NOW 99c – “Another wild ride from Samantha Jacobey.” – Rendered (The Irrevocable Series, Book 1) by Samantha Jacobey

The end of the world is coming, or so they say, and that puts Bailey Dewitt on a crash course with Armageddon. Orphaned, she and her young brothers find themselves living with their renegade uncle as part of a group of survivalists. She struggles against them, searching for a way to escape, but every discovery only terrifies her more.
For Caleb Cross, the Ranch is a way of life. The members of their group are family, and none should come between them. Smitten from the moment he met Bailey, his choices are no longer easy, his path no longer clear. He wants to welcome her and the twins into their fold and hopes his kin will agree.
But the elders who lead them aren’t interested in the troublesome girl. They are plotting for the time they will be rid of her and expect Caleb to go along with their plans – he is after all one of them.
At first, Bailey resists Caleb’s charms but soon must admit that she desperately needs a friend. She has no intention of anything more, but when the elders make their move, she is forced to trust him with her very life.
They both have hard lessons to learn. Relationships built on secrets and lies don’t come with guarantees. When the world falls apart around them, some things are Irrevocable.


Another wild ride from Samantha Jacobey

Almost seventeen Bailey learns that her parents have died in a car crash on their wedding anniversary. If that’s not bad enough she and her young twin brothers are put in the care of an absent uncle with some baggage. The next thing she knows she is taken to a small city in the middle of TEXAS! (As a Yankee that alone would be enough to make me slit my wrists. 😉
They settle in for a few months and then the reality of her new life changes again. Bailey is a privileged self proclaimed good girl but acts out hoping to return to her home. She is smart and intuitive but nothing in her life has prepared her for what’s coming. Without giving away the whole book suffice it to say she needs all her social skills to survive and that may not be enough. She needs to get tough and fast.
I’ve read several of Ms. Jacobey’s books and again she makes you care about the characters and has a well developed plot line. Reading this book was like eating peanuts and it went by too fast. Will Bailey figure out how to survive? What will happen to her brothers? Can she learn to be bad enough to make it through the ordeal? Do she and Caleb fall into each others arms? This book does not answer those questions but it does set the reader up for the next two books in the series coming out this summer. Myself I cannot wait to see how this plays out. Buy the book and take the ride.

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