Praise for Faces Three: Lies: Betrayals: Fear: Who will be the next to wind up behind a stone: FACES 3: Fran Lewis
Faces behind the stones will grab you from beyond. Watch where you walk-Karen H.Vaughan: Author of Daytona Dead

Fran Lewis’ Faces Three: Lies, Betrayal, Fear shows chillingly that crime comes in many forms. So does retribution. It’s filled with delicious irony. Mark Rubinstein Author, Mad Dog House and Love Gone Mad

Walk through a cemetery, and read the names of the Faces Behind the Stones. If you listen very carefully, you may hear the voices of the unfortunate souls who are forever interred there, desperately trying to tell their stories. Murder, arson, deception, and embezzlement…these are just a few of the crimes that led to their “change in zip code.” But, the question must be asked…were they innocent victims? Or did they deserve their grizzly fates? Lies, betray, fear: you be the judge: Maxine Bringenberg: Editor

With this brilliant blend of fiction with non-fiction the book illuminates a seemingly unimportant issue which in fact is at the root of much evil in the world. Through her powerful writing, the sharp presentation and great intellectual understanding of the subject at hand the author(s) has (have) created an important piece of literature and a moral lesson which nobody in my opinion is too young, too old or too wise to hear. Outstanding: Christoph Fischer

Fans of the Stones series won‘t be disappointed. Once again, Fran Lewis has shown her great insight into human nature. Another book to make the reader wonder: Ann Stanmore Author

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