He can’t leave his world; she won’t be tied to a planet again. The Shaman-king and the mercenary.
Her ship is her life. She almost sold her soul to get it. Easy money, so her contact said. Zoom over to planet SW 858, grab a sample of the metal a scout discovered and head home. There’s one minor problem. The planet isn’t uninhabited. Silver must be careful. The Mercenaries Union doesn’t like adverse publicity.The shaman king knows she’s on the way, the spirits warned him. With the Distani discovered, he must plot a course which will bring about their ultimate aim. A secret which could cost them the home they love must remain hidden. He needs the woman, for himself and for the planet he would destroy… if he must.

5.0 out of 5 stars UniqueReviewed in the United States on June 18, 2021To me, this was a unique story; a great mix of science-fiction, fantasy and romance. The two main characters were the perfect foil for each other – her, a tough and uncompromising mercenary, him, more in tune with nature and the spirits, though has a secret that must be kept. Both intelligent, each with an agenda.

A discovery of a planet and the scene is set.

A well-written tale with themes such as slavery, politics and exploration, and romance with a touch of humour.

Looking for something different, this is for you.

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