A man finds a second chance at love after losing his wife and child, hoping for a better future. His wife is keeping her past hidden from him, however, her bad habits surface when her pregnancy takes a turn she didn’t want. Unable to care for a child with Downs Syndrome, she refuses to keep the baby, but he’s unwilling to lose another child, despite his efforts to appease and support his wife.

When her past continues to batter her down, and she refuses to share such burdens with her love, she puts both of their lives at risk.

Will a near loss of everything be what it finally takes for her to open up and take responsibility for her actions or will it truly be the end.

What reviewers have said :
The way the characters have been constructed and written makes them easy to empathize with and even hate at times. It’s wonderfully created and very enjoyable, a definite recommend.

A very well-written book. I recommend it as a sort of lesson in life moment or I should say moments. Rereading is recommended with this book. Really feel it.

Love changes by Marsha Casper Cook draws the reader in from the very first page and keeps them until the last word.


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