After the destruction of a Golden One spaceship, the Maca of Ayran is hunting down the one responsible.

Having ignored the orders of his superiors, he has formed an alliance with Lillie, daughter of the Guardian of Flight.

After an unknown alien vessel attacks them near a De’Chin mining outpost, they come across a female prisoner with shocking news about their common enemy: the Draygons. Unable to penetrate the Draygon mind with their telepathic powers, they summon help from the Justine Refuge.

But what they find out will bring their part of the galaxy to the brink of war… and beyond.

5.0 out of 5 stars HAIL Daniel, the Maca of Ishner

Reviewed in the United States on September 8, 2016Verified PurchaseThis story is the sixth in the Maca of Don series. It contains the most intrigue of all the books. There are plots by the Sisters to overthrow all the Macas and kill all those who are males. There are those who support the Sisters, in both Ishner, one of the continents of Thalia and of Medicine, another continent. There is a plot to conceal two Sisters who murder the Thalian daughter of Llewellyn, the Maca of Don and his wife (called counselor). And there are questions to be answered about the Book of Gar, the Kenning Woman (does she have real visions) and their marriage. Finally there are questions to be raised about the new Maca of Ishner and how it is that no one knew who he was as he was being raised by the Maca of Don. The intricate details of the machinations of the Sisters and the others of the Council of the Realm are fascinating. After reading six books of this series I finally became convinced I knew what was going on here. The book is well written, is a cross over book but not for young teens or tweens. It is a good read that requires some willingness to do some rereading as you go along. I really enjoyed this one.

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