Murder and mayhem on a fringe planet

A SUN Universe Novella
Adar Genn gets a message to aid his old friend and mentor. Amazed by the size of the project Marcus Krael has in mind, Adar discovers it is nothing short of world building. The snake in paradise is Servolt.
A huge life form with an appetite for power. He and Adar are sure to tangle. Murder isn’t off the board for Servolt. Unprepared for the big alien’s deceit, Adar finds himself on a planet with no means of escape.
With only a small pack of dogs and robots for company, Adar scavenges the junkyard planet for parts. Can he create a means off the planet from junk? If he wants payback, he must.
Lv scifi4.0 out of 5 stars Hooked

Reviewed in Australia on November 10, 2020Verified PurchaseEnjoyed the storyline.
I liked Kraels dream.
Good old scrapyards save the day.
Liked the ending hope there is more

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