World Building Sci-Fi Western With a Twist!

December 20, 2018Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase“For in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider, every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold and silver.” -Martin Luther

There’s a thread of unity amid battles, gunfights and arguments that is woven through this Sci-Fi Western novel from the beginning until the end. These factions are Silver or Green, something the inhabitants of Tonath find disheartening, because the disagreements about the correct star path leads to war and suffering. One character by the name of Brother Amos persists. As a Seeker, he’s rather impartial to war. In his opinion, a good map of the stars will provide clear answers and the best Pathway. Only time will tell which side, is correct about their assumptions. There are so many stars that need to be charted and many things to learn. We find him traveling with a group of Wayfarers, moving as far away from danger as possible. Among the Wayfarers is Venta, a single woman with a dream about building a refuge for divorced women called the Haven–and Jack Donald–a man with two hearts–from Thalia—another planet–who loves her. They need to escape the Green Marauders, Bentz and the Mechs so that Brother Amos can build an institute of his own and say, “We are neither Silver, nor Green. We are the Silver and the Green.”

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