“Wait for me was another great book by Carol Ann Kauffman.” – Wait for Me (Time After Time) by Carol Ann Kauffman

Can she just pick up a relationship exactly where death stole it away from her so long ago?
Richard and Nicole. Their everlasting love survived many lifetimes but not without sacrifice and heartache. Their relationship is never easy. After their meeting at the serene place, Blue Lake, it seems in every new lifetime fate keeps them apart until they’re ready to find each other.
When small-town Ohio art teacher Misha Lockhart answered a knock at the door, she instantly recognized her beloved husband from a previous lifetime. Richard MacKenzie traveled from London on a whim to find her. Richard, now known as Mick Kiley, a mild-mannered historian, wants to whisk her away to London. The memories of their everlasting love ignited, and her passion flared, but could she simply leave everything behind? Job. Friends. Husband?
Can she dismiss everything in her present lifetime, no matter how boring and mediocre, for the promise of a dazzling love from the past?


Another great book by Carol Ann Kauffman

I have read and enjoyed the MacKalvey House, so I decided to try another book by Carol Ann Kauffman. I liked this one even more.
Richard and Nicole are soul mates who search for each other one lifetime after another, desperate to be in each other’s arms. Misha Lockhart (Nicole) doesn’t remember Richard, but no one can fill the void in her heart until he knocks on her door. His name is Mick Kiley now, but his name doesn’t matter. He is Richard…her Richard.
But life is never that simple, and after so many lifetimes struggling to be together, they both know it.
People and circumstances are trying to tear them apart, and I kept reading, hoping they’ll find happiness…
Wait for me was another great book by Carol Ann Kauffman.

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