Get three of the best Time-Travel books ever written! – The PI Time Travel Box Set by Award-Winning Pamela Ackerson

Garrett’s Ghost Book 1

What’s a time-traveling Texas Ranger supposed to do?

Harassed by a ghost. Trouble is brewing and her name is Margarite, an unrelenting force determined to get his attention.

A story of timeless love, the power of healing, and the embracing need to never give up. Unforgettable moments– and unforgettable characters tug at your heartstrings with a myriad of emotions.
Garrett’s Ghost is a touching story brimming with down-home Texas charm.

Kindle Customer 12345.

Sweet, funny, engaging!

I absolutely loved this book!! It was sweet, funny, engaging, and oh-so entertaining!! I have always loved time travel and Westerns- here’s a great mix of both! There are some open/gray areas- I seriously hope that there are more books around this one in the future!

The Gingerbread House Book 2

Falling in love was not on her to-do list.

Left in debt after the tragic death of her husband, Tricia Adams struggled to keep a roof over her family’s heads. With the help of the Grandmothers’s Four, she’d finally gotten everything under control. She was happy and more comfortable than she’d been in years. When Carol’s son, Eric Elliott, agreed to help renovate the guest house, mysterious things began to happen. The dashing and handsome man held a bowl full of secrets, and she was going to get to the bottom of it. What could possibly go wrong?

Kindle Customer..97

Has surprise ending !!

Very well written book. I really enjoyed the surprise ending x 2. I don’t want to ruin the surprise but .. you will like it. I received the book for free but am very happy to voluntarily give this review. I really enjoyed this book.

Living the Wright Life Book 3

The search for treasure and hidden family secrets is one way to stoke the flames of passion.

Jamie Parker thrives on solving puzzles, finding treasures, and searching for hidden secrets. When Cameron Wright asks her to translate ancestral documents, she has no idea the Wrights had a trunk full of devastating and personal haunts from the past.

Joining forces, the two ignite a hunger for treasure and find it’s not the gold in their pockets that matters, but the gold in their hearts.

Viv Drewa

Suspense and puzzles make this a fantastic book

Akerson’s book will keep you on the edge of your seat! It has murder, suspense, and puzzles. Oh, and romance!
I look forward to many more books from this amazing author.
I highly recommend this book!

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