So Sweet: A Tale as Old as Time: (A Fairy Tale Retelling) (The Never Lands Saga) by Andi Lawrencovna – #FairyTales, #DarkFantasyHorror, #FairyTaleFantasy

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There once was a castle in the woods, claimed by a terrible Beast…
I was a simple girl, living a simple life of clothes and needles, never seeking adventure, glad to dress those who did. But the world is full of magic, and spells never let rest those caught in their thorns.
A rose by any other name…
The tattoo on my hand was dying, the petals falling faster and faster. All because of the curse within the trees, and those held in its thrall threatening to break free.
What would you give up to save those you love most? What would you risk facing in the Darkness of the Woods?
My name is Amarice. And this is my Tale.
So Sweet
Who but a Beauty can Judge a Beast?
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Fantastic story!

I really enjoyed all of the characters and the beautiful way the story unfolded. I love her world building. The way the story grabs you and drags You into the book! It was great! I look forward to reading more!
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A Thief in the Night: A Tale of Grimm Portent: (A Fairy Tale Retelling) (The Never Lands Saga) by Andi Lawencovna -#FairyTales, #ScienceFiction&Fantasy, #DarkFantasyHorror

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Sometimes it takes a criminal to save a life.
Eskild Fontaein should never have returned to his hometown. He could have stayed in the city where he was respected and admired, but no, he’d wanted to come home.
And as the newly appointed town magistrate, the only way to be taken seriously was to be feared. Hanging a thief should fit the bill.
He hadn’t wanted to do it. Wished he’d found another way.
Sometimes, wishes do come true.
Jaias Alvaldene, scourge of Undcrest, madwoman, villain, thief, is dead.
Well, not quite. It helps to have friends in high places, namely on the steps of the gallows when one’s about to be hung from a rope.
She would have stayed dead too, if not for the town Magistrate who seemed so forlorn at her demise.
What’s a good thief to do when a magistrate comes crying?
When a young girl is stolen by a horde of cannibals, there’s only one person to ask for aid in rescuing her.
Once a Thief, Always a thief…
Can Eskild convince Jaias to help him find the child before it’s too late? Or will he lose everything to his Thief in the Night?
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The Dragon’s Storm: A Breath of Fyre Novel: (A Dragon Romance) Kindle Edition by Andi Lawrencovna – #Sword&SorceryFantasy, #Fantasy&FuturisticRomance

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#amwriting, #novel, #mswl, #romanticfantasy, #darkfantasy, #paranormalfantasy

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Are you brave enough to dare the Dragon’s Storm?

Long, long ago, long before man learned to worship gods or fear the power of the unknown, there were dragons to bow before.

Dragons who ruled the world.

Who could bury it beneath a flood of rain born from the drop of a tear or crack the earth asunder with a step upon its sands.

But that was long ago, before the beast was trapped beneath the seas for his impertinence of befriending the woman whose power called to his own, before her descendant stood upon the shoreline and begged the sleeping giant to save the world that had relegated him to myth and legend.

Havence Ilvanysto had always been taught to fear the dragon. That he would destroy everything she held dear if he was released from his watery prison, but her world was ending, and he was the only hope she had.

Ouros swore vengeance against the witch who he thinks imprisoned him and all who came after her. He didn’t care what her reasoning was, so long as her line suffered as he had been forced to suffer for centuries uncounted.

But how can he keep to his vow when the only one brave enough to stand with him in the eye of the storm, is the one he’s sworn vengeance against?

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Viv Drewa

This book drew me in from the beginning! I just loved the situation the dragon and Havance were put in and how they both ended up working together, which was unheard of.
I highly recommend this book!

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The Dragon’s Sacrifice: A Breath of Fyre Novel (The Never Lands Saga) by Andi Lawrencovna – #DarkFantasyHorror, #Fantasy&FuturisticRomance


#amwriting, #novel, #mswl, #romanticfantasy, #darkfantasy, #paranormalfantasy
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No one knows what came first, man or dragon, but throughout history, man feared the great fire-breathing beast, terrified of its breath and its claws. Man ran long and far from the winged serpent until he came to a land rich and fertile, green where the dragon’s lands were blackened with the ash of its fire.
The dragon didn’t follow.
Until now.
She was out picking fruits to see her people through the winter months, innocent in her adventuring, never expecting to come upon a beast in the woods, one so great and mighty he was more myth than reality.
He frightened her, and in her fall, he saved her life.
Why would a creature, reported to be the very basest of evils in the world, stop to save the life of a girl he didn’t know? Couldn’t care about?
How could she not return the favor when his life came into question by her people?
Ciandra, Daughter of the Darkness, Elf of the Forest.
Trinigon FyreBreath, the Great Red Dragon.
A forbidden affair that could cost them their lives, but how can they say no when the Dragon’s Sacrifice has no fear of the flames?
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Darlene Kuncytes

Her writing style is poetic and beautiful! I was hooked from the start and could …

Wow! This lady can write! Ms. Lawrencovna spins a tale that takes you to places you have only ever dreamed of! Her writing style is poetic and beautiful! I was hooked from the start and could not put it down. I can’t wait to travel through the Neverlands again and again! Great read!
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Forevermore: A Once and Future Legend (The NeverLands Saga) by Andi Lawrencovna – #ScienceFiction&Fantasy, #Sword&Sorcery, #FairyTales

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#amwriting, #novel, #mswl, #romanticfantasy, #darkfantasy, #paranormalfantasy
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There is an ancient story, of a sorceress who lived deep within the waters of an enchanted lake and guarded with her presence a sword which Destiny had decreed would be used for the salvation of mankind, or for its downfall.
But the sword did not always live in the Waters…
And before it was struck in stone to await its fated bearer, the sorceress and her prince imbued the blade with its magic and its fortitude.
In the kingdom of Gouldaria, those without magic are the lowest of casts one can fall in, unless you are a Soul Eater, and then you are worse by far.
Valislava never used her magic to steal a soul. She has kept herself hidden, allowed herself to be shunned, lived in exile, all but for the love of the one man who she couldn’t have.
Prince Talyessin always knew who and what his Isla was, and he loved her still. But love was a meaningless thing when war threatened to tear them apart.
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Beautiful addition to the Never Lands Saga

Andi Lawrencovna writes such beautiful books, they’re almost like reading poetry. Forevermore is no exception. With a dark, romantic story, and a high-stakes adventure, Ms. Lawrencovna has added another beautiful addition to the Never Lands Saga. I’d definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves fantasy books.
PS It really isn’t necessary to read the other Never Lands books, as Forevermore can definitely be read as a standalone novel.

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Out of the Woods: A Mother Goose Legend (The Never Lands Saga) by Andi Lawrencovna – #FairyTales, #DarkFantasyHorror

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#amwriting, #novel, #mswl, #romanticfantasy, #darkfantasy, #paranormalfantasy
Line Blurb
There was an old woman who lived in a shoe;
She had so many children, she didn’t know what to do.
She fed them all broth without any bread;
Then whipped them all soundly and sent them to bed.
~Mother Goose, The Dorling Kindersley Book of Nursery Rhymes (2000)
She took them from the woods, and she took them from dells, from hamlets and homesteads and across the wide world, she found young orphans, those abandoned and left on their own, and gave them a home.
And all she asked for was a little piece of their soul in payment…
Whoever said nursery rhymes were harmless?
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Fantastic addition to the Never Land universe

Another great twist on a classic fairy tale. Ms. Lawrencovna is excellent at writing complicated, interesting characters who you learn to love (or love to hate).
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The Prince: A Crown and Dagger Book Three: (The Never Lands Saga) by Andi Lawrencovna – #FairyTales, #NewAdult&College

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#amwriting, #novel, #mswl, #romanticfantasy, #darkfantasy, #paranormalfantasy

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It’s time. Within a year the Prince must die, or he and his people and his kingdom will survive uncontested. Within a year, but there are those already on the move, already lying in wait to fulfill fate. Reports of a mercenary army have begun to spread throughout the land. Soldiers have been called to prepare for war and captains have been summoned to lead them. Spies have been sent forth to gather information. Assassins have been requisitioned to hunt out those meant to die.
And princes have been sent to hide deep within the woods.
Kit can’t help looking around every corner for his Captain far away on her own mission. Perhaps he should look harder for the trees to hide more secrets than just the elves of the forest.
How long can you hide from your enemies find you? How long can you lie before the truth sets you free? And who will find you when the smoke clears, and you’re safe once more?
How much can you endure before you can’t bear the burden of prophecy anymore?
Once upon a time…
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Loved this book!

What an ending to a great story! While there are a few things about The Prince that I didn’t care for, the book is an absolute must-read. Emotions run that gamut in this last book about Kit and Eli. From love and loss to desperation and anguish, to anger and heartbreak. It’s all there. The reader feels it! One of my few suggestions, or criticisms, would be that, while that actual villain didn’t come as a real surprise to me, he should have paid a lot more dearly in the form of some sort of public display! Also, she uses a little bit of language in this one book that is really unnecessary, in my opinion. But neither of these really affects whether or not I would recommend this book or the entire series to anyone!
Lawrencovna’s characters are well developed and personal. I truly love her writing style. All three books are emotional and you really feel for her characters. But this last one was something else. Yes, I did cry…more than once, but it’s a perfect ending to a well written re-imagined telling of Ella and Prince Charming. I’ll be looking forward to reading more from Lawrencovna!
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