“The story gets better and better” – Lavender Mist of May (A Cat Collier Mystery Book 5) by Carol Ann Kauffman

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Join the further adventures and misadventures of Cat Collier, a woman who opens her own private investigation business in her small hometown on her journey from being a small town obituary writer to big city detective. In this fifth installment of the short story mystery series, Cat works to find a missing Chinese girl who came to the United States on a work/study program and disappeared into thin air. An informant takes a big risk. Nola is put in danger. The child of a prominent country club women has her Parentage questioned. Someone from Gus Black’s past shows up at the hotel.


The story gets better and better

She is still trying to find the Chinese girl when she gets a new case. The case is to find the father of a young girl as he wants to adopt her but doesn’t want any fallout from an irate father in the future. Who is the father? Not only that their friend’s wife comes back on the scene and their friend does a runner. Can she find her friend and the Chinese girl? Will she find who the father is? Kidnapping and threats are becoming the norm in her wild ride through life. More, please! What happens next?

05 Carol lavender mist

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