“If you like a little humor and a dash of romance with your mystery, book’s for you!” – Holmes In America: A Sherlock/Holmes mystery #1 (Sherlock/Holmes Mysteries) by Karen Vaughan


Nigel Holmes is a British Police Officer sent to Toronto after a witness was brutally murdered on his watch. Kristen Sherlock is a Detective who was framed for drug possession, and is being harassed by a dirty cop bent on ruining her. Nigel is politically incorrect and swears like a trucker. Kristen is a by-the-book Police Officer. Can they work together without driving each other nuts before her stalker hurts Kristen? Nigel, Kristen and her former partner, Craig, work to bring the stalker down.

Lindlae Parish

great book!

Absolutely loved this book. Fun play on the names and great mystery. If you like a little humor and a dash of romance with your mystery, book’s for you!

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“I truly enjoyed the killer’s motive for doing what he did; it was unusual and humorous in an absurdist way.” – Dead Comic Standing by Karen Vaughan

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Stand-up comic Dave Feener has a great rapport with his audience, so when his body is found maliciously stabbed a short distance away from The Laff Attak where he’s just performed, there seems to be no real motive for the brutal murder. A serial killer who does not think local comics are funny has just begun his rampage.
Constables Mike Borneo and Lissa Cassway along with detective Vince Vetters are racing to find the killer before he claims another victim. Was Feener just in the wrong place at the wrong time? Left with his wedding ring and his wallet, Feener’s body isn’t even cold when the killer strikes again-this time stabbing Phil Vetters, a comic known for his redneck shtick and the brother of detective Vince Vetters. Just as Vince vows revenge, the killer makes a fateful mistake when he stabs another comic and does not ensure his victim is dead before he leaves the crime scene.The killer is a sicko, but not an idiot. He’s right under everyone’s noses, and the anticipation of a righteous kill is all just part of the fun. Only time will tell if the killer will have the last laugh.

An Avid Reader

Laughng and Dying
Reviewed in the United States on September 2, 2013
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After having read Daytona Dead by Karen Vaughan, I knew she had a sense of humor. But this was decidedly different from that novel. Dead Comic Standing was a delightful, five-star read. It was easy to slip into this novel about someone prowling the comedy clubs of Edmonton, killing comedians after they’ve performed their stand-up routines. Part of the enjoyment for me was reading the comedy elements. I also felt I got an inside view of the way comedy clubs are run. Part police procedural, part whodunit and part thriller, I breezed through this enjoyable novel. It was great fun. I truly enjoyed the killer’s motive for doing what he did; it was unusual and humorous in an absurdist way. A wonderful way to spend some time.

Karen dead comic standing

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“Very good book. Lots of interesting characters lots of twists …” – Dead to Writes (A Gibbons and Fitz Investigation, #7) by Karen Vaughan


Natalie Fisher committed suicide after an author stole her work and published it as her own. Two years later, her best friend Terri is found dead in her hotel room. Are the two deaths connected? Laura Fitz and Detective Gibbons are on the case to trap a ruthless author trying to get away with murder!

Mary M. Goerks

Very good book. Lots of interesting characters lots of twists …

Very good book. Lots of interesting characters lots of twists and turns, I like all the characters from other books in this series. Would recommend this book. You will love it!

Karen left for dead new cover

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“LEFT FOR DEAD is a fast moving mystery thriller full of action, well-developed characters, a witty protagonist, and surprises.” – Left for Dead” (Laura & Gerry Mystery #6) by Karen Vaughan


Things are really starting to heat up in the Fitz family. Gerry’s cousin and best buddy is left for dead after a beating. When the thugs responsible find out he didn’t die, the game is on to keep Pete safe until he has to testify. After finding a body on a mountain trail in cottage country, Laura helps a local police officer solve the crime while waiting for the birth of her first baby.

John Kurtze

Murder Magnet With Mystery and Intrigue and A Sense of Humor

LEFT FOR DEAD is a fast moving mystery thriller full of action, well-developed characters, a witty protagonist, and surprises. Karen Vaughan introduces her main protagonist Laura Fitz providing readers her history, including details of Laura’s nose for investigating crimes as a CSI and her reputation for attracting dead bodies. Vaughan continues to share details of her other protagonist giving readers details of Laura’s husband, Gerry. The author updates her readers giving them what has transpired series to date including details of Laura and Gerry expecting their first child in two months. Due to her pregnancy, she is only working in the CSI lab and not visiting any crime scenes. The pace of the storyline picks up momentum when Gerry finds his cousin badly beaten and near death.Vaughan introduces support characters who add twists and turns to the main plot, and she creates subplots that add direction changes to her mystery. The author provides readers with details of each character’s actions and the roles they play as they enter the storyline. Readers are wondering what will happen next as they follow Laura as if they are sitting on her shoulder. LEFT FOR DEAD’s plot continues to provide lots of action on every page. The author describes unfolding events such as a dead body on a trail, a murder of an ex-husband, connections to the mob, a kidnapping, strained family relationships, and an overprotective husband. Each of these events keeps Vaughan’s readers on the edge of their seats as the LEFT FOR DEAD’s storyline builds towards an unpredictable outcome.

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“Even paradise has a lot of problems, but the author makes it intriguing” – JAMAICA DEAD: LAURA & GERRY SERIES (LAURA & GERRY MYSTERIES Book 5) by Karen Vaughan

#Cozies, #Mystery #LauraAndGerry, #Sherlock/Holmes

Laura and Gerry head to Jamaica for a celebratory trip. Once again Laura, despite her best efforts, gets in the middle of a murder investigation when a fellow tourist is killed. Drug smugglers, a voodoo priestess, and ugly dudes oh my!!!! The dead guy was a jerk but did he really deserve Eshu?

By P.S. Winn

Even paradise has a lot of problems, but the author makes it intriguing.

If you haven’t read a book by this author, grab this, and if you have, you will already know you have to have another mystery, suspense from this author. Laura and Gerry are back and headed to Jamaica. Of course, with Laura, you have to have murder, mystery, and a bit of fun. Donavon and Becky Mitchell are also headed to the same resort and although not Laura and Gerry’s first choice for friends they do get to know each other and then Donavon ends up dead, and readers are in for a great ride involving voodoo, murder, drugs, and a well-told tale.


“The “corpse magnet” is back!” – Dead Men Don’t Swing (Laura & Gerry Mystery #4) by Karen Vaughan


Laura and Gerry are at it again. Death finds them close to home when a tenant is found in the dumpster behind their apartment building. Laura is thrust into the “who killed Denny?” mystery while she does battle with a tenant and dodges a school janitor. The life of a college student is never boring, but she wishes it would be!
Dead Men Don’t Swing is a biting, funny, deliciously bawdy and fast-paced murder mystery in which “death by sexual misadventure and a wayward poisonous snake” (among other things) make for pure entertainment gold.”


The “corpse magnet” is back!

Dead Men Don’t Swing is Karen Vaughan’s bawdy, comedic take on amateur sleuthing. It’s book four in her Laura & Gerry Mystery series. Lots of detective lingo is delivered with wit and sarcasm by the protagonist, Laura. That’s not surprising if you’ve read Vaughan’s previous books in the series, and given the fact that the author has done a bit of stand-up comedy.In this book, Laura and her husband Gerry are back dealing with another murder investigation since, as Laura explains, she’s a ‘corpse magnet.’ This time a dead body turns up in a dumpster at the apartment complex where Laura and Gerry are managers, having fallen to his death from the balcony above. Not likely an accident—the guy is wearing boxer shorts and sporting a tricked-out stiletto in his forehead. Oh yeah, he’s missing some sensitive body parts—yikes!Things are not as they seem in this suburban Canadian apartment complex. It turns out there’s a whole lot of hanky-panky going on in this mid-rise Peyton Place, some of it pretty kinky stuff, too. There’s no shortage of pervs and perps on any floor, in addition to the ever-annoying, tenant-from-hell, Stella. As I type the name, I hear Marlon Brando screaming it at the top of his lungs in A Streetcar Named Desire. And, speaking of movies, the photographer played by Jimmy Stewart in Hitchcock’s Rear Window, would have been hard-pressed to know where to shoot first with all the action going on in this complex!


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“There’s never a dull moment in this fun book !” – Daytona Dead (Laura & Gerry Mystery #3) by Karen Vaughan

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The honeymoon of Laura and Gerry Fitz is off to a fast-paced yet deadly start when they arrive in Florida. There is a maniac behind the wheel who needs to win at all costs. When he wins, life is great but when he loses he is DRIVEN TO KILL!
The first victim off the starting line is Laura’s ex-husband Lou, and she is taking it personally. Mix in a creepy cop and some unexpected surprises, and you have a race for your life. Who will win and who will wipe out?…

Joan Ashley

There’s never a dull moment in this fun book

I’m sure no couple planning a honeymoon plans on ending up in jail on the first night, which is what happens to Laura and Gerry Fitz who have just flown from Canada to Daytona Beach for some sun, fun and loving. No sooner have they picked up their rental car, than they hit the first in a series of obstacles to newlywed bliss – the body of Laura’s ex-husband which just happens to be lying in their path. Ouch. Bizarre coincidence? The cops don’t think so, which is why Laura and Gerry are unceremoniously hauled off to jail.

Laura and Gerry are released when the time of death of her ex-husband is proven to have been before they hit his body, but the drama doesn’t end there. On the contrary, it escalates. Unbeknown to her, Laura is holding a crucial piece of evidence, one that will prove who the real killer is. But even if Laura is oblivious to this fact, the killer isn’t and he’s out to retrieve the evidence at all costs, even if the cost is Laura and Gerry’s lives.

Karen Vaughan spins this entertaining yarn about a honeymoon couple, a psychotic race car driver and crooked cops with wit and humor. The characters are likeable and her attention to the details of police protocol lend plausibility to the plot. There’s never a dull moment in Daytona for Laura and Gerry, which is what makes this such a page-turner. Thoroughly enjoyed it.


“It takes a lot to write a great murder mystery, but even more one with humor wrapped into the package.” – Over Her Dead Body by Karen Vaughan

Take one beautiful vindictive woman….she’s 1 part bimbo and 2 parts lethal gangsta- gun moll.
Watch her try and hold onto her 84-year-old husband by having his octogenarian paramour knocked off. Sometimes greed and jealousy lead to the last resort ……MURDER!
Laura, Gerry, and Gibbons try to stop her from also killing her husband, without getting themselves knocked off in the process!…

M. M. Bishop Award-winning author and poet


​Karen Vaughan has once again given us a dynamite murder mystery in book two of her Laura & Gerry Murder Mystery series.
Take one trashy, gold-digger, psychotic woman, with a mob boss for a daddy, and a jealous streak that would make any normally insane woman look like a saint. Throw in flying melons, baseball bats, and a sweet, gentle, rich elderly man, and Laura (corpse magnet) soon to be Fitz, and you have a masterpiece of crime, insanity, murder, and yes romance.
It takes a lot to write a great murder mystery, but even more one with humor wrapped into the package.
Kudos to Ms. Vaughan for once again giving us a class act book to blow away the cobwebs from our minds and entertain us while doing so.

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“This is a good mystery with some romance thrown in. ” – Dead on Arrival (Laura and Gerry Mystery, Book 1) by Karen Vaughan


Laura Hamilton, wakes up one morning only to find out a dead body inside her apartment. It was, after all, her ex-coworker, “Velcro” Hodges, a debt collector who was known to leech on his prey until the debt is already paid in full. But why was he dropped insider Laura’s room?

Now someone wants Laura to be dead. As the plot thickens, Laura tries to find out on who could possibly want her next to be in cold blood. Lead Detective Inspector Jeff Gibbons helps her, tracking any leads he gets, but that doesn’t seem to help solve the puzzle.

Ann Stanmore

Right from the start you know you are hooked!

Right from the start you know you are hooked! I mean how many people wake up to find a body had been delivered to their sitting room while they slept?

This is a good mystery with some romance thrown in. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Karen Vaughan has created a great character in Laura Hamilton. She is funny, smart with a wacky sense of humour – you just have to love her! Will she be able to find out who put the body in her apartment? Who actually was the killer? There isn’t a dull moment in this book, more like a roller coaster of ‘events’ to keep you guessing what comes next!

There are lots of surprises throughout and it certainly makes you keep turning the pages. Altogether a great book, a definite to be recommended.

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“Will the police and DEA agent keep her safe? Will her family find her? ” – The Mermaid With The Seahorse Tattoo by Karen Vaughan

#Cozies, #Mystery #LauraAndGerry, #Sherlock/Holmes

On the surface to think and watch the world go by, Mikayla a mermaid witnesses an violent act and is injured. Found by a tourist, Mikayla can’t remember the event and who or even what she is. Can Damien and the police keep her safe while the bad guys try to find her? Get ready for mystery, fantasy and romance in one book!!!!

Marilyn J. Collier


A charming fantasy tale set a couple of thousand years in the future. Mermaids and Mermen are known to exist as the can shed their scales, fishtail, and fins on land and develop feet on dry land. Once the feet are back into the water, the fins, fishtail, and scales return. The seahorse tattoo identifies one clan. Mikayla has been asked to wed by a merman. She needs to consider this and against her father’s rules heads to the surface. Since her father is also the King of the Clan this is a serious breach. While in a cove thinking about her life, the yacht across the bay has a loud party going on. It is attacked by pirates. They shoot and kill everyone and blow up the boat upon their departure. The explosion throws Mikayla across the water and she lands on her head. A man, a DEA agent on vacation sees it, snaps her picture and secures medical help. The police try to question her in the hospital, but she has amnesia. Her picture is published. The ringleader of the pirates will try to eliminate her. Will the police and DEA agent keep her safe? Will her family find her? Does she recover her memory while falling in love with the DEA agent? If she does recover, is her new love strong enough to keep her on land?