NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON – Blood Rage – Book 3 of The G.O.D.s Series by Kirsten Campbell

November 12, 2052: Earth has lost two-thirds of its population to the Great War, earthquakes, the Clover Virus, and the Death Plague. Years later, survivors are clumped into factions. Two factions, the Brotherhood and the Guild Faction, have battled over medical supplies and food for years. The fight has come to a head as manpower dwindles and the struggle becomes one to gain numbers, even if said numbers are children…

Griffin Storm, an albino man kidnapped and dragged into the Brotherhood, has transformed into a G.O.D., a Genetically enhanced Omni-dimensional being with God-like powers, who also houses the gates of Heaven and Hell within. He is now a Guardian for the fortress, but he also has a thirst for blood. As his blood lust grows, so does his undying love for Tassta Vinetti, a Guardian and teacher who watches over the children of the Underground, the very children he saved from the Guild.

Unbeknownst to Griffin, several Guardians are aware of his special abilities, and some know that when he uses said abilities, a blood bath is sure to follow. As they plot against him, Griffin tries to tame the demons within–all the while his blood lust wreaks havoc on his soul. Will Griffin manage to control his blood lust and quell the demons within, or will he finally release them and suffer the consequences, which will cause the Guild to step?

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