Family secrets, lies and subterfuge are about to find Hamish and Lori.


familyknotsblurbmacg5 (1).jpgIn the MacGrough Glen increased paranormal incidents worry Hamish. His world is changing. The children are exhibiting shocking tendencies. Warren is retiring, he and Lori have an infant son and his father’s family has found him. His cousin, Catherine, begs him to find her father. But Lori is suffering from postnatal depression. He doesn’t want to leave her. Hamish is in the center of a tangled family knot.
Lori: “You are going. You were correct, I didn’t understand. I think I do see the situation a bit better now, it’s family. You won’t turn her down because she is your kin.”


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November 25, 2014

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Hamish MacGrough is your average loving, kind and caring husband and father who life decides to put through several challenges. These things in his path test his strength of character. Paranormal activities mount around his home and the younger kids seem somewhat unperturbed by this and in fact seem more receptive towards it in my opinion. The family he has tried his best to stay hidden from has contacted him. As he suspects, there is something they want from him. His dearest wife is suffering from a dark case of depression after giving birth. How Hamish handled his outer circumstances and rose from them will have you cheering. This is a groundbreaking family drama that hits home. Cherime MacFarlane has penned a book worthy of praise!

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“Valley Girl Wars” (Southwest of Homer Book 2) by Chermie MacFarlane – #Romance, #Mystery&Suspense, #Suspense, #RomanticSuspense, #Contemporary

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The poacher is an ever-present threat to Ally as captain of Tore Olson’s boat, Valley Girl. She doesn’t understand why he refuses to go to the Alaska State Troopers. She agreed to help him by taking over the captain’s chair when Tore broke his leg. She didn’t sign on to evade a poacher, scramble to catch enough fish to make the balloon payment and dodge the big Swede.
Fishing on Lower Cook Inlet southwest of Homer is stressful enough without the added tension of wondering how Rurik will react to her wanting to return as captain of the family fishing boat. Her younger brother is doing fine without her. Marriage has settled the man down and Ally fears it isn’t fair to ask him to give up his new position as captain of the Arina. When she does turn the Valley Girl back to Tore, what is she going to do with herself?

Valley Girl Wars Southwest of Homer Book 2

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