In this mystery fantasy you will follow the prince to see if this was a dream… or did it really happen? – The Prince of Deep Within by Mary Dalton and Illustrated by Stacy Moody

Alexander is a prince. Who could ask for more than that? To be heir to the throne, have everything you could wish for. Sure, there are plenty of perks being a prince, but just once, Prince Alexander would like to be a kid named Alex, with no responsibilities, who can play, eat pizza, cheeseburgers, french fries, and of course, milkshakes! The son of a king can’t go anywhere unaccompanied, so he can’t pick his friends or go to fun places, except of course, when he is reading. In a book, Prince Alexander can escape; he can go where he wants to go, with whom he chooses, and stay as long as he wishes. One night, when Prince Alexander is reading, he finds himself in the land of his dreams. There are kids playing fun games and all of his favorite foods. The only trouble is, he is no longer just…

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