99c on Amazon – “This book was NOT what I was expecting…It was 1000x BETTER!!!!” – Teach Me To Prey by Samantha Jacobey

Rebecca Stewart had never let things get personal with her students; a mistake that could cost her far more than a broken heart.
Jason and his friends enjoyed tormenting teachers. When they set their sights on Miss Stewart, nothing would prevent them from bringing her down.
Avoiding Jason’s advances and navigating an epic clash of wills, the young woman felt relieved to see graduation day finally arrive. Little did she know, it wouldn’t end there. Pregnant and alone, she could only keep her secrets for so long.
After one of the boys is found murdered, the police haul her in, but she denies having done anything wrong. Can she convince them of the truth before all three of the young men fall victim to a killer, forcing her to raise her child alone?
Find out in the action-packed thriller…TEACH ME TO PREY.… (New Adult)

Ebony Arrington – McMillan


This book was NOT what I was expecting…It was 1000x BETTER!!!! Samantha Jacobey has written a dark read that will leave you guessing until the very last page!!! I LOVED this book and HIGHLY recommend it!!!

Becky is a teacher who has the wrong group of students in her classroom. The torment of this teacher gets progressively worse throughout the school year. That is until someone turns the table on these bad apples 😉

This book is filled with mystery, suspense, drama, and even a bit of a twisted love story. Such a great read!!!

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