“Buy this book and look for her other work! You will not be disappointed” – An Unexpected Affair by Angela Gray

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Years of emotional abuse have ended. The divorce is final, it’s over. With not even a child to tie her down, she is free to open a business. Freedom comes at a cost. She is alone and can’t go to his family for comfort as she used to.
Addison hired a student. He’s gorgeous, competent, and if she was ten years younger… but she’s not and he’s her employee. Still, she can dream, can’t she?

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First time I listened to this story was in the Christmas Treasures short story collection and I was not disappointed. Angela has a great way of building characters that are very relatable with strong females and this book is no exception. She leaves you turning pages waiting and hoping and hooks you in. I’ve read all her work and looking forward to even more!

Buy this book and look for her other work! You will not be disappointed:)

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