“Rosinanti: Rise of the Dragon Lord” (Rosinanti Series Book 3) by Kevin J. Kessler

Valentean Burai, White Dragon of the Rosinanti, suffered a stunning defeat within the shadow of a desolate ancient city. Beaten and burned to the point of near death, he recovers among his closest friends and allies, while harboring a dark secret. The flames of chaos have latched onto his soul, granting him the power of his ancient enemy, but at the cost of his compassion, his kindness, and everything that makes him who he is.

Word of Valentean’s newfound ferocity and unnatural ability to transform into a vicious dragon has spread to all corners of Terra, earning him the moniker of “Dragon-Lord.”

.Meanwhile, a world away, Princess Seraphina Kackritta, The Ice Queen, continues to fight against the forces of chaos that have claimed her homeland. Far from the man she loves, Seraphina must focus her magical abilities and lead an armed resistance to reclaim her kingdom from the shadowy evil that has enveloped her people.

As the flames of chaos spread out to envelop all of Terra, the Dragon-Lord and Ice Queen must find their way back to one another, and stand together with their allies to beat back the chaotic inferno that threatens to swallow everything they’ve ever known.

Scott F.

Are you a Game of Thrones fan…this book is for you!!!

What a fantastic book!! The detail of the world of Terra rivals that of any other world in literature and film. Kevin Kessler does a wonderful job of drawing the reader into the world and into the story. I cannot wait to read more of the stories.

Rosinanti Rise of the Dragon Lord   Rosinanti Series Book 3.jpg

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