NEW FROM Andi Lawrencovna – Lost Boys: A Second Star Story: An M/M Fantasy Reimagining of Captain Hook

There is a story of a boy who never grew up. A boy who crossed worlds by learning to fly and fought pirates with a fairy at his side.
This is not that story.
This is the story of a man who took to the seas to escape his past and avoid his future, and the elf who dared to cross hooks with the pirate lord of the deep.


A soldier serves out of duty and honor, loyalty to his kingdom – love of his lord. Love was what killed him, and the prayer that his prince might survive when he did not. Captured, condemned, and enslaved, Marius D’Corre died in his chains.

The man who survived… The pirate who emerged…left behind the name he once owned and boarded his ship to never look back.


Clerics are not meant to leave their Woods, living and loving within the trees they call home, one with the forest that claims all elves as kin. All except Tolthe, who stands in the shadows, never welcome amongst his brethren.

When the alfara is stolen, and Diety demanded one take up the hunt for the scythe, it felt only right that he leave the Dienobo behind for whatever adventure waited across the world.

Lost Boys

There’s only so long you can run from the past before it catches up. And only so far you can travel before the home you’ve always longed for finds you.

When pirate meets priest, two worlds collide: the past Red can’t seem to leave behind, and the future Toma doesn’t know how to spare the thief from. For the first in a long time, neither soldier nor elf is alone, but being found only means there is more at stake to lose…

This book is a dark fantasy reimagining of the origins of Captain Hook and is intended for mature readers. There is triggering content that some readers may find distressing and language that might shock a sailor. For content warnings please click on the book cover and scroll to the copyright page.


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