Winning battles means Ink honors, prestige, and life itself. …Yet nobody understands what losing truly means.

On another planet two hundred years in the future, twenty-one-year-old Isla Jane struggles helplessly to figure out who she is and what her world really means. Marked with a forbidden tattoo of the rising sun, she is a natural champion of humanity and a gifted warrior in Heats– lavish battles fought in the conjoined minds of the participants for the morbid amusement of the masses.

Despite Isla’s desire to fade into the background, she emerges as an obvious leader of her people when the senseless assassination of a youth forces her to face the truth. Her volatile world, disguised by its elaborate battles and constant mayhem, is a prison without bars and a coffin, the lid already half-closed, that they must escape.

But when she vows to find a way to bring her people back home, Isla will have to deconstruct consciousness and the very nature of the space time continuum to unravel good from evil, truth from lies, and survival from true love.

Welcome to the City–where it takes lives to save lives…

Enthralling read that would make a visually stunning movie!

January 18, 2018Format: Kindle Edition|Verified PurchaseI truly loved this book. It is so well written and full of wonderful details that will pull you into Isla’s world and keep you guessing right along with her to the very last word. The world created is completely orginal and well developed. Just phenomenal. This book would be an amazing movie. I can see it so clearly in my mind. The planet, the buildings, the characters, all the tiny details, and the battles would be visually stunning. I’m such a fan of A. Nicky Hjort, and The City is another fantastic read from a very talented author. I can’t wait for the next book in the series and any other works by Nicky. Excellent, exciting, thought-provoking, enthralling read!

Loved Hjort’s tone!

September 12, 2017Format: Kindle EditionI sincerely want more!! I just had a blast reading this story. I felt it was gripping and anyone who is a fan of the dystopian/thriller genres would enjoy it. It’s somewhat similar to other dystopian novels, as it’s hard to be completely original, however, I found Hjort’s tone gave this story something different that I enjoyed exploring as I read each new page.

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