“I couldn’t turn the pages quick enough! It was hard to put down!”– Deja Vu by Ryanne Anthony

Tevin Frazier nor Darius Glass couldn’t recall a day they weren’t in love with Lauren Marie RyalsLauren never understood that either man wanted her and continued with her education and life, and became a successful executive for a toy company. At 30, she was ready for children but had no one in her life to fulfill that want. Tevin re-entered her life and volunteered to make that happen. Darius returned, also, but a little late; Lauren had fallen for and married Tevin, and at death, they did part. In Déjà Vu, Lauren, Tevin, and Darius have all passed on, and have chosen to return to Earth. Their souls find each other, again; this time, who will Lauren choose? The soul made for hers or the soul that continually pines for hers, every lifetime?

Jeffery Putnam

Five Stars

Excellent book from beginning to end! I couldn’t turn the pages quick enough! It was hard to put down!

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Déjà Vu

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“This is a fantastic book!” – When the Bough Breaks by Ryanne Anthony

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Finding her niche in the beauty world was a long road for Quanda Jarvis, until a world-famous actress changed that course for the better.

Soon after, Quanda eloped with personal security guard John Hudson, but John showed his wife he was not the man he presented himself to be.

John and Quanda divorced, and to Quanda, attorney Daniel Warner was seen for more than his expert legal advice. He quickly shows her she was never in love until she opened up to him.

Daniel was a handsome, successful man of faith, who took a vow of celibacy in college. He promised God he wouldn’t make love with another woman until marriage and had kept that promise for seventeen years.

Temptation plagues Daniel and Quanda, and it becomes a daily fight not to cave to the attraction, while John Hudson waits in the distance, plotting to keep them apart, and not only in bed. John has a need with Quanda and is determined to make her fulfill it.

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Viv Drewa

This is a fantastic book!

I love the way Ryanne Anthony interacts her characters. They are all so realistic.
In When the Bough Breaks Quanda Jarvis makes it into the beauty world and meets Daniel Warner, who becomes her attorney.
The two are attracted to each other but will they become a couple? You have to read it to find out!
I highly recommend this book!

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“Captivated to the end!” – I Wish I Wasn’t… by Ryanne Anthony

At thirty, Lauren Ryals was a successful single woman with a biological clock that ticked like a time bomb.

Truthfully, the ticking started a few years before, but the closer she got to her thirtieth birthday, the harder it was to ignore, so Lauren decided to try adoption.

Enter her old high school friend, Tevin Frazier, expressing his willingness to help her with that problem the old-fashioned way.

Lauren dreamed of a life with her high school beau, Gator, but he didn’t feel the same; he went his way soon after he graduated. Accepting this is the only way she will become a mother, Tevin, and Lauren enter an agreement and have children.

At a friend’s wedding festivities, Lauren and Gator cross paths again, and he reveals he wanted more than her body, but due to the rampant rumors about her, he didn’t feel she wanted more with him. Now they are both available, Gator offers Lauren the life he wanted with her when they were teens.

Lauren accepts, not knowing that Tevin is interested in being more than just her children’s father.

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Lady McReader

Captivated to the end!

I was told to read this book because the guessing would drive me insane and it did. It dragged to me in the beginning but soon it became captivating. I held my tablet and read as I cooked dinner. Several times after that gator surfaced I wanted to go to the end and see Lauren’s choice! Good play to keep it to the last word! Well done! I was rooting for him!

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“Sit back, relax, and enjoy. You will not be disappointed.” – Honey Babe by Ryanne Anthony

There had to be something Kendra Atkins was missing in life, and Charles Ford knew it was nothing but him. The only thing he had to do was convince her that he was all she would ever need and that he felt that way since the day they met ten years prior, hours before she became his first lover… when he was twenty-two. In his twenty-second year of life, Charles Ford was still a virgin. Like any other man, including his identical twin, he wanted sex, but he wanted his first time to mean something other than getting inside a woman’s body. By the time she was twenty, Kendra had sex with two men and not with outstanding results. It was just about experience; wanting to see what the deal was about. She could take it or leave it especially since the men she slept with only wanted what her body had to offer. Kendra has never been in a relationship, and after her disastrous sexual encounters, she decided never to exchange personal info with the next man, any man, she slept with. On a beach in Florida, Kendra, and Charles meet, and Kendra takes Charles’ virginity, and all they know of one another is the nicknames they agreed to call one another: ‘Honey’ and ‘Babe.’ No other names, no numbers, and no idea how to reach one another, just as Kendra wanted it. She wanted that as much as she would regret that decision later, specifically 10 years later when Kendra and Charles reconnect… and she has no idea who he is or what she was to him.

Kindle Customer

Honey Bae Love

This was my first book by this author and I loved it. Those brothers were hilarious and definitely entertaining. Kendra was a little crazy in her thinking and I was glad when Les was finally able to get through to her. The family support was great. Les and Kendra complimented each other but I also enjoyed Les’s alpha personality. I was glad that someone whipped Andy into shape considering their father was a rolling stone. The epilogue gave me life. Sit back, relax, and enjoy. You will not be disappointed.

Ryanne Honey Babe

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“Winter married young, but a bitter, middle-aged divorce left her reeling.” – Autumn: Book VIII of the PlayNISE Series by Ryanne Anthony

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At 27, Autumn Lianne Bennett lost her battle with cancer. Winter Lianne, Autumn’s eight-year-old daughter, was raised by Autumn’s sister Ruby, along with Ruby’s husband, ‘Big George.’
Winter married young, but a bitter, middle-aged divorce left her reeling. Soon, a new love entered her life and with him, she thought she was complete.
Her aunt died. In Ruby’s possessions was a diary that belonged to Autumn, and it outlined her time with Winter’s father, a man who had no idea he had a daughter.
As she approached fifty, Winter wondered if her existence would even matter to her father, now. With her husband by her side, Winter decides to read her mother’s diary in its entirety, and after, whether she wants to find her father.

Autumn eB

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Winter decides to change her life habits and includes her husband in the new routines. – Winter: Book VII of the PlayNISE Series by Ryanne Anthony

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Winter Bennett-Mathey experienced marriage at 18, motherhood at 20, a partnership in a successful beauty shop at 26, and at 44, she had three adult children who were all off in the world becoming responsible adults.

Winter discovers she’s showing signs of aging. Mortified, Winter decides to change her life habits, and includes her husband in the new routines.

William Mathey chose a different path for his mid-life crisis; in the process, he manages to sever his almost thirty-year marriage.

Devastated, Winter makes more changes. After the loss of a loved one, William notices his ex-wife was not as her body was showing him, and decides he needs to get his ex back but does Winter feel the same, especially with others expressing wants and needs of the woman he abandoned?

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Natalia Wilde had a mother at whom the devil himself would shake his head – Summer: Book VI of the PlayNISE Series by Ryanne Anthony

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Natalia Wilde had a mother at whom the devil himself would shake his head… Anitra Wilde feigned illnesses for Natalia in order to take advantage of kind strangers and businesses, for her own personal greed, and forced her daughter to endure treatment after treatment, until her accomplices turned on her to save themselves. Natalia’s world crumbled when she discovered all her mother’s schemes, but, with the help of therapy, she survived it all, and denounced her imprisoned mother. A natural survivor, Natalia graduated from college, and soon after, is installed in the Chicago Public School system and loves her true, close, and protective friends Charise, her college dormmate, and her husband, Camden. Having dinner in Eliza’s Homestyle Diner, Natalia encounters Elijah Timmons, a precocious, motherless nine-year-old, who instantly steals her heart and every minute of her free time. Natalia also finds love with the diner’s handsome owner and a connection to young Elijah that she never thought possible.

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Fame, money, success… he had it all in abundance, but as he approached fifty, there were some things, he realized, that he had not achieved: a family. – Spring: Book V of the PlayNISE Series by Ryanne Anthony

Fame, money, success… he had it all in abundance, but as he approached fifty, there were some things, he realized, that he had not achieved: a family.
Thinking it was too late to find a wife and produce children, Nate attends a therapy session with Dr. Amy Fields and tells her of his life and a secret he had never shared with another soul.
Nate may already be a father, and if so, his child is nearing thirty and has no idea who he is to them, thanks to the child’s mother who cryptically told Nate of their existence ten years after her sexual encounter with him.
But was she lying to him? Nate needed answers, and Dr. Fields was determined to lead him to someone who could do so, flawlessly.

Ryanne Spring.jpg

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Devin and Mona become engaged, to everyone’s delight, except Sean’s – Ours: Book IV of the PlayNISE Series by Ryanne Anthony

Mona Tyler decided she was going to be best the personal assistant ever trained.
After her year-long preparation with agent/manager/producer extraordinaire Barney Howell, he places her with hot and sexy actor Sean Andrews. While working with Sean at his home, Mona meets handsome and equally sexy Devin Reynolds, a member of Sean’s landscaping team, who wants nothing more than to be with Mona.
Devin and Mona become engaged, to everyone’s delight, except Sean; he waited too long to make a play for Mona. After a fight with Devin, Mona and Sean are intimate, and soon, she finds herself pregnant, and all three anxiously wait to see which man can say to Mona, ‘the baby is OURS.’

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Infidelity, partying, and drugs were a musician’s mandatory lifestyle – Mine: Book 3 of the PlayNISE Series by Ryanne Anthony

Infidelity, partying, and drugs were a musician’s mandatory lifestyle. Candiss Ford thought dating a rock star was insane; she believed every cliché attached to them. Then she met Eclipse lead singer NiXX Williams…After proposing to Candiss, NiXX meets an aspiring model named Farren Wade, who offers the rocker something too tempting for him to resist. During a chance meeting, Candiss learns of the relationship between her fiancé and the model. Thinking that’s a typical, inevitable occurrence in NiXX’s circle -rockers and models coupling- she decides she’d rather feel the heartache now, and sets NiXX free to be with the woman she believed he preferred: the lovely Farren. NiXX is left wondering if he’ll ever call the woman he loved, MINE.

Ryanne Mine

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