“Fantastic follow-up to Charming, with more backstory and intrigue” – The Captain: A Crown and Dagger Book Two (The Never Lands Saga) by Andi Lawrencovna

There was a time before Prince Christophe was born when the worst fate his people had to worry about was war with their troll neighbors or an invasion from elfin forces beyond the woods. But that was before he was born and was cursed.
If he dies, so do his people.
Such a simple phrase, so oblique, and yet Kit has lived his life in fear of the prophecy, searching every shadow for assassins to come to get him.
Until she came and took up arms in his defense.
Warrior and witch. Assassin and priest. She was his teacher and his protector. His friend. The only woman ever to run from him at the end of a ball, and the only woman he ever asked to stay.
But Eli is an outsider in the human world, and trusted only so far, even by the man who desires more from her than her skill with a blade. The longer she remains with him, the more she falls for her prince in a world where her prince’s life is the fate of his lands.
As the time of the prophecy draws near, Eli and Kit will face more than dwarves and shadows to find solace with each other and salvation for their people.
Sometimes the one most suited to protect you is the one who holds the sharpest blade.
And there is no sharper sword than:

The Captain.


Fantastic follow-up to Charming, with more backstory and intrigue

Hundreds of years and Eli and Kit are still dancing around each other. Honestly, those two seriously need a couples therapist to help with all their trust issues, Kit’s rather awful curse, and Eli’s sense of homelessness. This book has a lot of information, but since hundreds of years pass within the novel, this isn’t surprising. Kit is shown as a loyal, competent leader who his people can depend on in a crisis (and they do manage to find themselves in crisis rather a lot). Eli’s loyalty is mostly to Kit, teaching him how to fight and protecting him from those that wish to harm him, and through him, his people. It’s rather clear this novel is in the middle of the series because nothing really gets resolved. However, this makes the next novel very important, since there are a lot of strings that need to be brought together.

I think one of the most wonderful things about The Captain is Eli herself. It’s important to see highly competent, badass ladies swoop in to save the day, instead of relying on princes to rescue them. This is a fantastic change from the fairy tale, and I, personally, can’t wait to see what happens next with Eli and Kit. Highly recommend!

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