“When science meets fantasy involving time travel is where the storyline lives and shines.” – Red Sarah by Carol Ann Kauffman

Sarah is a beautiful redhead who works for a special agency that fixes broken timelines and rescues historically significant people who are in trouble. She has a special set of skills that allow her to ‘tap’ someone out of a dangerous situation. Her present assignment is to find and rescue a prince whose son eliminates hunger and disease on his island nation.“Save the Prince; save the King; and save the Reds. In doing so, Red Sarah may just save herself, who knows, but what might be the cost? Moving from modern-day wisecrackery to a time of romance long ago, Carol Ann Kauffman’s tale is filled with majesty and bravery. This time travel story is a gift for all.” – Amazon Review“Sarah has one job, and that is to rescue Crown Prince Lucas of Mist from captivity in a dungeon. Yet everything is not as it seems and will Sarah be able to stop an upcoming war?
This was an interesting book about time travel and trying not to disrupt the time continuum. I liked Sarah, and it was interesting where she and Lucas ended up.”
-Amazon Review


An enjoyable read

This is a fun easy, fast read. When science meets fantasy involving time travel is where the storyline lives and shines. The characters: Sarah a lovely redhead and a prince. The story starts out with Sarah approaching an apparent lifeless figure on the floor of a dark dungeon. She has come to help the Crown Prince Lucas of the Mist Kingdom in the highland of LaMere. The prince corrects her by saying he’s not the Crown Prince but his brother and if she saves him, he has nothing to offer here. She does return the next night with food. As conversation ensues the reader discovers that the prince’s father, King Theodore of the House of Walker is close-minded, stubborn, vicious, and brutal per the prince and per Sarah a beast. The prince was out riding on his horse and woke up in the dungeon. He was apparently falsely accused of attacking and killing two men per Sarah but he protests he attacked no one. As it turns out he is in fact the Crown Prince and learns that his two other brothers have been murdered. Here the story conflict has been set and the storyline moves along at a rapid clip. Without retelling the whole story suffice it to say it was an easy, sit down in a couple of hours by the fireplace fast read. It’s worth picking it up to find out if Sarah manifested the courage necessary to ultimately be the heroine she set out to be. No spoilers. I enjoyed the read right down to the poignant dedication after the story.

Carol red sarah

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