“Between the Trees”, by Kathy Moczerniak, is a heart-wrenching yet hope-filled novel about a young woman’s search for safety, normalcy, and happiness.” – Between the Trees by Kathy Moczerniak

Beyond Kathryn Lucas’ first memory of her father’s tree lay a dysfunctional path of violence, heartbreak, and secrets within a family severely entrenched in the vicious cycle of abuse. A lifetime of fear drives her from her home, and the teenage girl finds refuge with an aunt and uncle determined to protect their niece.

Distressing flashbacks unravel in Kathryn’s fragile mind among the turmoil encircling her as she struggles through adolescence and descends into her pain-ridden past. When the summation of her unsettling memories allows the darkness to overtake her, she becomes desperate to unearth the light.

Inspired by a true story, Kathryn must hold on tightly to those who love her, searching for her place in a world threatening to break her as she fights to overcome life’s betrayals before she is deprived of her future.

Gail Bauser

Touching and Insightful

“Between the Trees”, by Kathy Moczerniak, is a heart-wrenching yet hope-filled novel about a young woman’s search for safety, normalcy, and happiness. The main character, Kathryn, must deal with issues no young girl should have to encounter. The reader is invited along on Kathryn’s difficult journey as she struggles her way into adulthood. It is hard to believe this is Kathy Moczerniak’s first novel. Her writing style, the imagery, and the ease with which the author gets the reader to connect with young Kathryn… I desired so deeply to reach out and protect, advise, and console young Kathryn over and over again as I made my way through this book. And (spoiler alert!) I felt joy in her successes as she matured and found her way out of her pain and suffering. I admit a tear or two may have been shed as I read this story. Congratulations to this new author. I recommend this book highly.

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“The world needs more books like this! ” – Amazing Amy (Living with Autism Series Book 1) by Kathy Moczerniak, Illustrated by Robin Gabriella Damiano

Meet Amy! She is a loving, sweet, silly little girl. Amy has autism, which means there are some ways in which she is different than you. If you get to know her, though, you’ll see you are the same in many ways too.

Read Amy’s story to learn about her similarities and differences in this interactive book so you can understand her and those on the autism spectrum a little better. You’ll see our differences make us beautiful and unique.

With awareness comes understanding. With understanding comes acceptance. With acceptance comes love. Understanding, acceptance, and love—what we all deserve.

Heidi Zanelli

The greatest love of all

The world needs more books like this! Especially the world where kids form first impressions about people who are different: in school, church, at home, at community activities… What I liked most was the idea of helping kids with autism learn to love themselves through the story of Amy. As readers, we learn to understand why she does what she does, and that it’s OK. We fall in love with her ways. And as fellow human beings, we learn how to love others (and ourselves) along the way. Bravo “Amazing Amy” for making the world a better place. Will be ordering more of this book!


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