The third definition of skewed is to look obliquely. That somehow describes my mind as I may see things a bit differently than the rest of the population. To me there is always something more, perhaps something hidden or shaded by another dimension.

You’ll meet a boy who doesn’t grow old, a witch that wants to be normal, an Iowa farm woman battling frogs, a vampire that chooses to live in a sunny desert, ghosts, and vampires.

Carolyn Breckinridge
5.0 out of 5 stars A collection of short stories sure to leave you smilingReviewed in the United States on January 6, 2019Verified Purchase‘Twisted Tales from a Skewed Mind’ by Mari Collier is a collection of fantasy short stories brimming with twists and wit. There is dry humor in some of the stories, such as ‘The Boy Who Refused to Grow Old,’ and other stories that left me chuckling as I didn’t anticipate the plots’ endings. The author promises vampires, witches, frogs, and ghosts, but also delivers a living house and slugs, among a host of other oddities. As with all collections, readers each have their favorites. Were I to choose mine, they would be ‘The Present,’ ‘Pink Boots,’ ‘Living Double,’ ‘Once a Frog Always a Frog,’ and ‘You Really Should Know Your Neighbors.’ all of which are very deserving of five-stars in my mind. This is only one of the books in her ‘Twisted Tales’ series and I certainly plan to read them all.

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