Battle for Thalia is imminent. RETURN OF THE MACA MARI COLLIER

Battle for Thalia is imminent.

The exiled Maca of Don is returning to his homeworld to destroy the Justine and Krepyon conquerors, and break the rule of the House of Sisters.

Things spiral out of control as the Sisterhood attempts to destroy all male Macas, and isolate the House of Don. With escalating conflicts, the Maca and his friends enter a battle to find a new life and free their people from the invaders.

After the battle for Thalia is over, the galaxy will never be the same again.

Praise from readers:

★★★★★ – “Not one who regularly picks up science fiction, I found Collier’s book to be engaging from the very beginning. There is so much room for supposition regarding possible future stories. Well done.”

★★★★★ – “An unusual book with interesting characters and plot. The author’s vast imagination has created an incredible world, but shows that no matter where or in what time we live we all have the same emotions and desires. I recommend Return of the Maca to anyone who enjoys a great story.”

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