“You will read about her growing connection to the MC along with more laughter and tears.” – Mercy’s Angel: Tiffi Book 2 (Mercy’s Angels) by Barbi Barnard

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Rules. Rules are good. They keep us in line, they keep us safe, and they teach us to live life to the fullest. Tiffani is learning the ways of the MC life. Raised by a woman who taught her order and security, she has a strong sense of loyalty and devotion to her “family.”
Join in the education of the Rules of MC life.
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Tiffi’s story is just Awesome!!

This book is part 2 of the Mercy’s Angels. This is Tiffi’s story. You should have read the first one and know that she hooked up with Nick, actually had some really hot sex when they met, lol. She also finds her father. So this book picks up where the first book leaves off. You get to find out if her relationship with her father goes anywhere and if she and Nick, “Rubbers”, continue their love affair. You will read about her growing connection to the MC along with more laughter and tears. And you will love “Beast”. Now I am chomping at the bit to get the next one, gee I have no patience. If you can’t tell, I am loving this series.

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“Great new concept in an MC book!” – Mercy’s Angels Book 1 by Barbi Barnard

Barbi mercys angels 1 4-30-18
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This is a story of a young girl forced to live the club life through threats and violence. How she survived the man that gave her no choice but to endure. Follow along to see how she got out and took them for a ride. Sit back, get comfortable and let three women tell you a tale of courage, determination and a little humor of the life of “Momma”. How she became the owner of a Motorcycle Club.
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Great new concept in an MC book!

By Jo Powers

Loved having such a strong woman as the leader of the MC. Elizabeth is strong and feminine and a great role model for her two girls.
This book has humor and a bit of snarkiness and some really hot guys, who I hope to see more of in later books.
This definitely isn’t a regular MC book and I am happy to see that. I liked this new style of book.

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“JoJo wishes for a normal life without the paralyzing fears” – Confined by Barbi Barnard

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Confined: [Kuh n-fahynd]
Limited or restricted
Unable to leave a place because of illness, imprisonment, discipline, etc.
Being in parturition; being in childbirth.
Origins of confined
Confine + ed
Life has thrown JoJo a big curveball…her story is dark; her journey to the light is fractured. She must return to where it all started. When your life is turned upside down and inside out, when things become unbearable, when wrong become the norm, where do you go? How do you begin to live again after your fears become a reality? JoJo is rebuilding her life, one moment at a time. With the help of others, she is moving on and growing. She wishes for a normal life without the paralyzing fears, JoJo’s story has many twists and turns…people are there to help her, she needed only to reach out to take the offered hand. Will the memories she worked so hard to conceal finally come to light? Is she facing her problems head-on? Or, will her world peel away like the layers of an onion and take on a life of its own? Can a person survive and grow if they’re confined?
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Pam Foley

Confined: by Barbi Barnard

Life has thrown JoJo a big curveball…her story is dark, her journey to the light is fractured…
Jojo lives in a world with deep-seated memories. She must return to where it all started. Is she facing her problems head-on? She wishes for a normal life without the paralyzing fears… she seeks the normal life everyone else seems to enjoy.
Finally, JoJo’ s life seems to have been rebuilt…happiness is within her grasp. Her story has many twists and turns.
Will the memories she worked so hard to confine finally come to light? Or, will her world fracture and take on a life of its own?
We all have hopes and dreams! Jojo has dreams too!
This book grabs you from the beginning, and doesn’t let you go till the last page…enjoy the ride!
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“Very seductive and hot a must-read” – Contract for Seduction by Barbi Barnard and Doll Conrad

Barbi contract for seduction 9-2019

She was the Ice Queen. Committed and dedicated to her career. But she had a secret. One revealing night in Madrid with a handsome stranger showed her that she had the ability to relinquish control. And then, she vanished. For two years. Searching relentlessly. Mateo and Markos want her. But they want her to fully submit – mind, body, soul. The beautiful way they show her what it means to be in submission to them is something everyone should experience. She’s strong-willed. Mateo won’t settle for less than everything she has to give. Markos wants her – for now, for always.
Read how one woman fell in love with two Masters, signing a lifetime contract for seduction.
Fran zoch LSOR

Very seductive and hot a must-read

Melody walks into a bad spot and ran right into a very sexy man who promised to make her forget, after one night she disappears, years later she shows up in his hotel room to a surprise for herself and an opportunity for a life full of commitment, and love of two men, all it takes is a yes

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“This book will keep your interest from the beginning” – Cupcakes and Kisses by Barbi Barnard

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Sabotage or assist? ` Trent Leeds is uncertain about many things in his life. Will he help the mousey Shelby win over the guy of her dreams? Or will he show her he is the right guy?
Shelby Davis is a local baker who has a secret crush on the new attorney in town, Drew Collins. But when her dream guy comes to her to ask if she can rent out her extra room over the shop to his old friend, Trent, she hesitates. After all, Trent Leeds is not exactly a clean-cut guy. He screams “I’m a player.” He is easy on the eyes, but Shelby can see that Trent is not exactly a church choir boy.
Trent Leeds is trying to figure out what to do with his life. He has had enough trouble for one lifetime. When he sees how crazy the shy little baker is and how she seems to jump each time Drew is around, he decides to help her win him over.
However, the more he helps her open up and reveal the woman inside of her, the more he sees a woman he could possibly fall in love with. He knows he is not her usual type of man. Can he become something safe and secure for a woman like her? Is he willing to give up his wild bachelor days and settle down into the man his parents always hoped he would one day be?
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A sweet but very interesting love story

Shelby is shy but independent. A good businesswoman but a little naïve when it comes to some things.
Trent is yummy, cocky, funny, and sweet.
Drew is a lawyer. Enough said.
This book will keep your interest from the beginning. Not a dull moment.

“This is not what I normally think of when I think of a “shifter” book” – His Prerogative by Barbi Barnard

Barbi his prerogative
Line Blurb
The Alpha of a wolf pack has a responsibility to keep his pack happy, healthy, and whole. His own happiness and desires are put on a back burner. But what if he is tired of being last? What if he is tired of seeing the one he wants to be mistreated? The Alpha has the right to take what he wants, she is what he wants. Wild Rose has only wanted to be loved and wanted. A home and maybe a family to care for. Being abused and neglected for so long takes its toll, it’s time for her to find her own happiness. When the Alpha calls, will she answer that call? Can she find happiness with the man that is more animal than human? What does he need from her? What can she do for him?
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Jo Powers

unique spin – love it!

This is not what I normally think of when I think of a “shifter” book. This is unlike any other shifter book I’ve read. It’s unique in the way it handles the mating/love story. I am glad to see that. I like that the author broke the mold. I would recommend it to anyone. It’s a great book and has a unique spin in the shifter genre.

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“I hate to see this series end, I have fallen in love with Momma, Tiffi, and Jenni and their men.” – Mercy’s Angel’s (Elizabeth’s Story) by Barbi Barnard

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Line Blurb

Every little girl dreams of her future. Whether it be college and a career or marriage and babies. All our life we think about what we are going to do “someday.” Lizzy has dreams. She and her Daddy sat and planned for places to visit, things to try and people to see. With the death of her father when she was ten, she put the list away. Her mother’s depression and her own feelings of abandonment left her without a purpose. Where would be the enjoyment without her whole family to share it with?
By the time she was ready for high school, Lizzy has come to terms with a life full of bumps. Mom has had one boyfriend after another searching for the happiness she had before. Moving to new neighborhoods with each one. Kids are mean at school and friends don’t come easy when you didn’t get to attend with them from kindergarten. Being a semi-loner with only a few girls, she can call friends she learns to be self-sufficient. She makes good grades and tries to make her home life easy on her mom. But that all comes to a stop when the latest boyfriend pays too much attention to her growing body. Mom doesn’t notice, and the only option she sees is to leave. On her own at sixteen is not ideal, but it’s better than not having any choices.
Streetlife is hard, and there isn’t a day that goes by that the thought of going home doesn’t cross her mind. Finding others just like herself makes it bearable. Surviving is easier when you’re not the only one. Then one day, she meets him. That one person that makes you wish for more. Spending time with them makes your day brighter. Makes you wish for everything again. Never thinking it’s all just an illusion. Betrayal of the worst kind. Pain and humiliation become the norm, and it’s all his fault.
Thirty years later, after making her way in life and bringing her girls with her, she has it all. A successful business and friends who respect her. Living quietly does make for town gossip, but that is just talk. She is content with everything she has and what she fought for. Until he comes back. With him come memories better left in the past. Can she survive with her heart and mind intact? Can she tolerate being around the person who betrayed her, to make her girls happy? This is Lizzy’s story. The final installment of the Mercy’s Angels. What happened to take the light away from her eyes? Why does the past have to resurface now?

Line review

Fran zoch LSOR

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger

I hate to see this series end, I have fallen in love with Momma, Tiffi, and Jenni and their men.
This is Momma’s story we find out what happened to her when she was found by Greg’s dad and the hell she went through. Greg finds out they were both lied to by him and tries to right what wrongs he can. Momma gets to meet the MC from the north and drool a little bit over them.

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