we forge in this lifetime, both the good and the bad, are continued into the future, and are rooted deeply in our past. Whatever we do, whoever we love, and the good and evil deeds we do today follow us into the future. Unsettled issues will present themselves again and again until they are ultimately resolved. Those people who have had a profound effect on us in this lifetime will find us again in the future. And although everything changes, love remains.
Books in the TIME AFTER TIME series are BLUE LAKE, BELTERRA,
The BASLICATO, BENTLEY SQUARE, WAITING FOR RICHARD, and LORD OF BLAKELEY. They do not need to be read in order.

Kata Mlek

A wonderful love story!

Love at first sight, the BIG and REAL one, happens occasionally but if it does, it’s spectacular. However, the relationship with the true soul mate or twin flame isn’t easy, requires sacrifices and sometimes even inflicts pain. On one hand, perfect couples deal with overwhelming joy, on the other hand with doubt, worry, remorse and fear. Carol and Richard, the main characters in Blue Lake, initially sharing a strong connection, have to face the hidden, dark side of love as well and fight together for their future.
Despite being a down-to-earth person I got carried along with this novel. I suppose it’s a matter of the cast, great and versatile setting and emotional charge. Even stone-cold readers like me would need some tissues to get through the Blue Lake and it’s absolutely fine–it feels good to realize there is love out there. And it conquers all.
If you like smart and witty romance with interesting characters and a superb plot, if you are not afraid to weep and cry, you should read Blue Lake.

“If you love Science Fiction, Romance, Adventure and a cliff hanger out of nowhere, then this book is for you. ” – The Captain and the Ambassador by Carol Ann Kauffman

Carol the captain and the ambasador 6-11-18.jpg

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Ambassador Tull Redmond is looking for a quick ride home back to Earth after ending her twenty-year mission as a peace negotiator. All she wants is peace, quiet, and to be left alone. She boards the Earth Starship Giuseppe Verdi with its questionable leader, Captain Ben Jacobs anyway. It’s the fastest way home. Her quarters has a full bath, a space view window, and a large, real bed! How bad could this rule-breaking, authority-defying Captain Casanova be? High Council hates him, true, but his crew loves him. Surely, she’s too old and tired to be drawn into this bad boy of the quadrant’s personal circus.
Will Ambassador Redmond get the quiet, uneventful ride home she craves?

Valerie Roberson

Space Romance with a out of this world cliff hanger!

If you love Science Fiction, Romance, Adventure and a cliff hanger out of nowhere, then this book is for you. Carol Ann Kauffman writes clean romance and with her details and your own mind, you don’t need hot and sexy, it’s already there. I love that about her romance novels. She allows me to enjoy the true meaning of the story and lets my imagination do the rest.
This is about two people heading home to Earth. Neither expected love to come into play and neither expected huge trouble from an ex. But when you are told on ship that your spouse has passed away, well that gives you permission to move on, even if it is with the Captain of a spaceship.
Well there is a huge change of events with one going to jail, one being shot out of the garage shoot and one who just wants to be happy with a new life on earth. There is love making in front of a huge window looking out at the vast space and stars. There is vengeance and madness and down right evil. But there is a mystery mixed throughout it all and so many surprises along the way, especially the end.
I love Carol Ann Kauffman’s work and highly recommend her books to everyone!

Carol The Captain and the Ambassador

“A love story I couldn’t put down.” – MacKalvey House (Time After Time Series) by Carol Ann Kauffman


Young American Michelle Rosemont visits a quaint, little village in England after graduation and decides to stay. She takes a job as a photographer for a historical magazine and is drawn to Kenneth MacKalvey, an older British author whom she has admired from afar. Their mutual attraction is instantaneous. But they are opposites in every way. Twists and turns at every corner heighten the suspense in this village mystery. Will his dark and shady past cause Michelle to run away? Will issues of abandonment at birth stop her from trusting him? Can they find happiness together despite their major differences? Or will old family scars and secrets keep them apart forever?

Line my review

Viv Drewa

A love story I couldn’t put down.

I love Kauffman’s Time After Time Series. MacKalvey House is my favorite so far.
Kauffman has a fantastic imagination and places these two lovers in different times and different situations. MacKalvey House is current times and takes place in England.
I think the characters interact perfectly, whether it be good or bad and make you feel for them.
I look forward to reading many more Time After Time books by Kauffman.

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“Why are you here?” Lilith asked. “You’ve already got your life seal.”

“I have more questions for Istulo.” She continued to stare at the disk.

Lilith sighed. “My name is Lilith. What’s your name?”

Her shoulders relaxed slightly. A hint of a smile broke out on her face. Her upturned nose wiggled. “She-Aba. I was born here in the Black Land. Both my parents arrived from Atlantis fourteen years ago yesterday. My mother gave birth to me the next day.”

Lilith perked up. “That would make today your birthday!”

She-Aba beamed. “Yes. That’s why I’m here. For my birthday last year, I had my life reading done by Istulo. But recently, there’s been a hiccup in my plans. It’s like my life seal rearranged itself, and now I’m confused. I’m here for a reaffirmation.”

“What’s the problem?”

She-Aba traced her life seal with the tip of her perfectly shaped fingernail. “My lifetime occupation was supposed to be to design clothing for the people of the various positions in the court and temples.”

Lilith smirked. “That makes perfect sense.”

“I know, right? So why, all of a sudden, would my life seal change from designing clothing to something completely different?”

Lilith arched a fair brow. “How different?”

“Well, instead of clothing people in lavish robes and gowns for others to appreciate, the seal suggests that I’ll be doing the opposite by covering up and hiding the truth. I don’t understand it at all. I thought my life was all planned out for me.”

“I thought mine was too, until my country blew up and slid into the ocean,” Lilith muttered.

“Hey, look at the bright side, at least your hair isn’t red like mine.”

Lilith eyed She-Aba carefully. “What’s wrong with red hair? My uncle has red hair and it suits him fine.”

She-Aba moved in closer. “If you haven’t noticed already, there aren’t many redheads around here. The natives think red is magical, and anyone with red hair is considered a freak of nature.”

“That’s ridiculous!” Lilith said loud enough to cause an echo down the marble hallway. “Is that the reason why those artists were rude to you? Because you have red hair?”

“Red is a very powerful color,” a raspy voice said from behind both girls.

Lilith and She-Aba jumped. They slowly turned to find Istulo hovering over them.

Wearing the same white gown and orichalcum headband Lilith saw her dressed in before, Istulo nodded slightly before she said, “Red represents the essence of life—if we are drained of blood, we are drained of energy. The people of the Black Land understand this, and therefore red is reserved only for their gods and goddesses.”

Lilith giggled. “Don’t tell She-Aba that, she’ll think she’s a goddess.”











“I have loved this whole series so far and can’t wait to see what Samantha has in store for the next book.” – Indelible (A New Life Book, 5) by Samantha Jacobey

Sam indelible 4-30-18.jpg

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Tori Farrell’s path has been a long one. She was raised by a Motorcycle Gang called the Dragons, trained as an assassin, and lived by the sword in a world consisting of drugs, sex, violence, and murder. She made her escape and even successfully thwarted a second attempt to draw her back in.Returning to her safe new life, Tori faces unforeseen challenges, as the discovery of her Rock Star relation, Brian Madson, gives way to the desire to have the life she was born to live. Haunted by fear, and caught in a fierce battle between her husband and brother, she must learn to accept her dark past and face her future boldly. The FBI and The Organization still linger in the shadows, and time is creeping forward, pushing her to choose. Which path will she take, and where will it lead, when she is forced to decide between destiny and fate…

Sassy Southern Book Blog Review

By b1ond1e25

Indelible by Samantha Jacobey is the fifth book in The New Life Series. This book picks up where Exposed left off. Tori has been trying to settle into her new life. She now has Michael by her side, and some of the questions from her past have been answered. This now brings a new set of problems for Tori. She now has a brother that is a rockstar, and he has seen her play the guitar and wants her to join the band. But Tori’s fears keep her from seeing how good she really is. Michael just wants things to go back to the way they were. She wants to settle down and have a normal life since she was robbed of one as a child. But just when you think things are going good, she is thrown into yet another set of problems. Can Tori and Michael’s relationship really last when she gets unexpected news that someone from her past is in needs her help? I have loved this whole series so far and can’t wait to see what Samantha has in store for the next book.

Sam indelible.jpg

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