“Fluid, Charming and Bright” – The Other Side by Patricia Moran and Marta Moran Bishop

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The people in the neighborhood called him Crazy Ed. He sat day after day on an ashcan in the alley staring at the dirty brick wall. Most didn’t know where he had come from or why he was there, but Ed was a quiet man with silver hair, and a sad expression on his face, so they left him alone. Few noticed him and most paid no attention what-so-ever to him.
Once in a while if a spare moment presented itself, they wondered who he was, until one day Ed disappeared.

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Fluid, Charming and Bright

This is a small story of Ed. But more than the love story of Ed and Isle, it is another vehicle created by Marta after the In Between Times which is meant to transport you to a different and hopeful world. While the story is to short for one to thoroughly enjoy the beauty of Marta’s writing, like Ed, we readers regret coming back to this side of the wall as the story ends. Enjoyable read.

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“A TALE AS OLD AS TIME.” – The Choosing by Marta Moran Bishop

Marta the choosing 4-30-18

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In a world where the Gods walk and their spirits commune with mankind, there must be those trained while in a trance to intercede with them, for the good of the tribe.
Mondoani, a young woman, is chosen by the Gods to take the place of the Old Mother upon her passing. Is this frail young woman strong enough to carry the spirits of the Gods? Can she learn quickly enough to save her people from possible famine and death?For it will be her responsibility to carry the memories of all those who have passed from this life and to help protect and lead her people across the deadlands and snowy plains to a place they can safely spend the winter. But before she can accomplish that she must choose an apprentice from among the young girls and women, someone who can take her place should she fall.Will Mondoani’s youth and inexperience condemn the tribe to death or will she rise above it and with the help of the magical world choose correctly?

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This is the tale of Mondoani, a young girl chosen to be the apprentice to the memory keeper named Old mother. The tribe is prehistoric in nature and the author describes their rituals and customs. Although this is a work of fiction, the writer paints a wonderful picture of the life of the tribe in the day to day struggles to survive. Throughout the story, we read about the spiritual beliefs and the customs for Mondoani to follow to choose her apprentices and trust in the spirits. It was a short yet enjoyable read. I would happily give this tale 5 stars for great storytelling. Thanks to Ms. Bishop for sharing The Choosing with her readers.

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“Truly enjoyable!” – “Hidden Realms” by Marta Moran Bishop

Three short stories of the paranormal and the unknown, to delight, chill, and make you wonder.
This book contains The Hollowers, The Other Side, and The Night of the Fairies, published under single stories and now together.

The Hollowers is a strange tale of Jerry’s discovery of an old box. Jerry is a man who has chosen to do as little as possible to get by. He lives in a pretend world where the main character is himself, until he finds the mysterious box.

The Other Side is the story of Ed and Isle. Ed is a successful businessman until one day under the most unusual circumstances he discovers a new world. A world that holds the woman of his dreams, but can he live there or will his learned behavior keep them apart?

The Night of the Fairies, takes us into the realm of a young girl, who was adopted into the tribe, but never fit in. She sees fairies, which no one else can see and has a horror of becoming the wife of one of the tribe, she is changing you see, but into what?

Jan Romes (Review for audible book)

Truly enjoyable!

Truly enjoyed this audio version of Hidden Realms. The narrator – Brian Richard Robins – has such a smooth voice. The authors, Marta Moran Bishop and Patricia Moran, wrote three stories that transported me to other worlds for a very short time. I loved all three stories but if I had to pick my favorite it was the first one with Ed and Yla (spelling?). Their story was one of true love. I don’t want to give too much away because you have to read or listen to their story to get all the sweet particulars.

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“It gave me goose bumps!” – Miss Tofte – Originally penned by her mother Patricia Moran, and finished by Award-Winning Author Marta Moran Bishop

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I found myself wondering if she had been born out of the files or they were born together. At any rate, the files and Miss Tofte were inextricably tied up with each other. I tell you it was weird!
If it had been anybody else, I would have felt kind of sad about it, I mean, a little old lady with no life other than the file department. But with Miss Tofte, you had an altogether different feeling. This was the way she liked it, make no mistake, this was her choice.
Anyway, I guess I have pretty well established that to all appearances Miss Tofte had always and was always in the files, and she gave every indication of going on this same way forever. She probably would have too, if something had not happened to change her world.
Miss Tofte is a paranormal story that will chill, delight, and leave you wondering.
Originally penned by my mother Patricia Moran, and finished by Marta Moran Bishop.

Viv Drewa

This book kept me wondering!

Throughout this entire book I was trying to figure out Miss Tofte. You get the feeling she’s not going to ever leave the file room, even when the file room was being updated.
It gave me goose bumps!
I highly recommend this book!

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“A fabulous haunted short story.” – The House That Hid: A True Ghost Story by Marta Moran Bishop

Marta the house that hid

A short story.
One hot summer evening in Chicago, we went on a Ghost tour on Lake Michigan. Afterward, we were invited back to Mike’s house which was once owned by Al Capone and was haunted. This is the story of my experience in the house that hid, for that house did not care for unexpected visitors.

Sammy Sutton Author

A Ghostly Tale

A fabulous haunted short story. Told in the first person, it takes place at a haunted house in Chicago. Marta’s story is a fun and nostalgic experience that has you wondering if ghosts really live amongst us. Best on audio!

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From the horror of a psychopath killer with extraordinary powers, to true ghost stories, and stories that leave you wondering, if their is a place for everybody or if some are really just lost in their own minds, you will find that story in this collection of short stories by Patricia Moran, Marta Moran Bishop, Roman Nyle, and Pat Marsden.

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Fun read

Thoroughly enjoyed this collection of short stories. Most were different from the usual paranormal stories as they ended leaving the reader to decide what will happen. Fun and entertaining.

A FREE CHRISTMAS GIFT JUST FOR YOU! – Wee Three: A Mother’s Love in Verse by Marta Moran Bishop

Wee Three: A Mother’s Love in Verse, began with a few simple verses written by Helen Springer Moran, Ms. Bishop’s grandmother. Marta Moran Bishop expanded those verses, wrote others, and Wee Three was born.
Wee Three, is guaranteed to make you smile, laugh, and remember the days of your own youth.
It is a highly entertaining read for both children and adults and will delight the reader with its simple verses. If you enjoyed, A.A. Milne or Robert Louis Stevenson’s children’s verses, you are sure to love Ms. Bishop’s, Wee Three: A Mother’s Love in Verse.

Leyla Atke


First, to say, I love books written by Marta Moran Bishop. Marta is a talented writer and poet, author of dozens of books. Saying that I already knew it will be another great read. This awesome children’s book made me smile again. It’s wonderfully written and will make happy both children and adults. Thank you, Marta, for your great talent!

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Keeping The Upper Paw: A Cat’s Guide To Training Your Human, began with scraps of paper that were found lying around the house. It is a humorous look at life through the eyes of a cat.All of the cats in this book were once a part of the family, cohabiting together in the household of, Ms. Moran and Ms. Bishop.Morris, the elder cat, Beau, his second in command, Kitten a cat who liked to get physical, Poofie, a small gray boy, who dreamed of being an only cat, Champ, the shy one, Mikey the playful boy, Sheba, the only girl, and Little Bit, the baby all lived, played, and trained their humans.Both Ms. Moran and Ms. Bishop, have described their part in this book as merely the typists.

helen diessner

So much fun!

I just finished reading, “Keeping the Upper Paw A Cat’s Guide To Training Your Human” by Patricia Moran. What a cute book! This fun book is written from the perspective of a houseful of cats, each lending his or her own tips to training their owners. The book is available on Amazon and Kindle, and currently priced at the low price of $.99! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Get this book, read the cats’ comments and see if you can recognize your own feline friend in the contents!

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SPECIAL CHRISTMAS PRICE FOR YOU – FREE! – “A Touching, Informative Story Inspiring Change” – The Nurse Mare’s Tale by Marta Moran Bishop

The Nurse Mare’s Tale is in a way the prequel to Dinky:The Nurse Mare’s Foal, as it tells the story of Dinky’s mother.
This lovely story is told from the viewpoint of two aging nurse
mares about to give birth, and the trials they go through. It tells
us of Sadie and her friend Nellie and is accompanied with
charming dialogue (both speaking and thinking). The plight of
these animals is described in empathetic detail.
After enduring years of breeding and loss, the older nurse mares
must face the auction with the promise of being slaughtered, as
they have become too old for breeding and thus unable to be
rented out as nurse mares to feed the foals of the high-dollar
Do they accept their fate, or will there be another ending for the
nurse mares that have given everything and received little in

Jade Lazlow

A Touching, Informative Story Inspiring Change

The Nurse Mare’s Tale is told from the perspective of a horse named Sadie, who is placed in servitude to feed other mare’s horses with her milk. Like many of Marta Moran Bishop’s stories, this book takes an unflinching look at the problematic things we sometimes do in society in pursuit of profits. In this case, it’s the equine industry and the practice of using nurse mares.Nurse mares are bred for the sole purpose of providing milk to more “desirable” foals, such as racehorse foals. Their own foals are often treated as throwaways in the industry. The industry maintains that the practice is necessary, while equine rights activists condemn the practice. Throwaway foals are sometimes slaughtered, and the mares themselves are often repeatedly re-bred with little opportunity to properly heal. There is a huge profit incentive for thoroughbred farmers to use nurse mares in raising their foals.Before reading The Nurse Mare’s Tale, I knew a little about the industry and the lengths it goes to in order to maximize profitability, pushing the boundaries of humane animal treatment. Mares are sometimes kept under artificial light 24/7 early in the spring to influence their reproductive cycle, for example. Bishop’s book raised my awareness of issues to a new level, and at times, it was difficult to continue reading for that reason. Horses are sentient beings and treating them as if they aren’t is disturbing.It’s important reading, however, because it raises awareness of the treatment of these beautiful creatures on whose backs fortunes are made. Awareness of the issues is the first step in cultivating positive change.Bishop’s book is beautifully written, and she weaves in factual information in such a way that it comes across as a natural narrative. The lessons she presents are artfully delivered through Sadie’s eyes.Readers who are sensitive to the plight of animals or who want to know more about the horse industry will find this book deeply moving. At times, it is touching, and at other times, it’s sad. Regardless, its message is an important one.

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SANTA’S SPECIAL – GET THIS BOOK FOR FREE – Dinky: The Nurse Mare’s Foal by Marta Moran Bishop

Winnie Award Winner at the Equus Film Festival. Best Equine Rescue book.
Dinky: The Nurse Mare’s Foal is the story of one little foals fight for survival after being taken from his mother within hours of his birth. Dinky, takes us on a poignant trip through the heart and mind of an animal, who was born for the sole purpose of producing milk in the mare. In the elite world of horses, Dinky was considered a by-product, a ‘junk foal.’Dinky’s story will resonate with animal lovers, as well as anyone who has adopted. Although a horse, his story has been called an adoption story. The reader can follow him through the heartbreak, cruelty, loneliness, and finally to happiness in his forever home. His story is based on true events. Each event from the moment the author met Dinky actually happened, though it is the author’s interpretation of what he might have been thinking and feeling during the occasions described in his story. His early life which is unknown has been fictionalized by the author and constructed through research and imagination.There are many wonderful animal rescue leagues, many are very empathic to these young animals, though some are not. Since Ms. Bishop has no knowledge of Dinky’s early days, she used the latter to enhance the strength of his story.It will break your heart, open your eyes, lift you up, and teach you much about horses. It is suitable for all ages.


Emotionally engaging….insightfully written – Exceptional!

Every so often, I come across a book that strongly pulls at me to read; Dinky was one of these. It is not an easy task for a writer to keep her reader’s interest when the story is written in the first person. Ms. Bishop’s script with Dinky as the narrator of his story is exceptional. I loved this story – it is educational, emotionally engaging, insightfully written and so very rich in detail.A real-life foal, the author brought Dinky vividly to life for me, from page one. Ms. Bishop’s interpretations of Dinky’s thoughts during the initial months of his life were so heart-wrenching to read yet, from the beginning, I found myself captivated by Dinky’s spirit. Despite the incessant cruelty done to Dinky by humans – he was always famished, underfed, ignored and frightened – there is resilience in his nature that commanded my respect.After reading the synopsis, I expected to be angry, to cry when Dinky, a `junk foal,’ told his story of being taken from his mother, a mare caught up in man’s cruel practice of breeding her only for milk to nourish a high-dollar mare’s foal. It was almost unbearable, reading of the cruelty done to Dinky during his first few months of life – the overwhelming fear for his fate: being sold to a meat market or to tanners, or being adopted. In the words of Dinky: “I wasn’t prepared to believe in the possibility of good things.”The story shifted, becoming delightful and enlivening when the author and her husband adopted Dinky from a fair. At that point, my tears came then from reading Dinky’s accounts of his life in fresh air, with ample food, water, and companionship. He tells us about learning to trust, to love and becoming part of a herd; and the silly ways in which he let the impishness in his spirit free.Since my read, I have wondered if Marta Moran Bishop is a `horse whisperer’; I do not know. However, I do believe that she is a woman who speaks horse. Dinky told me so.