Ivanda isn’t ready for a permanent relationship with anyone. She’s happy working as Ruket Remse’s bodyguard through the Life Foundation. Ever since basic, big arrogant males who think they know everything have turned her off. Nic’s big and broad. That’s enough for her. Females are more to her tastes like the cute little female she met in the bar.
Nic wants a female of his own. Every time he thinks he’s found the right one, he loses out to another crewmember. Having almost given up on the idea of finding his mate, he steps on board the Futura to prepare for a new mission and sees the one.
But Ivanda’s sexual orientation may not be what he hopes. Nic backs off when her lip curls in disgust at the sight of him. Still, there’s conflicting information out there. He’s desperate to find out more and why she can’t stand the sight of him.
Then, there’s the mission to find the hacker. On a planet like Calius, a non-stop party world, how can they trace one woman? With their support ship on shaky terms with some of the Calius gangs and a grieving royal in tow, it looks like a mission from the seven hells.

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