You’ll never guess how any of these stories are going to end. TWISTED TALES OF THE NORTHWEST BY MARI COLLIER

In this collection of short stories, you’ll meet vampires, zombies, elves, and aliens​. You’ll step into an old haunted house​. You’ll even witness a ​trial of the Kafkaesque sort​, set in the distant year 2668.

But you’ll never guess how any of these stories are going to end.

Twisted Tales from the Northwest are chilling, subtle stories of latent horror​. There’s not much blood spilt, but still, maybe you should refrain from reading this one at night.

Berk Rourke
5.0 out of 5 stars Short stories with unexpected twists and turns.

Reviewed in the United States on December 5, 2016Verified PurchaseI don’t know exactly how to review these stories except to say they were very well written, very entertaining and very worthwhile reading. I loved the completion of the book and each of the stories resonated. I am so used to reading a continuous tale that a series of stories such as these is almost a shock as each story ends and a new one begins. But no matter. Each was entertaining in its own right and in its own way. All the tales put together make a fine presentation worthwhile for any group of readers.

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