“Read the whole series! Worth it!” – Fell (Book Finale of the Negative ION Series) by Ryanne Anthony

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Women have always loved muscled, tatted drummer Jaxen Malloy of the rock group Negative Ion. Jaxen had his fun with the ladies, but when a certain one crossed his path, he Fell fast. Kimber Forrest walked into his life after a night of hard partying and he never saw her coming. He kept his feelings to himself for two years, only letting Kimber know of his want for her when it’s revealed Kimber had plans to leave their hometown of Hampton, possibly forever.
Soon, circumstances started piling up, one dire, that will keep him from following her to the West Coast. Lost, Jaxen cuts Kimber from his life.
After he lost Kimber, his bandmates, family, and friends are left wondering just how far did Jaxen go when he disappeared from everyone’s life.

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Lady McReader

Read the whole series! Worth it!

Deep! Deeeeeep! This guy had issues and I’m telling you they were believable. This is the first book I read from the guy’s view that was believable and not a repeat of the first book of the girl’s view. I hated Jax in the first book but this completely forgave him in my eyes. I’m so going to marry this guy!

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