“A cute, cozy whodunit.” – “March Blues” (A Cat Collier Mystery 3) by Carol Ann Kauffman

Small-town red-head Cat Collier runs a private investigation service called Red Cat Investigation out of her office in the beautiful Palazzo Castellano with the help of her secretary, Nola White, an ex-client Cat took in because she had nowhere else to go, her boyfriend, Erick “Carter” Larsen, and Carter’s father, the wealthy, influential, and shady lawyer, Detrick Bittmor.

In this third installment of the Cat Collier Mystery series, after escaping from captivity in an abandoned train car, Cat stumbles upon a homeless man at the long-deserted train station, who helps her get home to Carter. Detrick discovers he knows this homeless man as the one-time legendary saxophone player who played in the downstairs bar when they were both young and the family embarks on rehabilitating the sax player and reopening the bar, “The Blues.”

A cute, cozy whodunit.


The presence of Carter, Cat, and Nola is having a profound effect on Detrick Bittmore in a positive way. The author has softened the once crotchety and rather crooked attorney.
Once again we are treated to a novella that is full of romance, humor, and a bit of action. I could not put this book down and enjoyed every word. This is another five-star read!

03 Carol March Blues A Cat Collier Mystery

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