“Sweet, mystery, funny and heartwarming all rolled into one.” – Waiting for Richard (Time After Time Series) by Carol Ann Kauffman

As a retired insurance office manager, Skye McKenna launches a new career as a children’s book author., she embarks on a book tour in Australia, where she meets a reclusive elephant-loving veterinarian. Why does he seem so familiar? And so attractive? And how old is TOO old to find love?
The TIME AFTER TIME series follows a pair of quintessential lovers, Richard and Nicole, through their lives together, at different times, in different places, with different names and faces. This follows the alternate theory that the relationships we forge in this lifetime, both good and bad, are continued in the future and rooted in the past. Those people who have had a profound effect on us in this life will find us in the future.

Valerie Roberson

How many lifetimes have you sought out your true love and found them again and again?

Did you ever have a dream about a person for years that you never met, but you know you know them very well? And when you do finally meet, the both of you have memories of things you did together, years ago, centuries ago, another lifetime ago? And the both of you know the other name from another time? Well, this happened to Skye and Derrick in their 60’s.
When they both called each other by their other name, I got goosebumps! Some people are meant to be with each other forever and that means from one lifetime to another. Somehow, one way or the other, they find each other. I like to think my husband and I are like that. I believe that you live on in your sprite form until God has another plan for you. So why not being with the only one for you, your Soul Mate, from lifetime to lifetime, and so on?
This is a very touching story and makes you think about who you are with and people that you have met and felt a connection to right away. I love how Carol put this story together. It’s a love story of a different kind. Sweet, mystery, funny and heartwarming all rolled into one.

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