Tonath is a planet in danger of being torn apart. Only one can inherit the knowledge to one day save the Tonathian people, and her name is Marika.

It’s been seventeen years since her father passed.  Coming of age, she inherits a cattle hold, a trust account, and many gifts. One special gift is a chest, which comes with instructions that will guide her to the Bergman Mountains.

With a spaceship and the knowledge of three ancient civilizations, will she have time to access it all.. or will the Star Shifts hide the information, and drive her into the arms of her childhood love?


Berk Rourke5.0 out of 5 stars women are Leaders, mostly more capably than men.

December 31, 2018Format: Kindle EditionVerified PurchaseThe makings of this story lie in the first of Ms. Collier’s books of Tonath which told of the birth of a young girl named Marika. She was a descendant of the Justinians, space travelers who settled Tonath earlier. Her brilliance and ability as an engineer enabled a whole new generation of Tonathians to escape the rigors of “star shifts” causing major catastrophes on Tonath. If you love a good science fiction novel then you should start with the first Mari Collier wrote and read through her entire series of books. They are all excellent, present exceptional characters well-drafted, and storylines which keep you reading furiously. I thoroughly enjoyed this tale of a woman coming of age, becoming a leader despite all the machinations of self-serving men. Women grace the lives of all who have contact with them. Mari Collier graces us all with her skills as an author.

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